The Best Gifts for Someone Based on Their Zodiac Rising Sign

Think of someone's zodiac rising sign as a cheat-sheet to stuff they're sure to love, from fancy olive oils to best-selling scalp massagers.

Chances are, you already know your zodiac sign—and if you’ve ever had a sneaky link with finger-tattooed peeps who makes their own moon water, there’s an even greater chance that you’ve been interrogated about your sun, moon, and rising (or “ascendent”) signs, a.k.a. the “big three” players of your astrological chart. 

Think of your sun sign as your “core” sign. It’s the placement you tell people about in passing, at bars, and when you’re making small talk, because it’s the easiest to calculate (you just need your birthday, month, and year), and it’s the one sign that colors a bit of everything you do. Flanking that sunny placement is your moon sign, which embodies the more intimate aspect of your personality. Lastly, you have your rising sign, which is tied to the more superficial aspects of your character. Some people call the rising sign the mask you wear in the world—which is true, but also hella emo. We prefer to think of our rising sign as the placement that relates to the image we project into the world: the aspirational and instinctual aspects of our chart. So, the next time you steal a racehorse on a whim, don’t sweat it—just blame that gosh darn Aries rising sign! (Admittedly, that may not be how the law works.) 

There are many free, online rising sign calculators, and once you have all those juicy cosmic deets, you can use them to be a clever little raptor, and gift shop for folks based on their rising sign. What better way to find an appropriate present for a new friend or situationship than by adhering to the part of their webby, cosmic blueprint that they’re most comfortable showing to others? Maybe you’re just starting to get serious with your boo, but don’t want to gift a present that feels too intense, or maybe you’re looking for the perfect gift to go with the 2022 rebrand your pal has just embarked upon. Shopping per rising sign shows that you not only get someone, but that you get and respect their boundaries. And, when you’re shopping based on someone’s astro chart, that’s key to hitting the right note.

Whether you’re looking for Kleenex comforting treats for water signs, or organizational tools for stalwart earth babes, here are some of the best presents to give someone based on their rising sign.


Three cheers for Taurus season, dude. This über-grounding earth sign knows how to pump the brakes and enjoy the finer things in life—and anyone with a Taurus rising is going to be very vocal about their love of nice restaurants and gourmet pantry staples. Gift them the latest buttery Castelvetrano EVOO drop from Brightland, and you’ll be alright in their book. 

Castelvetrano Extra Virgin Olive Oil

$40 at Brightland


Heyy, crazy. We like to think of Gemini as the fire signs of air signs, because you never quite know what you’re going to get from these intellectually insatiable, mutable signs of the zodiac—but at least you know it’ll never be boring. They’re a little bit of a gossip, and a whole lot of fun, so gift them the analog version of A'Ziah King’s epic Twitter-aired stripper saga, which has been compiled into a gorgeous coffee table book by A24 to promote the biographical movie, Zola

The Story by A'Ziah King
$8.10 at AbeBooks

$28 at A24


Soft-shelled, watery Cancer rising signs will definitely let you know that they need some TLC. Beat them to the punch with a tub of Dead Sea bath salts, which many folks (including our mans, Kenny G) use to help soothe achy muscles and unwind after an emotional day. “It is the bomb diggity,” writes one of the over 1,600 Amazon reviewers of this 4.7-star rated tub, “[and it’s] non-scented. Loved it.” 

One With Nature
Dead Sea Mineral Bath Salts

$22.35 at Amazon


The unofficial poster child for fire signs is Leo, and anyone with a Leo rising is going to be loud, proud, and make everyone aware that they’re the big cheese. Make that a little easier for them with this bucket hat.

Big Cheese Bucket Hat

$16.99 at Amazon


Virgo may be the most ephemeral of the earth signs, but they’re pretty grounded compared to the rest of the zodiac. This sign resides in the sixth house, which is dedicated to service and health, and anyone who’s a Virgo rising will project the importance of staying organized. You know what organized people use? Reusable shopping bags. BAGGU has been making some of the coolest, most lightweight and compact reusable bags for years, and now it’s launched a deadstock collection that patchworks together two prints for a vibe that’s extra unique (and better for the environment). 

Standard Baggu (Deadstock)

$14 at BAGGU


If your giftee has a Libra rising sign, then they probably work in PR, or in any other job that exercises their ability to read the room like a champ, weigh the pros and cons of every debate (without taking a visible side), and generally surround themselves with a stable of interesting people (Libra hates to be alone). As a sign ruled by Venus, Libra appreciates gestures of romance and beauty, so gift them some hand-tufted coasters for the next time they entertain (which will be soon). 

Punch Needle Coaster

$14 at Etsy


Here’s the deal: You Scorpio rising kiddos have an extra dose of scorpion, because you’re far more inclined to do the inverse of what most Scorpios suns hate, which is wear your secretive, sexy side on your sleeve. Y’all deserve the kind of jewelry you’d find in a dragon’s lair (or at least Grime’s boudoir) by Hannah Jewett, one of New York City’s fastest-rising underground jewelers.  

Hannah Jewett
Silver Tooth Flower Ring

$185 at SSENSE


Sagittarius risings have a lot of energy, no doubt about that. They’re also going to have a lot of agency and a desire to travel—even if that means they’ll be riding solo—so give them some extra nice travel essentials to help them go the extra mile, such as this portable power bank with a checkered print (easy to spot in their chaotic carry-on bag).

Urban Outfitters
Patterned Portable Power Bank

$16 at Urban Outfitters


We’re not saying Capricorn risings are the least fun of the earth signs, but they definitely spend a lot of time emotionally self-flagellating and making sure they’re at the top of their game. It’s what makes them excellent coworkers, and hard-ass (but reliable) friends. Help them massage and bon voyage a little with a scalp massager. “This feels so good on my head when I have a headache,” writes one Amazon reviewer. “[I’ve] used it a few times and have not needed to charge it.” 

Head Scalp Massager

$39.99 at Amazon


You know what screams “Aquarius rising?” Purple nail polish, tandem bicycles, and the entire cast of Godspell. This curious, creative air sign is one of the most pick me unique signs of the zodiac, so give them a present that doubles as a conversation piece, such as this darling little light-up dumpling. 

Lil B Dumpling Light

$22 at Smoko


Well, well—how cliché, you may think, an under-the-sea themed ashtray/catch-all for a water sign. Fair. But, in our defense, every chain-smoking Pisces rising sign is going to need something to ash their blue American Spirits into as they cry their heart out. Help them do it in style!

1960s French Ceramic Shellfish Ashtray

$61.41 at 1stDibs


Practically made for fire sign placements, this one! As with their fellow fiery brethren, you can expect an Aries rising sign to let you know that they crave new, exciting experiences—so why not help expand their culinary horizons? Ujjo was launched by Lauren D'Souza during quarantine, and is the only hot sauce company (to our knowledge) that’s designed to be enjoyed in your coffee. This saucy duo uses ingredients including chile de arbol, molasses, dried orange peel, and more to bring an extra dose of heat and warmth to your morning brew.

Lauren D'Souza
Hot Sauce for Coffee Duo

$28 at Uncommon Goods

See? That wasn’t so hard—now go find mother a bouquet of salami for her upcoming day. 

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