The Coolest New Stuff That Dropped This Week, From Spritzes to Satisfyers

We've got Savage x Fenty's disco nighties, a lotta new Carhartt, and Levi's cartoon letterman jackets that take us back to the 90s.

Oct 1 2021, 8:43pm

Congrats, grad. You’ve made it through another week of being a person, which means you will get tucked in with a tall, frosted glass of milk, a foot rub, and the new lamé bed jacket by Rihanna [rings gong] because it’s time to unfurl the best new drops of the week. 

It is quite literally our job to be elbow deep in the best new goods the internet has to offer, and to re-emerge only when we’ve found the stuff we’d actually get for ourselves. That looks like collaborations between some of our favorite cartoon icons, iconic skate brands, and cult sex toy makers; it means we’re poking around workwear-inspired fits for fall by heritage brands like Carhartt and Levi’s, and pounding down the latest feel-good, non-alcoholic spritzer under the autumn golden hour. 


We’ve found nine of the coolest new drops this week to get you feeling head-to-toe boosted, from streetwear apparel to eyeglasses; hair-dye, sneakers, and beyond.  

Levi's teamed up with Felix the Cat, because why not?

There are no rules about collabs now. Everything is fair game. Crocs x Hidden Valley Ranch? Sure! The most iconic of denim brands with a 100+ year-old cartoon cat? Fire it up. But because this is Levi's, the drop is actually quite sick. We're talking jerseys, outerwear, tees, chambray totes, and more. Lots to choose from here, and we aren't mad at any of it—especially not this Cobain-esque cardigan and this letterman jacket, which is serving the energy of those Looney Tunes streetwear looks that were all the rage in the mid-90s. It's selling out quick, so get in there. 

Levi's x Felix the Cat Letterman Jacket

$178 at Levi's
Levi's x Felix the Cat Boxy Cardigan

$88 at Levi's

A Vans x Aries sneaker collab

We’ve loved Vans for as long as our little flippers could fit into their iconic, checkerboard-print slip-ons, and we’ve been ogling the streetwear-meets-high-fashion brand Aries (I mean, this tie dye? I am reborn) every time our brain needs a serotonin boost. So, a lot. Naturally, the brands’ collaboration is giving us the acid-washed, Fruit Stripe gum zebra energy we didn’t know we needed. 

Vans Vault X Aries OG Authentic LX Sneaker Tiger Muted

$110 at The Webster

The bartender you have a friend-crush on made rad hair dye

You know how there’s always that one ~mixologist~ who will make you tremble in your little booties, they’re so damn cool? They almost always have a hard-to-place hair color inspired by their cat and “that one Cocteau Twins album,” or a dye job with an inimitable shade of mulberry. Well, the color specialists at Overtone collaborated with a bunch of rad bartenders to create dies inspired by their favorite cocktails, from Negronis to a Sunset Spritzs, and suddenly we need five heads. They’re all stunning. 

Sunset Spritz Conditioner Kit

$45 at Overtone

The Satisfyer Pro 2 has a new color range

If you’re into clitoral sex toys, you likely know about the cult of the Satisfyer Pro 2. You may, in fact, worship at the Frankinscened altar of the almighty vibrator, for it is the Cadillac of clit suckers, the OG non-penetrative, vulva pleasing toys with a sonic-wave touch that stimulates your nethers with a Midas touch. Anywho, the Satisfyer has always been a signature, rosy champagne hue for as long as we’ve been jizz lords, but now it’s finally gotten an upgrade with two new colorways, a light violet and blue. Divine. 

Satisfyer Pro 2 Air-Pulse Clitoris Stimulator
$49.95$32.95 at Amazon

$49.95 at Satisfyer

Did you know Riri’s on Amazon?

Nothing but love for my president. Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty line has a killer, curvy bodysuit on Amazon right now for anyone looking to become a Hot Snake this weekend, as well as a pleated silver lamé bed jacket (yes, BED JACKET) that is giving us both early Bowie energy, and the ability to travel back in time to Old Hollywood as Marlene Dietrich. 

Savage x Fenty
Savage X Fenty Women's Pleated Lamé Bed Jacket

$74.95 at Amazon
Savage x Fenty
Savage X Fenty Women's Cold-Hearted Snake High-Neck Lace Catsuit

$112.95 at Amazon

Carhartt is dropping 143 new lumbersexual ‘fits

HELL YAH [splits log]. If you mark your location on Hinge as “The Shed” and have a rotation of flannels better than the Brawny Man, then you could probably use touch of Carhartt amongst your new fall essentials (here are bunch for under-a-hundo, baby). On this most glorious of October days, the workwear-inspired company has unfurled the brown carpet with tons of new styles and colorways for t-shirts, pants, vests and more.  

Rain Defender Relaxed Fit Midweight Softshell Hooded Jacket

$109.99 at Carhartt

Warby Parker x The Paris Review’s hot nerd glasses

If you’ve ever used the word “Kafkaesque” and can’t see for shit, then this is the drop for you. The Paris Review, one of the most legendary literature reviews left on this sweet, digital earth, has buddied up with the designers at Warby Parker for a set of mens and women’s specs that are just erudite enough. Of course they’re named “Roland.” 

Warby Parker x Paris Review
Roland Glasses in Brioche Tortoise

$95 at Warby Parker

Our favorite non-alcoholic spritz got a new flavor

If you haven’t met Ghia, it is perhaps the most borderline-upsettingly aesthetic, non-alcoholic beverage brand that has ruined all other liquids for me amongst this new wave of non-alcoholic spirits (sup, Kin Euphorics). Ghia’s earthy, herbal apéritif is just that damn sexy, and their spritz is a rad on-the-go option if you’re looking for something that’s a little fizzy, très fresh, and well suited for a park picnic or BBQ. They’ve just dropped a version with a bit of ginger, and while it has a bit of a kick, it’s still very smooth. Translation: It will elevate whatever rando snacks end up at movie night.  

Ghia Ginger Spritz (4-Pack)

$18 at Ghia

Rodarte x Tom Petty say it’s still spring

Whatever Tommy wants, he gets. Rodarte has just collaborated with the late singer’s estate to give us floral-printed apparel inspired by his 1994 album Wildflowers. That sweatshirt is such a versatile harbinger of vibes; it belongs in a boat out at sea, it belongs somewhere you feel free. It belongs… you get it. 

Rodarte x Tom Petty logo-print cotton-jersey sweatshirt


The Rec Room staff independently selected all of the stuff featured in this story.


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