The Best Men’s Underwear, According to Men

We consulted the bros of the internet (and several IRL buddies) to find the best junk-hugging, schlong-securing men’s underwear on the market.

Aug 5 2021, 6:11pm

Collectively, we as a society don’t spend much time worrying about men’s underwear. Movies made before 2010 tell us that most men wear the same baggy, white boxing shorts (oh… that’s why they call them “boxers”) underneath literally every piece of lower-body clothing they own. However, things change, and while men’s underwear choices aren’t a monolith, one thing is strikingly clear: Nobody under the age of 40 wears the long, stiff, loose boxer shorts of yesteryear (unless they’re painfully stuck in the past, or like, skater-ironic, I guess). Nobody wants all that bunching in their pant legs on a run around the block, or needs their junk flying in the wind, liable to be twisted, sat upon, crushed, smashed, etc. Nay, the modern gentleman requires a touch of security, a feeling of safety—a gentle groin-hug in these trying times. 


We already have the best socks, and when it comes to undies, we’re not looking for a Saran-Wrap situation—what we need is underwear that won’t ride up, is both comfortable and breathable, will keep the boys in check, and doesn’t bunch up when we try to put pants on. Unfortunately, there are quite a few men’s underwear brands on the market, and you can’t exactly try them on at the store… without being asked to leave, I imagine. That’s why we consulted the bros of the internet (and several IRL buddies) to separate the wheat from the chaff. Gaze upon the best affordable, junk-hugging, sausage-coddling men’s underwear we could find.  

Our* undies

You’ve probably gotten an advertisement for these happy bois recently, and for good reason: They slap. They’re tight enough to keep the boys in line, but thin and breathable so you won’t be swampy and uncomfortable if you have to sprint to catch your bus. (Pro Tip: A matching set makes a good gift for you and your SO.)

Boxer Brief

Extend your… shelf life

The collective man of the internet says that these underwear by David Archy are a) comfortable, durable, and breathable, and b) that they make your junk look larger. So, if you’re in the market for that sort of action, have at it. 

Men's Underwear 4-Pack

Reduce, reuse, recycle

One young man that we surveyed suggested these Hanes Cool Dri Tagless Boxer Briefs, since they last forever, are softer than they look, and have a 4.5-star average out of almost 90,000 reviews on Amazon. (Well, he actually said that they rock because you get four days of use out of a pair: regular, backwards, inside-out, and inside-out-backwards. Yes, he’s single.) 

Hanes Men's Cool Dri Tagless Briefs, 5-Pack

Are You Smarter Than a Wool Boxer Brief?

Probably not. These bad boys are made with Merino wool, which regulates body temperature, manages moisture, and resists odor. They also feature a wide elastic waistband to eliminate chafing when you’re climbing mountains or running from the cops. 

Smartwool Merino 150 Boxer Briefs
Smartwool Men's 150 Boxer Brief

Really cut through the air

Just wear these. Don’t even bother with an outer layer. There’s no feeling like aerodynamically slicing through a headwind whilst going for a jog or walking to the bodega. People might even think you’re an athlete, or that you just got off your road bike. They’re also a good fit for wearing under a skirt or kilt, in case of a Marilyn Monroe-style updraft situation.

Men's Tech 6'' Boxerjock Boxer Briefs, 2-Pack

You’ll be the next Marky Mark…

(...Without all the awful stuff under the “Early Life” section of his Wikipedia page, hopefully.) At any rate, Calvin Klein is a classic, and when you try them on, you’ll realize why. They have an amazing fit, they’re flattering, and they remain iconic for their understated coolness. 

Calvin Klein Trunks 3-Pack
Core Plus Cotton Classics 5-Pack Trunk

The working man’s brief

Even if you’ve never swung a hammer (or visited a skate park) in your life, Carhartt is here to supply you with high-quality, durable workwear—and that means boxer briefs, too. These are engineered to keep you dry, comfortable, and odor-free while on the job, longboard, stoop, or film set. 

Carhartt WIP Cotton Trunk 2-pack Boxers in White
Carhartt Men's Cotton Polyester 2 Pack Boxer Brief

To match your sneaks

I recently picked up a pack of these bad boys at Walmart while looking for a wolf shirt, and I’ve gotta say, they rock. Light, breathable, and no bunching and scrunching. (Unfortunately, Walmart was out of wolf shirts when I went, which I wasn’t aware was a possibility.)

Reebok Super Soft Nylon Performance Boxer Briefs 3 Pairs

Next step, some breathable pantaloons

The Rec Room staff independently selected all of the stuff featured in this story.  


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