What VICE Readers Bought This Month: Pumpkin Spice CBD and Super-Comfy Sofas

An affordable Vitamix dupe, Hoka’s new hiking boots, and hangover-curing hydration powder all flew off the shelves and into your carts.

Greetings, ghosties with the mosties, and welcome back to our monthly rundown of the white-hot products that are flying off the shelves and into the carts of our readers. Summer is but a distant memory, and our 12-foot-tall Home Depot skeleton has been asking us for weeks whether we prefer classic or “Midnight” fun-size Milky Ways in our vintage McDonald’s trick-or-treating buckets. Is it too obvious that this is our favorite time of year? Well, apparently it’s yours, too, because the number-one product from our stories this month just so happened to be Martha Stewart’s pumpkin-spice CBD gummies. Honestly, what’s not to love? We get you, you get us; it’s a beautiful thing. 

Other hot-ticket items in September included Floyd’s minimalist-chic sectional sofa, Hoka’s new hiking boots (which our staff writer took for a spin on her biggest hike yet), a machine that turns nuts and oats into instant plant-based milks, a hangover-curing hydration powder, an affordable chore coat for cool-weather layering, a vibrating cock ring for twice the fun and half the effort, and much, much more. Read on for more of the top products VICE readers bought in September 2022. 

Martha Stewart’s pumpkin spice CBD gummies

When Martha makes CBD-infused confections, consider us enchanted—and even better when they’re available in our favorite seasonal, unapologetic basic-bitch flavor. (No reason to feel guilty about enjoying pumpkin spice, if you ask us [rips bong filled with a Starbucks pumpkin spice latte instead of water].) Our staff writer Francky Knapp tried these mellowing gummies and praised their “pumpkin-and-Cinnabon essence,” silky texture, and “effect of helping me shake off the petty problems, cocooning me in warmth and a little more patience.”  We bet that’s how Martha feels when she hits a doob with Snoop.

Martha Stewart
Pumpkin Spice CBD Wellness Gummies

$34.99 at Shop Canopy

The Floyd Sectional

Ah, Floyd. We love the brand’s affordable but design-forward furniture and wares, which embrace classic lines and modern minimalism but are built to last way longer than cheap stuff from The Swedish Furniture Megastore That Shall Not Be Named. Recently, we’ve been dreaming of tossing our Linanäs and upgrading to one of Floyd’s dreamy sectionals, which come in a variety of handsome shades (from performance “Cypress” to 70s-inspired multicolored weaves) and multiple configurations to fit your space, whether you’re in a cavernous, converted barn in the woods (hi, we’re jealous) or a teeny tiny railroad apartment (like us). 

Two-Piece Sectional

$2370.00$1659 at Floyd

Hoka Anacapa Mid GTX hiking boots

Hoka, one of our fave running-shoe brands, trekked into the great outdoors this month by dropping a brand new hiking boot, and our staff writer Nicolette Accardi is a huge fan, writing, “they were super-stable. Not one time did I feel like I was going to slip on gravel, steep inclines, or rocks. I was sturdy and solid on my feet the whole time.” Clearly some of you are also ready to scramble up a mountain; pack an extra Clif bar for us, ay mate? 

Men's Anacapa Mid GTX

$185 at Hoka
Women's Anacapa Low GTX

$170 at Hoka
Anacapa Mid GTX

$185 at Hoka

A Vitamix-rivaling Ninja blender (that’s way cheaper)

When it comes to blenders, Vitamix is the Lambo of the bunch as far as luxury brands go. Vitamix blenders aren’t cheap, but they’re known for being super-powerful, easy to use, and intuitive, and for whipping up pro-quality soups, smoothies, and sauces. But what if we told you that a sub-$100 Ninja blender could go toe-to-toe with even the highest-end models of Vitamix blenders? Well, if we were you, we’d get one for our countertop immediately. 

BL610 Professional 72-Oz. Countertop Blender

$99.99$89.95 at Amazon

The magical Nutr Machine

If you’re addicted to oat milk lattes or ever wondering why you just can’t find the perfect cinnamon-pistachio milk for your dream smoothie, the Nutr Machine is for you. This gadget whirls up plant-based ingredients into the ultra-fresh alt-milks of your bougie dreams; our staff writer made maple pecan cinnamon milk and chocolate honey oat milk like it was nothing. Wowee. 

