The Coolest New Drops This Week, From Balenciaga Croc Totes to New LeBrons

This week gifted us a dope collab from West Elm and Kule, Missoni’s new collection of Apple Watch straps, and ultra-fancy Diptyque cleaning products.

Happy Friday, TGIF, and Shabbat shalom! We did it—we made it through a four-day week, that even after a long weekend still felt excruciatingly slow. Don’t fret, we’re here to regale you with all the swaggiest, most exciting launches, drops, and collabs of the week, so you can stave off the existential dread until 5 p.m., when it’s socially acceptable to imbibe. We rounded out May with our editors’ favorite purchases of the month, the best places to buy natural wine online, and the natural deodorants that actually work (yes, even on you). Plus we reviewed a shockingly effective, budget-friendly suction vibrator and gave the skinny on the best Cameos to give for every occasion.  


Last week we served you some ludicrous launches on a golden platter, including hypebeast-approved collabs from Balenciaga x Adidas, Marni x Uniqlo, and Lee x The Hundreds; a new chocolate-hazelnut spread from non-alcoholic aperitivo brand Ghia; and two supremely springy new colorways for Rimowa’s luxury polycarbonate suitcases that have a cult-like following. This week is an entirely different ball game; featuring out-of-the-park hits including Diptyque’s new line of cleaning products, a hot-pink tortilla press, and a brand new Dyson airwrap. So grab a giant crystal goblet and pour yourself a spritz—because it’s the freakin’ weekend, pals.

Diptyque’s La Droguerie Collection

Stop what you’re doing right now, take a deep breath, and let me tell you that the ultimate downtown-cool, boutique-hotel staple, Diptyque, has finally answered all of our desperate pleas for a line of luxury home-cleaning goods. We’re ready to deck out all of our powder rooms and kitchens with the undeniably fancy amber bottles and high-end orange blossom scent. Hallelujah!

Dishwashing Liquid with Orange Blossom

$40 at Diptyque
Dish Brush

$15 at Diptyque

Balenciaga x Crocs

Can you believe Crocs turned 20 this year? The world’s most divisive Y2K footwear brand still makes our hearts go pitter-patter, and it’s cemented its place amongst the fashionable elite thanks to ongoing collaborations with houses such as Balenciaga. (Remember the Croc heels??) Now, the Croc x Balenciaga gods have blessed us with bags and cell phone holders decked out with those signature holes, just begging for a studded Jibbitz-esque stud.

Crocs x Balenciaga
Crocs Large Tote Bag

$1250 at Balenciaga
Crocs x Balenciaga
Crocs Phone Holder with Strap

$775 at Balenciaga

Masienda x Rick Martinez

If a fiesta is what you’ve been craving, look no further. Rick Martínez is a New York Times contributor, author of Mi Cocina, and co-host of the Borderline Salty podcast with fellow chef and Bon Appétit alum Carla Lalli Music. In honor of the launch of Martinez’s incredibly vibrant cookbook, he teamed up with Masienda, a company bringing heirloom masa from Oaxaca to the States. The brand also partners with traditional farmers to grow and source heirloom corn, chiles, spices, beans and coffee. Additionally, Masienda works with local craftspeople to design traditional tools including molcajetes, molinos, comales, and tortilla presses. In honor of the cookbook’s release, Masienda made a limited-edition Doña Rosa Tortilla Press in “Sassy Pink” and is offering a Mi Cocina bundle which includes the cookbook, tortilla press, and a bag of Heirloom White Masa Harina.

Mi Cocina Bundle

$150 at Masienda

Parade x Rit

Level up your tie-dying this summer with a fun DIY kit. Internet-famous inclusive underwear brand Parade is supplying the sustainable cotton basics, while OG fabric-dye brand Rit is handling the trio of dyes in golden yellow, fuchsia, and royal blue that can be mixed to achieve over 10 different color shades. The kit is available in styles including bodysuits, T-shirts, and bralette/panty combos. As a reflection of both brands’ commitment to sustainability, all packaging and contents are 100% plastic-free, are packaged together in a dyeable pouch, and include instructions for three different tie-dye techniques that require only household items.

Parade x Rit
Free Play Tie Dye Kit

$46 at Parade

West Elm x Kule

For those unfamiliar with Kule—the maker of perennially chic casual pieces like this twist on the classic Breton striped tee—the brand makes, “happy clothes, made with love, [and] made to last” for the entire family, and just made its foray into homewares with a special collection designed in partnership with West Elm. Designer Nikki Kule started out designing luxe kid’s clothes (she’s only the second childrenswear designer to ever be inducted into the CFDA) which she infused with playfulness and joy. The same ethos was kept in mind when designing pieces for the home—happy, laid-back vibes meet timeless colors and prints.

West Elm x Kule
Have a Nice Day Pillow Cover

$52.50 at West Elm
West Elm x Kule
O HEY Border Bath Mat

$40 at West Elm

YINA skincare

All of YINA’s products are created with traditional Chinese medicine in mind. The brand’s newest release is a moisturizer, powered by East Asian medicinal plants, called Hydracloud Cream. With ingredients including niacinamide and ginseng, the moisturizer is touted as skin-barrier-strengthening, hydrating, and plumping. Not to mention, it boosts circulation, fights free radicals, and soothes both redness and inflammation, according to the brand.

Hydracloud Cream

$85 at YINA

Nike’s LeBron IX sneaker

The LeBron IX sneaker debuted 10 years ago, and its newest iteration is a high-contrast shoe inspired by summers at the amusement park. The “theme-park pink” shoe, with fuzzy “teddy-bear brown” accents, kind of looks like Spongebob joined the Bikini Bottom Basketball league, and we dig it.

LeBron IX

$230 at Nike

Dyson Airwrap Multi-Styler Complete

Hold on to your horses, folks with luscious locks: THE Dyson airwrap, the one that basically set off a Furby-mania-sized frenzy to get your hands on it, is now even better. That’s right, the big-brain techies at Dyson re-engineered new attachments which make for faster and easier styling, plus new barrels that go both directions (for us confused newbs), and a brand-new Coanda smoothing dryer that smooths and reduces flyaways.

Dyson Airwrap multi-styler Complete

$599.99 at Dyson

Missoni’s new line of Apple Watch straps

It’s almost Father’s Day (just 16 days away, people) and if your pops is still rocking a raggedy silicone strap on his beloved Apple watch, it might be time to upgrade him. Missoni, the quintessential Italian knitwear brand, has infused its iconic zig-zags into a line of new leather watch straps that will turn Dad’s sad, plebeian timepiece into something luxe and unexpected.

Zigzag Leather Apple Watch Strap

$135 at Nordstrom

See you next week, peeps. 

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