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How Not to Die from Boredom This Christmas

Here's a bunch of stuff to read, hear, and look at during that lonely, long stretch of nothingness we like to call “the holidays."

In that lonely, long stretch between the ass-end of Christmas and the start of the New Year, you're going to have a lot of free time on your hands. All the oiled, roasted goods have been eaten. The sherry has been polished off. The family commitments have been met. The grandparents are still napping. So, what do you do next? Chances are you're going to be sitting in front of a laptop screen, attempting to be as comatose and comfortable as possible, while also experiencing an intense level of boredom you haven't felt since you were fifteen and grounded and watched seven straight hours of a  Hollyoaks omnibus. If this assumption is correct, you're going to need something to get you through. The better part of us would like to think you've spent the year reading and watching Noisey—like our docs on Blackpool Grime and the biggest Christian music festival, longform interviews with Fat White FamilyTulisa, and Danny Brown, and the Ten Greatest Wrestling Theme Songs of All Time—so here are some things from other good people that may entertain your current predicament. Read more on Noisey

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