The Coolest New Drops This Week, From Neon Cookware to Shibori Denim

Our Place and Le Creuset drop new colorways, G-Shock brings us Batman-worthy watches, and Billie offers a close shave with an astrology twist.

What a week it’s been. We assume you’re up-to-date on the Pepe the Frog NFT drama, to say the least of what’s going on in the world, but we’re not here to talk about viral amphibians (that was in 2015, jabroni). Today, we’re here to pull you away from the scary news cycle, if only for a moment, and into the world of gorgeous treats that just make you feel good, because you deserve it. And no, we’re not just talking about a little elote from your favorite street cart (but do that first), we’re talking about the best drops of the week from brands we stalk more than our ex-boyfriend’s cat’s instagram page. 


Last week’s drops brought us Skims' first swimwear collection, a ridiculously amazing Prada jump rope that won’t stop haunting our dreams, and a brand new activewear line from Abercrombie & Fitch (yup, it’s cool again), and this week’s offerings also feel like accessories for shaking off the winter meh, and getting ready to frolic outdoors; we’re smashing that order button on zodiac-themed shaving kits; a golden-encased, cruelty-free body balm; and a normcore apparel collection by Columbia that’ll make your Uncle Jim Bob jealous. The cherry on top of this weekend’s virgin Old Fashioned? A helping of new, verdant colorways from two of our favorite cookware brands. Sit back, relax, and clear some room on the counter for the best drops of the week. 

Billie's Astrology Shave Set

Lord, what we would have done for this shaving set back in 2002. Billie’s new astrology-themed shaving kit is a glittery Y2K delight, complete with one sparkle razor handle, a magnetic holder, two blades, and a shaving cream embossed with your sign; it’s the perfect zodiac-themed gift for the Libra or Leo in your life. They love to show off pretty things.  

Astrology Shave Set

$23 at Billie

Bite’s body balm

Do you need to apply body balm from a gold case? Probably not. But will it make you feel like the Daddy Warbucks you deserve to be? Absolutely. Bite is one of our favorite zero-waste oral health and wellness companies because their products are vegan and cruelty-free, but they don’t comprise sex appeal the way so many other planet-friendly companies do (enough with the granola branding??). Bite’s signature mint charcoal toothpaste bits have long been one of our favorite replacements for boring toothpaste, and their refillable body balm feels just as luxurious, with ingredients such as rosehip oil, shea butter, and jojoba. 

Body Balm Solid Moisturizer

$32 at Bite

Columbia's Field Creek collection

Peak normcore is the gift that never stops giving, and the latest collection by Columbia is a testament to the versatility and hip, low-vibration energy that we expect from our Larry David trousers. The “Field Creek” capsule can take you from the lake to the bar without missing a beat thanks to its selection of shell jackets that are perfect for spring showers, and convertible cargo pants that we are just dying to wear to a Chili’s with Uncle Bob on a Wednesday night, and the Mitski concert on Saturday. 

Women's Field Creek™ Fraser Cropped Shell Jacket

$200 at Columbia
Men's Field Creek Convertible Cargo Pants

$80 at Columbia

G-Shock's Midnight Fog line

Clocks are making a comeback (please don’t tell our boomer parents we said that). There has been an influx of sexy, innovative time-telling devices lately, including our recent fave, the Loftie ‘smart’ alarm clock, which looks cool, has a few tricks up its sleeve, and gives us a break from our smartphones. The G-Shock Midnight Fog collection not only sounds like our new favorite cocktail, but gives the brand’s popular Metal Covered line a new slew of neutral shades and a translucent band. 


$190 at G-Shock

Le Creuset's brand new olive color

How did this Le Creuset colorway not already exist? It’s perfect. Not only is that olive shade ripe for every season, but it’s giving major Under the Tuscan Sun meets 1970s bachelor pad. Just imagine inviting your crew over for a lobster boiling party with that stockpot. 

Le Creuset
Mini Round Cocotte

$20 at Le Creuset
Le Creuset
Demi Kettle

$80 at Le Creuset
Le Creuset

$95 at Le Creuset

Notte’s Y2k springtime collection

Notte makes jewelry for all the people you have a crush on, from the ethereal dude working the natural wine stand to the sustainable fashion designer who’s still jet-lagged from their trip to Berlin. The brand’s latest collection includes raindrop earrings, bedazzled gold flowers, and so much to catch everyone’s eye for spring. 

Dewy Flower Pow Pow Earrings

$89 at Notte
Rain or Shine Pearly Earrings

$72 at Notte

Our Place’s acid-green cookware

The Perfect Pot and the cult-fave, eight-in-one Always Pan now come in a limited-edition matte neon green shade that says, “I only fry eggs in my Buffalo rave shoes,” and we couldn’t be more pleased; so far, the aesthetic cookware movement has stayed mostly in the safe-space of neutral, earthy colorways and (gorgeous!) takes on Yves Klein Blue. But this? Now this is something for chainsmoking Laura Les peeps.   

Our Place
Always Pan in Acid

$145 at Our Place

Taylor Stitch x Dailola’s hand dyed collection

“It’s no secret that we’re fans of indigo,” explains the team at Taylor Stitch, one of our favorite places to shop for durable men’s denim, outerwear, and painstakingly detailed Western button-downs, “To celebrate the prodigious pigment we teamed up with our friend and talented Brooklyn based artist, Teresa Misagal of Dailola who helped us create four extraordinary pieces using traditional shibori tie dye techniques.” The limited edition collection is a spring dream complete with two bandanas, and two button-down shirts that would be great to wear to a wedding, on a date, or to flirt with the person doing your taxes. (Actually, just use Cash App. It’s legit and free.)

Taylor Stitch x Dailola
The Bandana in Natural Indigo Petal

$77 at Taylor Stitch
Taylor Stitch x Dailola
The Short Sleeve Jack in Deep Navy Geo

$125.00$98 at Taylor Stitch

Looking good. See you next week! 

The Rec Room staff independently selected all of the stuff featured in this story.


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