Daily Horoscope: March 30, 2022

The moon is in Pisces today.

The moon in water sign Pisces meets lucky Jupiter at 1:24 PM, inspiring generosity. The moon meets dreamy Neptune in Pisces at 5:55 PM, making it a powerful time for creative self expression and connecting with your spirituality!

All times ET.

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You may be in a daydreamy mood as the moon moves through Pisces and meets philosophical Jupiter and imaginative Neptune. Make time for fantasy and to escape your everyday routine!


You may connect with inspiring and imaginative people today as the moon in Pisces mingles with expansive Jupiter and mystical Neptune. Your social circle might be growing.


Your artistic talents can be on display today as the moon in Pisces meets lucky Jupiter and creative Neptune. You may be enchanting the public with your unique gifts!


The moon is in fellow water sign Pisces today, inviting you to shake up your usual routine and explore something new. Exciting opportunities can arrive as the moon meets lucky Jupiter, and deep conversations may take place as the moon meets mystical Neptune.


The moon in Pisces meets expansive Jupiter and boundless Neptune, inspiring a big, generous atmosphere—but do try to stay grounded. If you’re offered something, don’t take more than you can carry.


Romance is in the air as the moon in your opposite sign Pisces mingles with Jupiter and Neptune! Even if you’re not looking for love, some open-hearted, inspiring connections can form.


Creativity flows as the moon in Pisces mingles with expansive Jupiter and imaginative Neptune! It’s an exciting time to transform your routine and experiment with new ideas.


The moon is in fellow water sign Pisces today, and it meets with lucky Jupiter and fantastical Neptune, inspiring a hugely romantic, creative, and fun atmosphere! Just be careful not to over-indulge.


You may be feeling quite nostalgic today as the moon moves through Pisces! The moon meets your ruling planet Jupiter, and then Neptune, inspiring you to connect with your feelings, express yourself creatively, or explore your spirituality.


The moon in Pisces illuminates the communication sector of your chart, and it’s a lovely time to write poetry, talk about your dreams, and share fantasies as the moon meets Jupiter and Neptune!


The moon in Pisces meets expansive Jupiter and mystical Neptune, inspiring an energy of abundance and creativity. A special gift may come your way!


The moon is in your sign today, Pisces, and it meets your two ruling planets, Jupiter and Neptune, boding well for creativity, expansion, and spiritual connection! You may be feeling especially romantic, and people can find you particularly enchanting at this time.


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