A Review of 'Swoveralls,' the Overall Sweatpants I Can't Help But Love

These seemingly goofy adult onesies are actually the answer to being comfy and cute while traveling.

I’m no high-maintenance hottie, rolling up to JFK in heels and full glam, but I am morally opposed to looking like a complete slob in public. How’re you ever going to get upgraded to first class or meet the love of your life when you’re still wearing last night’s pajamas and didn’t bother brushing your hair? (Spoiler: You won’t.) If you split the difference between “looking so babely that the hottie in line pays for your Starbucks” and “being the most comfortable person on the plane in a Snuggie,” then you land right at sweatpant overalls—or Swoveralls, as they’re formally known. 


When I was made aware of Swoverall’s existence, my lip curled in its instinctual scowl, inherited from centuries of unsatisfied Jews—always skeptical. But, I thought to myself, if there’s anyone on the planet that can make this Frankenstein’s monster of two historically schlubby pieces look effortlessly chic, ‘tis I, Rec Room writer and delusionally extroverted Scorpio-extraordinaire. But let me tell you something I learned as a barely legal teen who just moved to the Big Apple: If you do absolutely anything with enough confidence, it will land—just ask any nightclub bouncer

But, as it turns out, it’s actually not that hard to rock a pair of overall sweatpants with swagger. All it really comes down to is picking the right color, and pairing it with the right—ideally minimal—accessories. At first, I was still a bit apprehensive, wondering if Swoveralls are only acceptable on college campuses. Then I came across these limited-edition ribbed-knit overalls in “blanca.” Cute, subtle, summery, and possibly a perfect bathing-suit coverup. 

Rib-Knit Swoveralls

$98 at Swoveralls

I smashed “add to cart” and waited. All week, I imagined how I could wear them, strutting around in all my cute little outfits. When they arrived, they were even better than I’d imagined. They felt much more like a luxury item than I was expecting, and the cotton blend was heavy (in a good way) and super soft, and the cleanly finished lines and attention to detail were a nice touch. There’s also a secret stash pocket and zipper fly which, I imagine, greatly cuts down the amount of time people with penises have to spend in tiny airplane bathrooms, since they don't have to take their overalls off every time they go. They also fit just how you’d want—not clinging or digging in, and not unflatteringly baggy, but slightly oversized to up the “cool” factor. I obeyed the brand’s sizing chart and ordered a size smaller than I normally would and again, I was pleasantly surprised. 

The author, rocking her surprisingly swaggy Swoveralls. Photo by the author

I happily pulled them on, immediately feeling comfy, but when I looked in the mirror, the white rib-knit of my dreams was completely sheer. Although they'd be great for covering up swimsuits, I wanted to wear these out in public, so I swapped them for classic black. I then rocked up to JFK, fully fitted in my new Swoveralls, a little off-the-shoulder striped tee, and some classic white Nike’s

They were a huge hit. I was comfortable the entire trip, and even made a ton of friends at the bar before my flight. We bonded over a Dirty Shirley or three, and laughed—which never would’ve happened if I had showed up looking like an unkempt schlub. So, thank you Swoveralls, my new cheat code for looking cute (but not try-hard) on flights, at the dog park, and on Hot Girl walks


$98 at Swoveralls

They also make Swovie Shorts for summer, which may or may not be in my cart right now. (They are). The brand releases a ton of limited-edition pieces, such as these rainbow tie-dye overalls for Pride month, of which 10% of the proceeds from each sale go to the Phluid Phoundation, a non-profit organization supporting the homeless queer youth community. And the wide variety of Swoveralls doesn’t end there. The brand also did a funky collaboration with Twisted Tea—the front pocket on these bad boys is a neoprene-lined koozie—nice.

Swoveralls X Phluid Phoundation
Rainbow Tie Dye Swovie Shorts

$95 at Swoveralls
Swoveralls X Twisted Tea
Tie Dye Swovie Shorts

$88 at Swoveralls

In short, Swoveralls are the greatest thing to happen to people who want to be comfortable and look hot since we accepted the term “athleisure.”

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