The Dualsense, Haptic Zipper Feedback, and Bizarre Video Game Ads

Marketing for the next generation of consoles has been markedly tame compared to the ads of yore.

Nov 3 2020, 2:00pmSnap

Join Rob, Patrick, and Gita as they talk about the PS5 and give their impressions on the Dualsense controller. Then, Gita takes us through the new Sims 4 expansion that takes you to a mountainous getaway with hiking, onsen, and more. After the break, Austin, Rob, and special guest Matthew Gault do a deep dive on Watch Dogs: Legion, breaking down how the game’s mechanics seem to be at odds with it’s narrative goals. You can read an excerpt and listen to the full episode below

Gita: Does anyone have any particular controlling thoughts? This one feel like titties too, or what? Like, I don't know.

Rob: It actually feels like, imagine a woman who has titties on the front and back. And what could be better than that shape and that figure. This is of course a PlayStation, this is Playstation's whole ethos.


Patrick: For the record, HR, we, you know, just –

Rob: I'm just glad they brought it back. They finally, that ad promised so much and I was like,

Patrick: Oh my God, you're talking about that Vita ad, right?

Gita: My God. Yeah. Look, who else? Video games is weird. That's all I really have to say.

Rob: They're less weird now than they were. That's that's the weird thing. I don't know, I do like the controller. It does feel good.

Patrick: I've come around on it. I don't like PlayStation controllers historically. I think Rob and I are on the same page, where Gita, where do you fall on your controller preference?

Gita: I don't have any real particular like needs for controllers. Uh, I've feel like over time, I feel like the exit, the standard X-Box controller is like the platonic ideal. It's like, if you Plato's cave, you know, imagining what a controller would be like, we'd imagine that controller, but I've used so many PlayStation controllers that I don't have an issue with them, you know?

Patrick: It's really, at the end of the day, the analog sticks is like, I prefer them in the placement on the Xbox, in my hand versus the PlayStation ones where they're like both down, like, that's it like. And it's like, otherwise it's sort of like, you can throw it in the air. Also, no, I hate the triggers on the Playstation controller, I have a lot of problems with the Playstation controller.


Rob: But not anymore. Not anymore.

Gita: Those triggers are good. I like the, I like the triggers. Uh, I've only been playing, using them to play one game, but they are. I mean, it, it really is like you just know immediately whether or not you like using something for hours at a time the second it is in your hands. And I put it in my hands, it was like all these buttons press very definitively, and I enjoy that feeling, and therefore, I like everything about this controller, you know?

Rob: The, the variable tension of the triggers though, like that, uh, that Astros Playroom shows off. Uh, and Patrick, you, you wrote about, um, how stimulating you find Astros Playroom, uh, and the various haptic, uh, features of, of the controllers.

Patrick: Yeah, Astro's Playroom, it's a tech demo for the, like the Dualsense. Like those are like as a pack in it's like, it's, that's what it's there for is to sort of like demonstrate, like here are the weird things you can do on this controller, you know, futz

Rob: Turns out it can  do a lot though!

This transcript was edited for length and clarity. Discussed: PS5 4:17, The Sims: Snowy Escape 33:12, Watch Dogs: Legion 46:37

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