The Best Sex Toy Gifts for Every Ho-Ho-Horny Partner

Kinky peeps far and wide, cum all ye faithful: We know you're givers. So this year, give the best sex gifts for everybody, from ball gags to CBD lube.

Dec 7 2021, 5:33pm

Sex Toy Season—sorry, I mean the holidays— is here, and this year, you’re going to be prepared. Yes, this is the year you really make your partner’s stocking jolly, if you know what I mean. No matter who you’re fooling around with—a new queer boo, a person with a well-stocked toy box, an anal aficionado, or all of the above, you lucky devil—we can find a perfect toy that fits all of their needs, bodies, and interests. Load up on lube, and enjoy the best sex toy gifts for every kind of body and relationship.

The Best Sex Toys For Your Lesbian Lover

Whether you’re in one of the long-distance relationship lesbians are so well known for, or if you U-Hauled your way into her heart, there’s a perfect sex toy out there for your sweetie!  

Strap-On-Me’s Strapless Double-Ended Dildo


Put your oat milk latte down for this one! The Strap-On-Me Double Dildo gives both the receiver and the giver plenty of pleasure the way a double-ended dildo should. With an internal bulb that’s adjustable via a strong wire, you can bend this silicone toy to hit all the right spots. The dildo comes in different sizes, so whether your special someone wants something small or is more a size queen, the Strap On Me Double Dildo offers a customizable Goldilocks experience for all who play. 

Strapless Strap-On Dildo

$90 at Babeland

JimmyJane Form 2 Pro  

This double-pronged beauty got a makeover recently, and now packs an even more powerful punch than the original. The shape hugs a clit like a baby koala hugs a Eucalyptus tree. This toy’s dual motors—paired with its unique design—creates an intense vibe that’s amazing for partner or solo play. The Form 2 Pro is also fully submersible, making an intimate bathtime for two even more fun. 

Form 2 Pro

$170 at Jimmyjane

Svakom Edeny App-Controlled Panty Vibrator 

Long distance relationships can be a drag, but they don’t have to be boring when it comes to the bedroom. The Edeny is controlled via an app, which means you can make your girlfriend squirm from five feet (or 500 miles) away. This discreet toy can make any holigay obligations a lot more fun. Wrapping presents? Wear the vibe! Making cookies? Wear the vibe! At church? You better be wearing that vibe, for god’s sake!  

Edeny App-Controlled Clitoral Stimulator

$104.99 at Babeland

The Best Sex Toys For Your Gay Boyfriend

Your boyfriend is a king and deserves to be spoiled as such! Socks as presents are out, butt-sex gifts are in. Gift him something extra special this month that showcases not just how much he means to you, but how much he turns you on as well.  

Silicone Lube Launcher 


A pre-lubed butt is a gift in and of itself, but why not make it part of foreplay? Lube shooters are useful for all sort of sex acts, but frequently are thin, straight, and designed to just do a single job: lube up the inside of a bod for an extra-slippery adventure. The ridges of this silicone lube launcher, however, turn prep time into a good time. 

Master Series
Silicone Links Lubricant Launcher

$23 at Babeland

Blow and Glow Kit

I legit gasped when I saw this kit. Fun Factory makes some of the highest-quality toys on the market and this pairing is *chef’s kiss*. The only thing limiting what The Manta can do is your imagination: This rumbly vibrator can cup and stroke a penis, the fluttering tip can tickle his shaft, or you can use it to play with his nipples. The NOS cock ring also has two raised pressure points to make sure you or your partner can stay harder than stale gingerbread during your fuck session.

Fun Factory
Blow & Glow Kit Limited Edition

$239.99 at Babeland

Neptune Prostate Massager 

This luxury prostate toy is better than a kiss under the mistletoe. With smooth-as-satin silicone wrapping on the outside and a fantastic curve to hit where it needs to on your inside, The Neptune is a pleasure machine. Its easy-to-use remote control means your boyfriend can blow off some holigay steam solo while you deal with any relatives who’ve overstayed their welcome.  

Neptune 2 Prostate Massager

$150 at Jimmyjane

The Best Sex Toys For Your Trans Partner

Most toys on this list can be used by folks of any/all genders—that’s the beauty of sex toys! Plus, there’s a good chance the trans cuties in your life could use some pampering this season. Help your lover lose their inhibitions with these sex toys that’ll help their tinsel twinkle. 

