The Best Zodiac Presents for Your Moon Sign

Trying to find the best gift to show someone you 'get' them? Shop based on their moon sign—the most personal part of their astrological chart.

Some signs are easy to shop for: Cancers deserve Kleenex, Scorpios could use a new BDSM toy, and Capricorns… another five-year plan, probably. Once you know the astrology sign of someone you’re shopping for, gifting starts to get a little easier. All of this, ahem, “hard science” of the stars has a knack for helping reveal who we really are (for example: a manipulative little Pisces you can’t stop loving) and makes us even better givers of gifts for every zodiac sign in our life, whether they need streetwear, fancy candles, or a cursed crab chair

Each sign has their own spice, but you can start to categorize your giftee’s vibes based on whether they’re ruled by earth, fire, water, or air. You can also start to understand where their main—or “sun”—sign fits into the piping hot gumbo of what people refer to as the Big Three: the sun, moon, and rising signs. Most people know their sun sign. Think of it as the heart of your chart—it colors everything you do! But a rising and moon sign are like two sides of a coin; your rising sign is the personality you project on a more superficial and extroverted level, while your moon sign embodies your more intimate inner self. Your bestie knows your moon-side self; your tax lady knows your rising-sign self. And if you don’t know either, there are plenty of online resources that will calculate them for you. Capiche

The bottom line is that moon sign gifts can feel more personal, because you’re shopping with the more intimate side of your giftee in mind. Everyone else might see them as a fiery Leo sun sign and Sagittarius rising, but you know they have a water sign moon, and are deserving of the kind of gift that doubles as emotional support (see: this talking seal plushie). Whatever the reason or season, here are some of the best gifts for someone based on their moon sign. 


Congratulations, Aries: There’s an entire streetwear brand named after you, and it’s filled with apparel worthy of your scorching energy. The best presents for this star sign should feel like a jolt of caffeine, and this comfy button-down shirt by their namesake brand will be their favorite to wear both around the house and out for drinks. 

Vans Vault X Aries
Button-Down Distorted Check Shirt

$195.00$80 at End Clothing


A born gourmand and master chillaxer, Taurus is one of the most grounded earth signs and is at the top of the list on our dream blunt rotation. Serendipitously, their season begins on 4/20, so if you haven’t already, make plans to take them out to their favorite restaurant, and give them this perfect Jonathan Adler stash jar. 

Jonathan Adler
Vice Kitchen Canister

$35.23 at Wayfair


Shopping for a Gemini moon? Well, at least you’ll never be bored. As one of the most curious, intellectual, and two-faced multifaceted signs of the zodiac, you should buy this air sign a present that speaks to their inquisitive and artistic nature. We gave our photography-obsessed pals some of the best cameras on the market to test out in a review of the best disposable cameras, and photographer Jason Moore said the Kodak Power Flash is a “very dreamy” option. “Photos came out well,” he explains. “Nice warm film for daylight with subtle grain which I prefer [...] No brainer shooting with these, which allows you to focus on just having fun with it.” 

Kodak Power Flash

$24.99 at Amazon


The crybaby of the zodiac, Cancer could use some extra coddling for their soft-shelled selves, and they’ll usually let you know it—but it may be harder to read the sensi side of someone with a Cancer moon. This gauzy, golden summer house robe will make them feel pampered and cared for, but most of all, seen. 

Soft Cotton Gauze Loungewear Robe

$26.84 at Amazon


As one of the zodiac’s biggest hype signs, Leo is ruled by the sun and tends to be a fan of bold gestures and ostentatious prezzies. They probably already own a wireless, at-home karaoke mic, so give them something shiny and gold from one of the most cult-fave brands on Amazon for jewelry, PAVOI. Not only does every bangle and earring from this brand—which is a great dupe for Mejuri and Catbird—come in ready-to-gift boxes with cute packaging, but the scope of the jewelry, from chunky hoops with over 35,000 reviews to gold-plated croissant dome rings, means you can find something for everyone.       

