Monthly Horoscope: Aries, March 2022

Welcome to Pisces season, dear Aries!

The sun in Pisces lights up a very private sector of your chart, finding you seeking peace and quiet. Make time to rest, relax, and unwind. As an Aries, you charge ahead, and might over schedule or even over-work yourself in an attempt to seize the day—cancel your plans and make time to wander and daydream as the sun moves through Pisces. Pisces is the last sign on the zodiac wheel, and you may feel like you’re processing a lot of emotions or moving through tough endings or transitions, but a new cycle begins on March 2 with the new moon in Pisces.


New moons bring a fresh start, but there can also be an air of uncertainty. The Tarot card associated with Pisces is The Moon, which symbolizes mystery, and it implores us to connect with our intuition and release fears concerning the unknown. Aries is famously courageous, but during this new moon, make an effort to acknowledge your fears, to sit with your anxieties rather than ignoring or repressing them. Resisting your emotions can create even more discord within yourself. During this new moon in Pisces, invite your scariest emotions in, let yourself have a fresh start with your feelings; embrace the unknown, embrace ambiguity, embrace change. 

During this new moon, the sun and Uranus in Taurus’s connection inspires experimentation and encourages you to explore your impulses. Also on this day, communication planet Mercury meets Saturn in Aquarius, which could find you making an agreement or commitment with a group or community that shares your vision for the future. Uranus is the planet of surprise, while Saturn is the planet of responsibility: They are both activated during this new moon, encouraging us to take calculated risks and act maturely, with integrity.

Venus, your ruling planet Mars, and Pluto all align in Capricorn on March 3, which can bode well for your reputation and find you receiving some reward or recognition! The sun meets Jupiter in Pisces on March 5, inspiring generosity and compassion. Mars and Venus enter and meet in air sign Aquarius on March 6, making it an exciting time to network and share ideas. New friendships can form, and it’s a powerful time to reconnect with your romantic partners on an intellectual level, to discuss your shared dreams for the future. 


Mercury enters Pisces on March 9 and the sun and Neptune meet in Pisces on March 13, encouraging you to connect with your inner voice, reflect on your dreams, and explore your spirituality. You may also find yourself learning a secret or exploring hidden places! You’re in the mood for whimsy; your everyday life may be very unappealing to you right now. If you’re able to take time off from work, you can really enjoy getting lost in fantasy, romance, art, or whatever else inspires you.

Mercury connects with Uranus on March 17, which may bring unexpected news your way, and the full moon in Virgo arrives on March 18, when the sun also connects with the planet of transformation, Pluto. Full moons are powerful moments of release, and with Pluto in the mix, you can be going through a tremendous metamorphosis at this time. Your routine might be changing in a big way. This is a powerful time to end an old habit. At work, you may be wrapping up or releasing a big project.

You’re craving novelty as Venus squares off with Uranus on March 19. Keep your spending in check at this time! You may come across something dazzling, but make sure it’s worth the investment. Drama may pop up in your social life—don’t get swept up in squabbles that won’t mean much in a few days.

Aries season begins on March 20: Happy birthday season, Aries! The sun in your sign reinvigorates you with energy, and you’re in the mood to celebrate life! Good news arrives as Mercury meets Jupiter on March 21, but watch out for short tempers as your ruling planet Mars squares off with Uranus on March 22. Arguments about money might come up, and again, watch out for drama in your social life. A more understanding, sympathetic energy flows as Mercury meets Neptune on March 23, inspiring gentle communication. You may simply be too tired or distracted by daydreams to worry about much!

Messenger planet Mercury connects with Pluto on March 26, finding you digging through research. An important conversation about your career may also take place. This is a powerful moment to connect with your intuition and inner voice through journaling and meditation. Mercury enters your sign, Aries, on March 27: You might have been feeling quite introspective lately, but with expressive Mercury in your sign, you’re eager to share ideas, ask questions, and make negotiations. Venus and Saturn meet on March 28, which could find you committing to something exciting! Plans for the future can be discussed. Strong alliances may form. Your influence is strong at this time, in your social sphere and beyond. 

Good luck this month, Aries, and see you in April!


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