Njoy Quiver


This genius toy can be used with or without the two attachments that come with it. The tip of The Quiver oscillates (instead of vibrates) which will get your partner rocking around the Christmas tree this season. The bunny tip can hug a clit, a penis, nipples, or any body part that could use some lovin’, while the textured head can add a little bit more friction if desired. 

Quiver Rechargeable Oscillating Clitoral Stimulator

$64.99 at Lovehoney

Fluttering Wand Top Attachment 

Trans people, like everyone in existence, love The Hitachi Magic Wand. It’s a classic toy, and there’s a good chance you and your boo already have one in your toy box. Upgrade your toy and your experience with The Fluttering Wand Top Attachment. This silicone topper can tickle and tease a penis, a vulva, nipples, the bottom of feet, or wherever your imagination takes you. 

XR Brands
Fluttering Wand Top Attachment

$49.99 at Babeland

Zeep Vibrator

Cute Little Fuckers is a queer- and trans-owned sex toy company that focuses on inclusivity with a heavy does of playfulness in all their designs. Their newest vibrator is really one-of-a-kind—just like your lover! Zeep will get your partner going UwU as soon as they unwrap this cutie. It’s more than just a bullet vibe: The five speeds pack a punch, and its soft silicone wrapper offers both a pinpointed tip or a flatter textured surface to play on. 

Cute Little Fuckers
Zeep Vibrator

$69 at Babeland

The Best Sex Gifts for Your Poly Partners

Sure, sex with one is fun, but sex with four is more! If you’re a polyamorous babe with polyamorous babes, you know that sharing is caring when it comes to sex toys. Here’s some toys that’ll make any orgy, group sex, or multi-partnered evening jolly and bright. 

We-Vibe Date Night Delight Set


This fantastic combo from We-Vibe ensures Rudolph’s nose will definitely be glowing red tonight. The Nova 2 has an unparalleled design when it comes to doing two things at once: stimulating a clit and hitting a G-spot at the same time. (The holy grail, if you will.) The tip curves against a clit and its internal wand is adjustable, so make sure to jot this toy down on your holiday wish list this year. The Pivot is a super rumbly cock ring that gives the user one hell of a good time. Both toys are app-compatible, so it’s perfect for a sweetheart who is traveling for the holidays. 

We-Vibe Date Night Set

$199 at Babeland

Doppleganger Silicone Double Mouth Gag 

Groundbreaking. Innovative. Original. Cutting-Edge. These are just some of the words your poly partners might utter when they unwrap the Doppelganger Silicone Double Mouth Gag. Ideal for group gatherings and polyamorous parties, this gag will spark your imagination—as well as your adventurous streak! 

XR Brands
Doppleganger Silicone Double Mouth Gag

$32 at Babeland

OhNut Stackable Rings 

For boos with multiple boos, we know that bodies are not one-size-fits-all. There could be a bunch of different reasons why someone (or a dildo) might not fit comfortably inside someone else’s bod, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop playing! OhNut has created stackable, stretchable rings that act like a buffer, preventing a deeper penetration than desired but keeping that intimacy you all desire intact. 

OhNut Wider Stackable Rings

$90 at Babeland

Sex Toys For Your Boo Who Has Everything

We all know the sexpert who's got it all. They’re constantly offering suggestions or buying superb sex toys for the people they love. (Hell, I’m one of them!) Knock them off their feet this year with a sex toy they couldn’t see coming from a mile away. 

Love Hamma Curved Thruster


You might think this is a bit much—and it is. It’s an over-the-top vibrator AND thruster that looks like a hammer. It’s exactly what it sounds like and it is amazing. Don’t get me started on all the roleplay potential The Love Hamma has! It really puts a new meaning to “calling the handyman.” 

Love Hamma
Love Hamma Curved

$129 at Babeland

Well Balanced CDB Lube

CBD products are starting to take their rightful place in the market and there’s no way lube is going to get left behind. Luxury sex toy brand Lora DiCarlo recently released Well Balanced, a lube that simultaneously stimulates, hydrates, and relaxes. The addition of aloe and carrageenan in this lube give it an opulent feeling that’ll leave your vulva both moisturized and horny. 

Lora DiCarlo
Well Balanced CBD Lube

$49 at Lora DiCarlo

The Stinger Electro-Play Wand 

Electro play can add a fresh spark to any relationship! The Stinger Electro Play Wand is a great starter toy for those interested in venturing into something kinky and new. With more bang than bite, this wand is easy to use and gives off a visible spark. Your tree lights won't be the only things flickering this holiday season... 

Kink by Doc Johnson
The Stinger Electro-Play Wand

$36 at Babeland

Happy holigays!


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