14K Gold Plated Engraved Coin Pendant

$12.95 at Amazon


Think of Virgo as the energetic bridge between their fellow earth signs, über-chill Taurus and high-strung Capricorn. This sign is detail- and resolution-oriented; Virgos are a practical but mutable sign with a lot of ideas—and they deserve to jot them down in the best journal on Earth (we said what we said), a Moleskine. The Italian notebook brand’s unlined, best-selling journal has a 4.8-star average rating on Amazon and over 18,000 reviews praising the thickness of the paper and the grippable (but smooth) exterior that gets more buttery over time—it’s honestly the cast iron skillet of journaling. 

Classic Hard Cover Notebook

$15.81 at Amazon


No one loves love more than a Libra. This romantic air sign is ruled by Venus, and will appreciate anything that speaks to their obsession with beauty, from fresh-cut flowers to a fancy candle. The Japanese Pagoda candle by Seda France not only comes with beautiful packaging, but is known in the candle sleuthing community as a great alternative to much pricier brands such as Diptyque. “It’s on the fruity citrusy side,” writes one reviewer of the 4.7-star rated candle on Amazon, “It’s neither warm or cool or too sweet [...] It is clean, fresh, pleasant, and polite.” (Just like your Libra.) 

Seda France
Pagoda Candle: Japanase Quince

$29.75 at Amazon


Scorpio gets this reputation for being plotting and mysterious, because they are plotting and mysterious. If your giftee’s moon is ruled by this sign—which we like to call the fire sign of water signs—they deserve a black, faux-leather duster for keeping their shady secrets safe. 

Tessa Faux Leather Jacket

$139 at Urban Outfitters


Whether they’re taking motorcycle classes or traveling solo across the country, a Sagittarius is always going to be down for some adventure. This fire sign is (almost) as gregarious as Leo, but is even more brutally honest. They’ll also be one of the first citizens on a commercial shuttle to Mars, and definitely the first to make Elon Musk cry in under five minutes. Give them a hat that paints them as the cosmic, self-sufficient ranger they are. 

NASA Trip Hat

$25 at Etsy


One of the most masochistic hardest working signs of the zodiac, a Capricorn moon will appreciate a practical, high-quality gift that helps them stay the course, whether they’re going on a hike or hunkering down at their desk for an all-nighter. In both instances, they’re going to want to keep their coffee/tea/kombucha at the perfect temperature in a choice mug, and with over 15,000 reviews and a 4.7-star rating on Amazon, Stanley is the infallible way to go. This is one of the best to-go mugs your clams can buy, because the double-wall vacuum insulation keeps drinks hot for up to seven hours, and cold for more than 10. (Yes, Capricorn will still be sending emails after 10 hours.)

Classic Trigger Action Travel Mug

$25.80 at Amazon


Ah, the “pick me” sign of the zodiac. Aquarius folks aren’t just curious, but insatiable collectors of curious and unique things. That means they’ll dabble in a bunch of different hobbies, subcultures, and social causes, and will always appreciate a gift that speaks to their flair for eccentricity. If ever there were a sign that would sip their coffee from a mallard, it would be them. 

Human Made
Duck Mug

$50 at Bodega


As with its fellow weepy water sign, Cancer, a Pisces moon is going to appreciate a gift that gives them some extra TLC. Unlike Cancer, however, Pisces will be a little more vindictive if the present isn’t up to their standards, which is why you can’t give them any old checkout line body lotion bundle. For something different (and très appropriate for water signs), KOA is a new skincare brand founded by Hawaiians who wanted to create products rooted in their land’s traditional medicinal practices and bounty, from giant pacific seaweed extract to ukui nut and more.    

Fresh Face Duo: Yuzu Facial Cleanser & Kukui Nut Facial Hydrator

$51.00$48 at KOA

Gold star for you, master gifter.  

The Rec Room staff independently selected all of the stuff featured in this story.


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