Man Caught Dragging Girlfriend’s Corpse Through Street in Broad Daylight

A jogger called police in Hong Kong after seeing the man at 6 a.m. dragging a rolled-up quilt with a pair of legs sticking out.

It was around 6 a.m. on Friday morning, and a young man was dragging a wheel board with a large object perched on top through a residential area of Hong Kong.

The weight of the object caused the man to intermittently pause for breath, but he went on pulling it down the road as though it was nothing out of the ordinary—cars and pedestrians passing by without a second glance.

That is, until something about the object on the wheel board caught a jogger’s eye—a pair of legs sticking out from a rolled-up quilt. She told her husband who was with her to call the police. The man knew that the pair had seen him, but he carried on. 

“He looked at us and continued to drag the wheel board,” said the jogger, as quoted by the South China Morning Post on April 29. Surveillance footage of the incident has since circulated online. 

Soon the police arrived at the location in northwestern New Territories and arrested the man, 25-year-old Ng Ka-sing. On the board was the body of his girlfriend, Yip Tsz-ching. They declared the woman, of unconfirmed age but believed to be in her 20s or 30s, dead at the scene.

The pair were apparently lovers and former co-workers, having met at a slaughterhouse where they once worked. Currently unemployed, Ng was brought to court on Monday on a charge of murder. With him under remand are his three flatmates—warehouseman Tsoi Chi-long, 31; Tsoi’s unemployed wife, Cheng Pui-man, 28; and courier Chan Wing-hong, 27—for allegedly assisting him in disposing of the body.

Ng’s flatmates were charged with preventing the lawful burial of a body, and the court denied their plea to be allowed bail. Ng did not seek to be allowed bail.

According to prosecutors, Ng killed Yip sometime on Thursday or Friday morning at their residence along Tin Ha Road, some 500 meters from where police arrested Ng and discovered the body. A police spokesperson told reporters Yip’s head was covered with cling wrap, her hands tied with nylon rope, and her body wrapped with adhesive tape. There was a centimeter-long wound on the back of her head, bruises on her hands and right shoulder, and burn marks on her legs.

The hearing for Ng’s case will resume on June 27 as prosecutors investigate. If convicted, he could face life in prison, while his flatmates could receive as much as seven years in prison for their alleged role in trying to dispose of Yip’s body.

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