Valentine’s Day Movies for Stoner Couples

Films that hit the spot regardless of whether you’re high on love, or just high, or both.

12 February 2021, 11:37am

Ask any lovestruck twosome whether there’s any high better than that warm, fluttery explosion of emotions in their tummies, and they’ll probably say no. 

Unless, of course, they happen to be a stoner couple. 

As the extreme sport that is Valentine’s Day rolls around, you can’t quite cut it with the lazy flowers-chocolates-dinners combo if what you really enjoy is just laughing about dumb stuff together for hours on end and stoned sex riding on the fact that marijuana is a natural aphrodisicac (unless you get so blazed that a crippling stoner boner is all you’re left with). If that’s what romance looks like for you, let us kindly offer a much-debated selection of movies to set the vibe. Watch them together or via a Watch Party app that won’t leak your nudes. If you’re feeling particularly ambitious, lay out a cheese plate beforehand so you’re not forced to pause to look for munchies. Take a pick from the list below and make your shared ritual even more special. Just make sure you leave the last puff for your giggly lockdown lover.

La La Land

Bright lights, city nights, a groovy soundtrack that will become a permanent head bop, the electrifying visuals and exhilarating sound sequences make La La Land an ideal choice for some intimate Netflix and Chill. Bonus points if you can steal a few kisses as Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling tap dance away to a wasted lovely night.


The magnetic colour palette, a bittersweet romantic plotline and stunning visual effects make the Joaquin Phoenix starrer a pick for all seasons but especially for long-distance lovers who might be grappling with loneliness. Nothing hits closer to home than a movie where a lonely writer finds himself hopelessly in love with an artificial intelligence software. At least you can find solace in the fact that the vaccine roll-out and opening borders mean you will meet your partner soon, and that they’re not just an AI. On another note, for some of you out there, this movie isn’t yet another reason to tell Alexa you love her.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

This twisty, thrilling romance may not be a typical choice, but it earns a spot for its brilliantly, beautifully bonkers plotline. Also because Jim Carrey fighting to save the last fading memories of his lady love is a permanent mood. We say this even as we wish we had this film’s technology to wipe 2020 off our minds. 


We’re not just recommending this one as a “stoner couple movie” because the film’s lead Justin Long is rolling a joint within the first 30 seconds. We’re also recommending it because the non-linear timelines, whimsy wistfulness and shooting stars of emotion-stirring dialogues deserve to be cherished over and over. 

We’re the Millers

A cross-country roadtrip with a fake family to pull off a weed smuggling mission that ends in them becoming best buds? An obvious choice, this one. The movie will leave you in splits even before the weed hits, and although no one’s really lighting it up despite like a 100 kilos of pot stashed on board, the light-hearted comedy is decent enough to have “no ragrets”.

The Wackness

Summer romance, first love, and a lost kid who trades pot for therapy? Count us in. Not your run-of-the-mill romance, this underrated stoner flick, coupled with its killer hip-hop soundtrack, makes for the perfect V-Day watch if you’re a couple that doesn’t take themselves too seriously. But things can get deep, so be ready for some stoned epiphanies.

The Breakfast Club

Loaded with high school nostalgia, this 80s classic would make the perfect background for a deliciously lazy Valentine’s wake-and-bake sesh. Like in real life, a joint is what brings polar opposites together, and the daze that follows the first time you get high is all too relatable.

Princess Mononoke

Studio Ghibli movies are known for their stunning lucid visuals and fantastical storylines, making each of them a treat to watch when baked, tbh. But the trademark elements of magical realism, interwoven with the gripping chemistry between Ashitaka and San of Princess Mononoke make this one even more special.

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