Monthly Horoscope: Leo, May 2022

Welcome to Taurus season, dear Leo!

The sun in Taurus brightly illuminates the sector of your chart that rules fame and fortune: You may be applauded for some great achievements at this time, receiving reward and recognition for your talents and hard work. Leos famously love the spotlight and Taurus season finds you standing squarely in it…but you might also be wondering what you want to achieve next, reflecting on what you want to do with your power and success, and what you want your legacy to be.


Venus in Pisces makes a supportive connection with the planet of the underworld, Pluto, in Capricorn on May 1, boding very well for changing up habits and reorganizing things. The key is not to be afraid to ask for help if you need it! Venus enters fellow fire sign Aries on May 2, which may bring you good news from afar or inspire warm communication and an easygoing attitude! That said, there may also be a playfully competitive energy in the air at this time, too. 

Jupiter in Pisces connects with Pluto in Capricorn on May 3, inspiring great progress! Lucky Jupiter’s connection with power planet Pluto brings change and transformation, and you can find yourself releasing old patterns and enjoying a period of expansion. An update to your routine or a change in your schedule could take place, and you’re tapping into a wealth of support from others…again, it’s important to ask for what you need!

Mars in Pisces connects with Uranus in Taurus on May 4, which may bring an unexpected opportunity your way. You’re experimenting with something new and exciting in your career as the sun meets Uranus on May 5. Mercury in Gemini connects with Venus on May 6, inspiring a fun atmosphere in your social life. This could be a great time to network or connect with a group or community that shares your hobbies or interests. The sun connects with Mars on May 7, bringing a productive atmosphere that’s especially helpful if there’s anything you want to release or let go of.


You may find yourself running into old friends and social circles as Mercury retrograde in Gemini begins on May 10. Mercury retrograde is famously a time of miscommunications and delays, but it can also find us reconnecting with the past and invite us to slow down. This isn’t the time to charge ahead, but time to reconnect with old dreams, old friends, and even past versions of ourselves. Also on May 10, Jupiter enters fellow fire sign Aries, so this can be a hugely expansive time for you: New journeys are on the horizon and before you embark on your next adventure, Mercury retrograde calls you to slow down and double check your itinerary. Astrologers typically advise against making big purchases, signing contracts, or traveling during Mercury retrograde, so take it slow, read the find print, and leave room for flexibility! Mercury retrograde only lasts until June 2, but Jupiter will be in Aries through October 28, 2022, during which time you may travel to exciting places, embark on a course of study you’re passion about, publish something, or explore the world in some other exciting way!

Your astrological ruler, the sun, squares off with Saturn on May 15, which may bring a glum atmosphere. Saturn’s favorite word is no, and limitations and boundaries might be discussed or renegotiated at this time. Tension may arise in your relationships. The best way to work with this energy is to be focused, responsible, and mature! Helping things flow a little more smoothly on May 15 is the sun’s connection with Neptune in Pisces, which inspires compassion and kindness. The sun and Neptune’s connection might find you connecting with your inner voice or exploring your spirituality. An inspiring message or conversation may arrive.


The lunar eclipse in Scorpio takes place on May 16, bringing an important change at home. You may be moving, renovating or reorganizing, or this eclipse may manifest on a more emotional level, finding you reconnecting with or releasing the past in a significant way. An important conversation with a family member or housemate may take place. On May 18, Mars meets Neptune, which can help you settle an old debt, forgive someone, or offer an apology. Resolving past issues is a big theme at this time. May 19 finds the sun connecting with Pluto, inspiring a productive atmosphere that bodes well for your career, and big ideas are shared as Mercury retrograde connects with Jupiter—just try not to rush things, and be mindful of exaggerations!

Gemini season begins on May 20, finding the sun lighting up the sector of your chart that rules your social life, and you’re reconnecting with old friends or having an important realization about friendship as the sun meets Mercury retrograde on May 21. You could also gain a new perspective about a dream or vision for the future, that helps you achieve your goals or reveals a new path. Mars connects with Pluto on May 22, helping you cut ties and break old habits, and Mercury re-enters Taurus while on its retrograde journey, finding you revisiting a conversation or reorganizing your career plans. The sun mingles with lucky Jupiter on May 23, which could bring news from abroad or new opportunities: The atmosphere is sunny and expansive, but Mercury retrograde also connects with Mars on this day. While people may be eager to push ahead, it would be wise to remember that Mercury retrograde means it would be wise to go slow! 


May 24 finds Venus connecting with Saturn, and you and your partners have thoughtful conversations about plans and commitments. Also on this day, Mars enters Aries, revving up the sector of your chart that rules travel and learning and making it an exciting time to dive into your studies or plan your next trip (Mercury is retrograde, so keep your plans flexible!). Mars in passionate Aries could also find you eager to share big news, and it’s an especially energizing time for communication. Mercury retrograde connects with Pluto on May 25, finding you thinking back to April 28: Conversations that took place then may be relevant again now, and new perspectives may be shared.

A significant change in your routine or habits takes place as Venus squares off with Pluto on May 27. Scheduling issues may feel especially frustrating at this time: Pluto can highlight control issues, so it’s important to be flexible. If you’re not feeling valued for your time and energy, set boundaries: While it can be hard to ask for what we need, the conversation may lead to even deeper intimacy and understanding. Pluto isn’t just the planet of control, but also of transformation, and with an open heart, relationships that have been build on a solid foundation can deepen Inviting a third party to help meditate any issues that arise may be helpful.

Venus enters Taurus on May 28, finding you feeling especially glamorous! Venus in Taurus is an exciting time for you in the public eye, and might also bring an interesting turning point in your relationships as you and your partners gain a deeper understanding of what you both value. Venus loves being in sensual earth sign Taurus: Romance and creativity flow, the mood is sweet and affectionate, and pleasure is prioritized!

Mars and Jupiter meet on May 29, marking the beginning of an exciting new cycle: Travel, education, and publishing are highlighted themes at this time. This could be the start of an especially exciting, adventurous, and expansive period for you, dear Leo! The new moon in Gemini takes place on May 30, beginning a new chapter in your social life. You may find yourself joining a new circle or connecting with new friends. A fresh idea might capture your interest; this new moon in inquisitive air sign Gemini could find you eager to explore everything you’re curious about! Perhaps attend a lecture for a topic you’re interested in, visit the library, or join a book club or community that’s meeting to discuss your passions.

Good luck this month, Leo, and see you in June!


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