Monthly Horoscope: Cancer, October 2020

This is an intense month for your connections, dear crab.

Oct 1 2020, 1:47pm

The sun is illuminating the home and family sector of your chart, finding you connecting with your loved ones, and reflecting on your living situation and themes like privacy, security, and comfort. Libra is the sign of harmony, and bringing a balanced energy to your home life is important to you at this time. This is a great opportunity to energetically cleanse your space and clear up issues with family members and roommates.


You’re also in a nostalgic mood, reconnecting with your past, but your attention is squarely on your future during the full moon in Aries on October 1, and you’re realizing that you have a lot to let go of in order to move forward. This full moon puts the spotlight on your career and reputation, and you may be completing an important project or receiving some recognition or rewards! Creating a better work-life balance is also a theme of this full moon for you, dear Cancer.

Venus enters Virgo and brings blessings to the communication sector of your chart on October 2. You are especially charming with your words at this time, easily communicating your thoughts and feelings. You are very conscientious about communication, and Venus in grounded earth sign Virgo is supportive of your cautious approach. Venus in Virgo also suggests good news is coming your way!

An intense moment in your relationships arrives on October 4 as Pluto ends its retrograde in Capricorn: Your partners are undergoing powerful transformations, and while these changes are exciting, they’re also uncomfortable, and you’re likely to experience a rarely seen aspect of your partners at this time. Unexpected news that rocks your love life and your social life arrives on October 7 as Mercury in Scorpio opposes Uranus in Taurus. Some nuisances may pop up, so it’s best to keep your plans flexible. If you do any investigative digging at this time, you’re likely to find things you never would have expected.


Mars retrograde clashes with Pluto on October 9, stirring up power struggles and anger, and finding you cutting ties with people. You’re a private person, dear crab, and your inner circle is important to you; when Mars clashes with Pluto, you’re kicking people out of your crew, especially those who have already been given a second chance. Think back to August 13, as similar issues may be resurfacing.

A shift in energy arrives on October 10 as Venus connects with Uranus in Taurus, bringing a much lighter, flirtier vibe. This is a fun moment for your social life, and an excellent time to network. Venus rules love, beauty, and harmony, and Uranus is the wildcard of the solar system, so we’re all valuing whatever is novel and experimental at this time! The sun clashes with Jupiter in Capricorn on October 11, which may create the urge to over-do it, so do your best not to over-indulge. You may run into some big egos, but there’s also a generous and optimistic energy flowing.

Jupiter and Neptune (currently in Pisces) connect on October 12 for the third and final time this year, making for an absolutely magical moment in your partnerships during an otherwise intense month for connecting. Jupiter and Neptune are two planets concerned with growth and healing: Jupiter is all about travel, and Neptune, transcendence—you and your partners are pushing past blocks and experiencing a wonderful period of expansion, open communication, understanding, and resilience. Mercury also connects with Venus on this day, bringing a wonderful boost of sweetness and sociability. This is a such a lovely time for your relationships, not just in love, but also in your creative endeavors.


An important moment for Mars’s retrograde journey arrives on October 13 as it opposes the sun, finding you cutting ties and ending relationships that you’ve outgrown. Separations are taking place, but you’re running into past lovers as Mercury begins its retrograde in Scorpio on October 13. Mercury retrograde is famous for bringing miscommunication and delays, but it’s a great time to reconnect with people, reflect on the past, and relax. Avoid starting new projects, and consider picking up an old project you had to set aside. Avoid signing contracts, traveling, and making important purchases at this time, if you can. Do reconnect with friends you used to party with and visit an old haunt—but wear a mask!

Power struggles pop up in your relationships as the sun clashes with Pluto on October 15. A change needs to be made, and themes like jealousy and possessiveness need to be worked through as you transform your situation. The new moon in Libra on October 16 brings a fresh start, perhaps finding you moving to a new home or inspiring you to set new boundaries in to boost your feelings of safety and privacy. This is a great time to redecorate your space. New moons symbolize the start of a new journey, and this one is all about you creating a more comfortable, supportive home base for yourself.

Disappointments may arrive on October 18 as the sun clashes with Saturn and Venus opposes Neptune. Rejections take place, and as a result, everyone’s self-esteem takes a hit, so you may be feeling weepier than usual. For you, dear crab, communication will feel confusing, and you may find yourself setting boundaries in your close relationships. But everything feels so different the next day, October 19, as Mars and Venus align with lucky Jupiter, creating an expansive, easygoing atmosphere. People are in a generous mood, and it’s a great time to connect with your partners, though there might be a bit of a competitive energy in the air, too. Also on October 19, Mercury opposes Uranus, bringing surprising news, and finding you thinking back to October 7.

Venus connects with Pluto on October 21, creating a powerful atmosphere for bonding in your relationships and finding you and your partners connecting on a deep level. The mood is sensual and exploratory in your love life and in your artistic endeavors—you’re ready to “go there” in both your relationships and your art.

Scorpio season begins on October 22, illuminating a joyous, celebratory sector of your chart, and bringing love and creative inspiration your way. Venus connects with Saturn on October 24, creating a wonderful atmosphere for making future plans—but remember that Mercury is retrograde, so details are likely to change. Crucial information comes to light on October 25 as the sun meets Mercury retrograde, and a shift takes place on October 27 as Mercury and Venus enter Libra, finding you in an especially nostalgic mood. You’re likely to reconnect with family or run into people from your childhood. Paperwork concerning your living situation that was put on the back burner will be revisited and completed, and you’re redecorating your space, too. Venus in Libra finds you in the mood to entertain at home, but with COVID-19, this is more tricky than usual. Even if you can’t see loved ones in person, Venus brings blessings to your home and family life at this time.

A climax takes place concerning a situation that’s been building in your social life on October 31 due to the full moon in Taurus. You’re discovering something about a friend group that you haven’t realized before. Full moons are all about release, and while you might be leaving some social circles, this full moon finds you sharing an artistic project you have been working on, or revealing big news about a creative pursuit. Freedom is a major theme this full moon as the sun opposes rebel Uranus, and after a month of major changes in your relationships, you’ve learned a lot about what flexibility and independence mean to you.

Good luck this month, Cancer, and see you in November!


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