Monthly Horoscope: Aquarius, April 2022

Welcome to Aries season, dear Aquarius!

A new conversation is brewing with the new moon in Aries on April 1! A new way of thinking about things, or an intriguing bit of information may come your way. If you have siblings, this new moon might find you connecting with them, or you could be connecting with your neighborhood in a new and significant way. An important realization takes place on April 2 as the sun meets Mercury in Aries. Aries is a straightforward fire sign, so discussions at this time are especially direct or passionate! 


Mars meets your ruling planet Saturn, currently in Aquarius, on April 4, which may find you setting an important boundary, taking on a new responsibility, cutting something off, or issuing a rejection. While the energy might be heavy, you’re also making space in your life for new things to blossom, and to devote your time to what’s truly meaningful to you.

A shift in energy—and perhaps a gift!—arrives as Venus enters Pisces on April 5, and financial opportunities may surface. In your love life, you’re especially appreciative of partners who cherish your talents and support you in making your life comfortable and conducive to creativity. A token of appreciation may be sent or received.

Conversations speed up as Mercury mingles with action planet Mars on April 8, and you may be getting to the bottom of a mystery on April 10 as Mercury squares off with Pluto in Capricorn. Also on this day, Mercury enters earth sign Taurus, which may bring conversations about your home and family life, themes like security and privacy, or the past. You could be in a nostalgic mood at this time.

One of the most extravagantly whimsical days of the year arrives on April 12, when the planet of opportunity and expansion, Jupiter, meets the planet of fantasy, Neptune, in Pisces. You may receive an exceptional gift or opportunity at this time! There’s an energy of abundance and possibility and an exciting promotion may take place. People are especially in awe of your talents at this time! The sun’s connection with Saturn on this day helps everyone stay grounded, and could find you thinking about the future in a realistic matter, or making solid agreements.


Mars enters Pisces on April 14, revving up the financial sector of your chart. Again, it’s an exciting time to share your talents and acquire things you want or need. If you need a little courage asking for a raise, meditate on warrior planet Mars for inspiration! The full moon in fellow air sign Libra arrives on April 16, and you’re completing a journey or course of study, or perhaps publishing something. You might learn new information or gain a new perspective. Full moons are all about release, and this one finds you letting go of an old way of thinking about things. Communication is highlighted, and a compromise can be found.

A sweet, cheerful atmosphere arrives on April 17 as Mercury and Venus mingle: Good news may pop up and a friendly, easygoing energy flows. Mercury and Venus align with one of your ruling planets, Uranus, in Taurus, on April 18, and you’re craving novelty, perhaps eager to treat yourself to something unexpected and unusual. Aquarians typically love to experiment, so you could be in your element at this time—but the sun squares off with Pluto, which may bring intense conversations. Power struggles, ego clashes, or fear of change may arise, so enlist the help of someone qualified to resolve any issues.

Your focus turns to your home and family life as Taurus season begins on April 19: You may be reconnecting with the past or sprucing up your space. Communication delays pop up as Mercury squares off with Saturn on April 24, but the mood is still be quite relaxed as Mercury also connects with dreamy Neptune on this day. Saturn is the taskmaster of the zodiac, and some stress about paperwork or communications may arise, but Neptune’s influence calls us to go with the flow, to be understanding, and generous with ourselves and others.

Communication blocks may be busted on April 28 as Mercury mingles with expansive Jupiter. Big news, especially about money, may arrive, but do watch our for exaggerations! Venus and Neptune meet, which could find you tapping into a phenomenal talent, or giving or receiving something quite rare and fascinating, as Neptune is the planet of dreams, and Venus of valuables.

Mercury connects with power planet Pluto on April 28, which may bring an especially deep, emotional conversation, and Pluto retrograde begins in Capricorn on April 29, perhaps inspiring especially vivid dreams or realizations during meditation. This is a powerful time to explore your psyche. Mercury enters Gemini on April 29, inspiring a fun, flirtatious atmosphere: Party invitations and news about your creative collaborations come up, and discussions about love can take place.

The solar eclipse in Taurus arrives on April 30, and you’re making big changes at home or in your personal life: You may be moving, rearranging your space, or donating items you no longer need to make room for something new. You could be reconnecting with family or learning something new about what family means to you. You might feel especially nostalgic at this time, but also embracing new traditions, perhaps feeling like you’re on an important new path. Eclipses often have a fated feeling about them! Venus meets Jupiter during this eclipse, which could bring a lovely gift, or find you sharing something wonderful with the world. Eclipses can be tiring and emotional, but Venus’s connection with jovial Jupiter can also inspire romance or good vibes!

Good luck this month, Aquarius, and see you in May!


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