UK Health Minister Failed to End Meeting After Testing Positive for COVID

Gillian Keegan apologised for not immediately ending a meeting with parents whose children had died by suicide despite learning she had tested positive for COVID.

09 February 2022, 12:54pm

A health minister in the UK government has apologised for continuing a meeting with grieving families despite learning she had tested positive for COVID.

Gillian Keegan, whose ministerial brief includes mental health, tweeted that she had taken a lateral flow test before meeting with parents whose daughters had died by suicide. 

During the meeting, the Tory MP was informed she had tested positive, but continued the meeting. 


“Earlier today, ahead of a planned visit I took a precautionary [lateral flow test] which gave a positive result,” she wrote. “When I was told my test was positive I was listening to three fathers who had tragically lost their daughters to suicide. I told them the result and took further precautions but with their consent, I stayed for a short period to hear their stories.”

Keegan apologised, saying she “should have immediately ended the meeting” and that she made “an error of judgement.”

“I fully recognise the importance of following the letter and spirit of the policies, so want to be upfront about what happened and to apologise for the mistake I made.”

Keegan is now isolating at home with no symptoms. 

Lateral flow tests require a 15-minute wait before the results can be determined. After Keegan’s apology, the UK Health Security Agency tweeted a reminder about lateral flow tests.

An error occurred while retrieving the Tweet. It might have been deleted.


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