The Best Gifts for Taurus, Other Than a Really Long Nap

The chillest sign of the zodiac deserves fancy pajamas, artisanal CBD treats, and heritage cookware with a 1970s twist.

Draw a long bath, queue up the best Netflix shows, and order a flawless spread from your favorite restaurant—it’s Taurus season (April 20 to May 20), which means it’s time to unwind with delicious treats, quality home goods, and extra cozy loungewear. Let everyone’s favorite earth sign—no shade, Virgo and Capricorn, but y’all are a little high-strung—coax you into putting down your own roots, savoring stability, and finally splurging on that bottle of fancy olive oil that’s been sitting in your Amazon cart. 

After the flash of high-voltage energy that is Aries season, it’s nice to pump the brakes and pull up a fireside seat beside Taurus for some chill chit-chat and the perfect pét-nat. As the resident bull of the zodiac, this sign is a ride-or-die friend with a lot of patience for the people they respect, and not much for the ones they don’t. They’re also ruled by Venus, and ready to go all in with their relationships (so long as that loyalty is reciprocated) and prefer to show affection through acts—not just words—of affection. That’s what makes shopping for Taurus so fun: You know they’re going to appreciate a thoughtful material gesture. This earth sign baby resides in the house of money and possessions, so they’ll be not only grateful, but hyped to receive the best cult-fave cookware, fancy pillows, and more gifts that say, “Look, I know you like to rage, but that you really love to post up at home for the weekend like the cozy king you are.”

Here are the best Taurean gifts, from luxury CBD products to cozy bathrobes and more.

The born gourmand

No one cooks up a Julia Child-level meal quite like a Taurus, who will appreciate any and all additions to their gourmand pantry by way of cooking gear and cult-fave kitchen items. Le Creuset is the kind of high quality, heritage French brand that Taurus will love—and the brand’s best-selling braiser now comes in a perfectly earthy, 1970s green. It has a 4.9-star rating on Williams Sonoma, with reviewers especially praising its versatility. In the words of one user, “Not only can you do braising, but you can use it as a regular fry pan for pan frying/sauteing. It's great to use for pasta dishes and crumbles. So many of my dishes have been made using this. I love how you can do stove top-to-oven cooking.” 

Le Creuset
Signature Enameled Cast Iron Braiser

$320 at Williams Sonoma

You can never have enough EVOO, and Brightland is one of the most coveted, aesthetic brands slinging the liquid gold. The taste of its cold-pressed, California-made “Alive” olive oil is described as smooth and grassy—perfect for drizzling over burrata and arugula—and is a perfect, bright choice for spring spreads and salads.  

Alive Olive Oil

$37 at Brightland

What’s a Taurus to do when they’ve slammed nearly the whole bag of Takis, but need to save room for ice cream? Reach for their lil dumpling chip clip, of course. 

Lil B Dumpling Clip-On Plush

$12.00$8 at Smoko

Rise and grind (up the weed)

Taurus is a hard-worker, no doubt about that—but they’re also a hard chiller, which is why they have a top-tier spot in our dream blunt rotation during Weed Week. It’s nothing short of cosmic serendipity that the bull’s season begins on 4/20, so why not outfit your Taurus in Hedley & Bennett’s epic apron collaboration with the Grateful Dead?    

Hedley & Bennett
Grateful Dead X H&B Tie Dye Bears

$105 at Hedley & Bennett

There are so many gorgeous CBD gummies out there, and some of our favorites are made by the luxurious small-batch company Molly J. The Bay Area-based brand only uses high-quality, plant-based ingredients in its gummy flights such as the Seasonal Box, which introduces three new flavors that rotate based on what’s in season. For the first edition, indulge in three cherry blossom, three citrus sour, and three blood orange lemongrass gumdrops, "all hand-rolled in sparkling sugar and just in time for spring,” the site reads.

Molly J.
The Seasonal Box

$45 at Molly J.

Standard Dose’s CBD tincture was practically made for Taurus, because it melts the stress away and tastes like a buttered cloud. It’s meant to be taken by squirting a few drops under the tongue, both at the beginning and end of the day, and drops a gentle 33 milligrams of cannabidiol—the perfect amount for me, a CBD noob—at a time. 

Standard Dose
CBD Tincture

$88 at Standard Dose

Their couch is their throne

Taurus loves to hold court in their living room, and is ever the gracious host and curator of nights that will have friends saying, “Remember that epic, themed Arbor Day spread they made a few years ago?” They’ll dig a little zhuzh assistance in the form of pillows shaped like cherries and ones that look like they rolled off of Beetlejuice’s couch. 

J.J. Jay Vintage
Tubular Knot Pillow in Cream & Black Bouclé Stripe

$89 at Chairish
Meri Meri
Cherry Velvet Cushion

$65 at Amazon

They’re the kingpin

If you had to pin down the right retro aesthetic for Taurus, it would be a mix of late 70s stoner den and Cocaine Decor, the latter of which is the El Chapo-infused take on the larger-than-life style that ruled the 1980s, which continues to give us pipe dreams of lacquered furniture, dramatic mirrors, and black marble ashtrays/catch-alls.  Tauruses love shaping the ~*~vibe~*~ ofo their space, and this ashtray and mirror are just the ticket for saying "Welcome to my sexy lair."

Natural Marble Ashtray

$33.77 at Amazon
East Urban Home
Nebulous Waves Mirror

$196.99 at Wayfair

The masters of relaxation

Finding the best bodega? Lounging around the house? Saying “sure” and then “actually… nah” five hours later to big weekend party plans? Taurus is excellent at all three, and needs some loungewear and comfy robes that bring big lowkey-luxury energy for their favorite commute—from the couch to the fridge and back—such as this bold Dusen and Dusen striped cotton robe, or some satin feathered pajamas that are very adult Muppet-core.

Dusen Dusen
Stripe Cotton Bathrobe

$132 at Nordstrom
Dolls Kill
Satin Feather Pajama Shirt And Shorts Set

$84.00$33.60 at Nasty Gal

Happy season, Taureans. May your 4/20 rip as hard as your trusty Shrek bong

The Rec Room staff independently selected all of the stuff featured in this story.


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