QAnon Presence Grows at UK Anti-Lockdown Protests

Protesters holding "Save Our Children" and "Say No to Bill Gates" signs were seen at the StandUpX march this weekend.

19 October 2020, 4:26pmSnap

QAnon, an unsubstantiated conspiracy theory born in America, is gaining supporters across the world. While the conspiracy concerns American political issues, falsely claiming the existence of a satanic paedophile ring run by celebrities and politicians in Washington DC, and that Donald Trump is there to expose it, its association with anti-vaxxers and 5G conspiracy theorists has helped accelerate its spread across Europe, including the UK.

This weekend, hours after new coronavirus rules came into force in London, a march organised by anti-lockdown group StandUpX saw hundreds protest across the city. Although the gathering was organised to object lockdown regulations and dispute the danger of the virus, many QAnon supporters were in attendance. Protesters held signs reading “Save our Children” and “Q” –references to the supposed child trafficking ring, and the anonymous “whistleblower” behind the movement. Q’s identity has not yet been confirmed, and experts have consistently undermined the veracity of his claims.

Despite being disproven, Saturday’s events showed that QAnon has merged with parts of the UK’s anti-lockdown movement. Here are some photos from the protest.

Protesters at an anti-lockdown march in London this weekend, which attracted a high number of QAnon believers.


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