This Motion-Activated Dildo Is the Future of Next-Level Masturbation

As a hybrid clitoral suction toy and G-spot pleaser with motion-sensor vibrations, the Womanizer Duo is one hell of a joy ride.

I did the impossible this week, and retired some of my sex toys. Not for good, and probably not for long, but a recent end-of-summer sad cleaning bender made me realize that I am a dildo magpie, and that it was time to place some of my lesser-used toys into storage. I love all of my children equally, but electro-stimulation toys aren’t exactly in the weekly rotation. However, the Womanizer Duo? That workhorse has been one of my ride-or-die dildos for years. And as I started the brow-sweating triage of picking my top-tier nightstand toys, it continued to make the cut against even the swishest, most talked-about sex toys of the moment.  

It’s been years since I first charged my Womanizer Duo, but its combo of G-spot and clitoral suction capabilities still makes it one of the most high-tech toys I’ve used. You know that meme about how advanced society would be if boomers could just say “Chipotle” correctly? Well, inside each one of its futuristic apartments is a Womanizer Duo. 

This is a sex toy review, but it’s also a long-overdue love letter to a vibrator that’s carried me through years of a varying sex drive, dark New York City winters, and a legit G-spot education. And, in the hopes of helping y’all build out your sex toy pantry like a pro, I’ve broken down all the specs—from the effortless to the potentially confusing—and eye-bulging a-wooga moments that this trusty vibe can bring into your life. 

Duo G-Spot and Clitoral Vibrator
$219.91 at Amazon

$219.00$175.20 at Lovehoney

$219.00$175.20 at Womanizer

What was rad

I almost regret that the Womanizer Duo was one of my first vibrators; it’s like having insanely high-quality caviar the first time you try seafood, and using your superior experience as the standard for eating at all Red Lobsters (no shade to the Lobster, ILY). Vibrators are being held to higher engineering standards these days thanks to forward-thinking, engineer-led sexual wellness brands, but it’s rare to find a vibrator that pulls out all the stops and has a whisper-quiet motor. 

The first time I slid the Duo out of its silky pouch, I was surprised by how firm but soft the silicone material was. The shaft/dildo looked substantial enough to serve as a solid humping and grinding toy, and the clitoral suction component slyly tucked into its Alien-esque head. H-O-T. 

Photo by the Author

With all of my roommates out of the house, I powered it up. I was shocked that I could barely hear its motor, which has low-vibrational purr and little rumble. The curve of the dildo was also a major learning moment for me, as I started to understand exactly where to find my G-spot, which varies from person to person, but is often two-ish inches inside the front wall of the vagina, in front of the cervix—the perfect target spot for the curved tip of the Duo, which has another magic trick up its sleeve: Its vibrational intensity increases in tandem with the pressure you apply to it like a sentient pro, and makes it one of the most high-tech sex toys on the market. Most importantly, it makes the Duo one of the most easy-to-use toys (no fiddling with buttons, mate) out there. 

Add the optional clitoral suction component into the mix, and you’re looking at a blended orgasm machine. Womanizer’s standalone Premium 2 suction vibrator has made a name for itself in its own right by imitating some of the best parts of getting head—from light, undulating suction to subtle tongue-flicking, and having a version of it attached to the Duo is what elevates it to the status of not only a multi-talented dildo, but a money saver as well. After all, why buy a dildo and a clitoral vibrator, when you can invest in one epic cream machine? 

As someone who loves collecting various sex toys and dildos, it’s hard for me to admit this to you, but the proof is in the pudding: If you’re looking to invest in a single, high-quality Dildo to Rule Them All, the Duo is hard to beat. 

What was tricky

While the bells and whistles of the Duo are a plus in my book, it is helpful to make sure you read up on them in the provided ~literature~ (aka the manual) before you start to blast off. Also, to the Womanizer rep who may be reading this: Could y’all PLEASE change the name of the company? It’s 2022, and your toys are way too cool to have a Mad Men-era name.  


After owning and reviewing dozens of sex toys over the years, this whisper-quiet dildo is still a mainstay in my nighstand drawer. It boasts a G-spot-stimulating dildo and clitoral toy, and it uses a motion-smart technology to apply more pressure to your nethers in accordance with the movements and pressure of your own hands.

Give it the Pulitzer. The Emmy. The Software System Award. The ASHRAE Personal Award for General Society Activities. Whichever trophied accolades are out there, they’re easily deserved by the Womanizer Duo. 

The Womanizer Duo can be purchased on Womanizer, Amazon, and Lovehoney.

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