Nutr Machine

$169 at Nutr

Quince’s affordable chore coat

Ayyy—it’s between 57 and 76 degrees Fahrenheit (in most parts of the US right now, anyway), which means that it is chore coat season [airhorn airhorn airhorn]! When we rounded up the best chore coats of fall 2022, this affordable, slightly stretchy jacket from Quince caught your eye. Quince is known for sourcing its clothing, bedding, and more from top manufacturers and with high-quality materials but at a fraction of the price, and this lightweight coat is no exception. 

Organic Comfort Stretch Chore Jacket

$39.90 at Quince

Liquid I.V. powder for when a trip to urgent care isn’t in the cards

You’re super hung-over. You haven’t been sleeping well, or just got off a red-eye flight. You work out a lot and don’t drink enough water. These are just a few of the scenarios where you may need a boost of vitamins, electrolytes, and immunity-boosting ingredients, and Liquid I.V. is here to deliver. Our staff writer Becca Blasdel tried out a bunch of hydration powders and gave this one top marks for its high-electrolyte formula and tasty tangerine flavor. 

Liquid I.V.
Liquid I.V. Hydration Multiplier + Immune Support

$25.19 at Amazon

Caraway’s does-it-all Fry Pan

We’ve long since done away with our sketchy old scratched-up dollar-store Teflon pans and embraced the next generation of nonstick cookware (which is so, so much better). Caraway is one of the newer brands genuinely impressing us with its simple, smart designs in pans and bakeware, and the Fry Pan is our writer Francky Knapp’s everyday go-to for eggs, sauce, stir-fries, and more. 

Fry Pan
$95 at Amazon

$95 at Caraway

Solo Stove’s new mini Mesa model

Speaking of open flames, Francky also checked out Solo Stove’s new personal-sized fire pit, and it’s truly a delight—and a practical one, at that—as cooler temperatures arrive but we wanna continue crushing sixers in the backyard while the sun sets behind us and we crank Steely Dan on the Bluetooth speaker. Enter: the Mesa. “Once it was lit, it was as if a dial had turned-up the ambiance of the patio to 11,” Francky writes. 

Solo Stove
Mesa Tabletop Fire Pit

$119.99$79.99 at Solo Stove

West Elm’s comfy-as-a-cloud Harmony Sectional

When it comes to both the most comfortable couches and the best RH Cloud Couch dupes, the Harmony sectional from West Elm gets top marks. It’s a sink-in, live-on-this-thing type sofa that is a dreamboat both aesthetically and comfort-wise, thanks to its super-soft fiber-wrapped high-density polyurethane foam cushions; high-gauge sinuous springs for additional springiness and support; back cushions filled with 50% duck feather and down for pillow-like softness; and, of course, generous number of included pillows. Plus, it comes in tons of textures and shades, so it can be the statement piece of your living room. No wonder y’all love it. 

West Elm
Harmony Modular 4-Piece Sectional (122")

$4947.00$3317.60 at West Elm

The lube that just don’t quit

Überlube is the GOAT of silicone-based lubes, period. We know a thing or two about lube, and if you don’t believe us when we say this stuff is luxurious, silky, and effective, then believe the whopping 31,000+ stellar reviews on Amazon praising this magical, mojo-enhancing potion. But then again, you do believe us, because Überlube is a continuous best-seller month over month. 

Überlube Silicone Lubricant

$19.99 at Amazon

DASH’s TikTok-famous egg gadget

You’ve seen it on TikTok, now bring the magic home. If you are constantly fucking up your hardboiled bois and poaching just never seems to work out for you (no judgement; eggs are tough!), grab a cooker that does the work and takes out the potential for fuckups. Better yet, it’s under $20. Check out our full review of the internet-famous DASH egg cooker here

Rapid Egg Cooker

$16.99 at Amazon

A cock ring for keeping everyone happy

If you’re in a cis, straight couple, there is probably a fairly significant amount of time and effort within your sex life devoted to trying to ensure you both get off during sex. One easy buy that can make things easier in that department—like, way easier—is a vibrating, textured cock ring that will keep your boner nice and bony, her clit buzzy and beguiled, and bring the big O within closer reach thanks to hands-free clitoral stimulation. 

Vibrating Penis Ring

$39.66 at Amazon

Hmm, maybe for Halloween we’ll be a pumpkin-spice Martha Stewart CBD gummy. Thanks for the costume-contest-winning idea, and see you next month. 

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