Monthly Horoscope: Aries, July 2022

Welcome to Cancer season, dear Aries!

The sun in Cancer illuminates the home and family sector of your chart, finding you focused on themes like safety, security, comfort, and the past. You could be connecting with loved ones at this time. It’s a lovely moment to energetically cleanse your home or literally clean it, and donate items you no longer need. You may be moving or rearranging your space, or excited to entertain at home!

But there’s some tension at the start of the month, perhaps concerning your career, as your ruling planet Mars, which is currently in your sign, squares off with Pluto in Capricorn on July 1. You could be eager to make a great change to your career, but before you abruptly decide to quit your job, take time to really think things through. Aries can be impulsive, and strategic planning is best at this sensitive time. Intense conversations may be taking place. Perhaps it really is time for you to move on from a job or make a big change to your life in public, but make sure you’re doing it from a place of power, not out of impatience or anger. On that note, finding healthy ways to express your rage is key at this time. A confrontation might take place if you’re feeling controlled, manipulated, or micromanaged, but help from a third party could be beneficial!


Mercury in Gemini connects with Saturn in Aquarius and squares off with Neptune in Pisces on July 2: This can be a solid time for teamwork and planning for the future, but you may also feel sleepy and daydreamy, so don’t over-extend yourself. Watch out for exaggerations. Your imagination may be especially active at this time, so channel that into creative self expression, and check in with a trusted friend or counselor if you’re feeling worried. Neptune is the planet of dreams, but also of delusion! Saturn’s influence can be a grounding one at this time.

Your ruling planet Mars enters earth sign Taurus on July 5, revving up the financial sector of your chart: You may be taking action toward growing your wealth in some significant way. Mercury enters Cancer also on this day, kicking up communication concerning your home and family life. Paperwork regarding your living situation can be organized. Mercury and Mars align on this day, too, bringing a boost of productivity, and maybe some helpful assistance! Mercury squares off with Jupiter in Aries on July 9, which could find you having an inspiring and exciting conversation—just watch out for exaggerations or over-extending yourself. Gossip can be fun, but don’t believe everything you hear or read. The sun connects with Uranus in Taurus on July 10, which could bring unexpected gifts or help your way. Novel thrills and surprising news may arrive.


The full moon in Capricorn takes place on July 13, illuminating the sector of your chart that rules your career, reputation, and legacy: A great achievement could take place at this time, recognition or rewards may come your way. You might feel like you’ve fulfilled a goal and wondering what’s next. Themes like responsibility and power are on your mind. Venus in Gemini connects with Saturn during this full moon, which can bode well for networking and making sold connections. This is be a great moment for teamwork and communication. An agreement or plan for the future can be discussed. Mercury also connects with Uranus during this full moon, which could bring a surprising idea or a eureka moment. Necessary resource, support, or information may suddenly become available. 

Venus squares off with Neptune on July 14, which could find you feeling lazy or even dejected, especially if plans you’d been looking forward to have been cancelled or if communication has been difficult lately. Avoid paranoid thinking; talk to a trusted friend or counselor. Explore your imagination, indulge in a fantasy series, or enjoy lots of comedy. Express yourself creatively, and if you’re feeling worried or deflated, remember that all emotions eventually pass!

The sun meets Mercury on July 16, which can find you having an important realization about your home or family life. An important new conversation begins. Mercury and the sun mingle with Neptune on July 17, which could find you connecting with your inner voice on a deep and profound level. Intriguing conversations could also take place at this time. You’re focused on spirituality. Secrets and fantasies can be shared! 


Venus also enters Cancer on July 17, which could find you inspired to redecorate your home or entertain loved ones. In your love life, Venus in Cancer can find you and a lover opening up emotionally, perhaps being more vulnerable, inviting each other into your homes, or discussing your past together. It’s a lovely time to cozy up in your safe, private spaces and get away from your busy public lives.

Mercury opposes Pluto on July 18: An intense conversation could reach a climax. The dividing line between your private and public lives may feel especially heavy at this time. Mercury enters Leo on July 19, which could find you feeling especially flirtatious and creatively inspired—but there may be big shifts at home or work as the sun also opposes Pluto on July 19. A power struggle may come to a head! But incredible transformations could also take place at this time, especially if you can let go of old patterns. Ego clashes could take place, so try to focus on your responsibilities, be realistic, and be kind to yourself and others. Take the high road. When it comes to Pluto, the best way to work with the energy is to bring in the help of a third party who can help mediate things.

Leo season begins on July 22, finding the sun illuminating the romance and creativity sector of your chart: This can be an especially exciting time in your love life! You may be connecting with a crush or deepening the connection in an established relationship. The mood is especially passionate, and Leo season doesn’t only heat things up in your love life, but could also bring a breakthrough to a creative project you’re working on, and generally bringing more fun and celebration!

Mercury connects with Jupiter on July 23, which can inspire an especially open-minded and optimistic atmosphere that’s fantastic for connecting with people, creating art, and having fun. The energy is especially decadent as Venus squares off with Jupiter on July 25—so be careful not to over-indulge! A sweet gesture or expansive connection you have with people you hold dearest may take place. But Mercury squares off with Mars on July 26, which could find you feeling impatient or impulsive. Think before you speak! Watch out for bickering at this time. 

The new moon in Leo takes place on July 28, and Mercury squares off with Uranus and Jupiter begins its retrograde. The new moon in Leo can mark the start of a new love story, or if you’re already in a relationship, it could bring a fresh start! This is a powerful time to explore what makes your heart sing in love, and in life in general. If there’s something your heart desires, make it known. Perhaps there’s something you want to try with a partner: This new moon can be a lovely time to discuss it. You could be beginning a new creative project or committing to having more fun: It’s the perfect time to pause and simply celebrate life! An unexpected message could come your way as Mercury squares off with Uranus, and Jupiter begins its retrograde in your sign, finding you in deep reflection about all the ways you’ve grown in the last few months. Be proud of all you have accomplished!

Mercury opposes Saturn and the sun connects with Jupiter on July 31, which could find you setting important boundaries in your social life, as well as saying yes to more love, fun, and celebration! An exciting invitation may come your way, and while there could be communication delays, the energy is still open-hearted and free-spirited.

Good luck this month, Aries, and see you in August!


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