The Cool Kid of Sex Toy Companies Has a Sweet Mother’s Day Deal

Now is the time to get a pretty awesome discount on palm vibrators, clit suckers, and sex toy bundles.

Apr 30 2021, 8:30pm
Stupid-hot deals on all of our favorite stuff.

“Best deals on vibrators” and “Mother’s Day” are perhaps not the intersection where we thought we’d land while gift shopping, but here we are, rolling up our sleeves and lubing our fingers for the Dame Mother’s Day sale, which is marking $15 off orders of $50 and up on the sex toy retailer’s site–sale items included–with the code OHMAMA.The code is good until May 9, at which point all your vibrators will turn back into eggplants at the stroke of midnight. We kid! 


We’re always sniffing around for deals on clitoral pleasers, sex furniture, anal toy ticklers, etc., but we don’t always find promos at Dame. And when we do! OH, baby. That’s like snagging the fattest oyster on the tray at brunch, or successfully stealing the last bag of Cool Ranch Doritos from the Costco chip variety pack at soccer practice. It is not just a sick deal, it is an opportunity. You seize that shit, my guy. Because Dame is the coolest kid on the web (next to Unbound Babes, IMO) when it comes to sex toys. 

Founded by sexologist Alexandra Fine and engineer Janet Lieberman in 2014, Dame is one of the only sex toy companies out there that actually engineers and quality tests its vibrators to the standards of other electronics [looks for earpods] out there. They even do so with an involved customer feedback and testing initiative, Dame Labs. “After working on other product categories [as an engineer],” said Lieberman in an interview, I began to question why the same level of work wasn’t going into this category that is so intimate [...] The world has less expectations for sex toys, and as a result there are less regulations for them [...] that definitely trickles down to the way they are made.” 

So Dame hoisted up its strap-on and disrupted the industry with a more gender-inclusive, hiiiiighly aesthetic range of toys that many retailers imitate (but few have equalized). They offer sensitive clitoral stimulators, finger vibrators, and lube in a non-cringe bottle. They have everything we hoped to one day find on Dildo Street. 

Be it for you, a mom, a friend, whatever: Use this most blessed of maternal promo codes (once more for the cuties in the back: the discount code is OHMAMA) to finally try Dame’s best-selling vibrators, and (if you already love ‘em) buy some of their  *already* discounted bundles for even less. Hop from sex pillow to errogeonous vibe, and beyond, you clever little tree frog. 

The internet has been freaking out over this clitoral vibe

Photo: Dame

Kinda funny how not too long after Dame released its Midas touch of breezy clitoral vibrators, competitors (especially in the clitoral department) like Womanizer also released a new breezy, eco-friendly clitoral sex toy? Not that we’re complaining. The Olympic battle between minimalist clitoral suction devices (with one-to-two syllable names, of course) is our new favorite sport. But “Aer,” which came out in early 2021, is quite the belle of the ball. If you’re new to clitoral toys, it’s a great introductory vibe with sensitive and accessible vibrational features. 

Aer, $95 $80 at Dame

You’d really like a sex pillow. Really.

Photo: Dame

Do not sleep on sex furniture, my man!! I mean, do, in the literal sense. But this is such an overlooked aspect of lurvemaking, and one that can so improve your range of motion and thrusting angles. This market is otherwise dominated by Liberator, whose Wedge runs upwards of $100 (and is worth it), but doesn’t have that nice curved edge of Dame’s “Pillo,” making it a little more discreet as an errant house pillow, should you so choose.

Pillo, $95 $80 at Dame

Doja Cat *actually* wrote "Streets" about this vibrator

Photo: Dame

At least, that is what we choose to believe. Because there is no comparing with Eva, the ostensibly confusing but charming vulva-dwelling toy that can be worn, totally hands-free (“Eva stays in place with flexible wings that tuck under your labia”), during solo masturbation or partnered and/or penetrative sex. 

Eva, $135 $120 at Dame

For the price of one great vibrator, you can get aaaaall this

Photo: Dame

An excellent beginners' kit, because the toys included are great for pleasing erogenous (as in, rub it everywhere, easily!) and more targeted (i.e., your clitoris) pleasure zones. Kip is their lipstick vibrator, while Arc in the G-spot wand. (Both have top-tier reviews.) You also get their aloe-based lube (very soothing and hydrating; won’t smell like motor oil); a texture sleeve for the aforementioned lube (when you lube, LUBE, my sweet); and a really cool grey-blue, tie-dye pouch with a silky, green lining. Amazing. Gotta catch our breath, then we smash that order button. 

The Beginner's Luck, $246 $190 at Dame

Aw, they made a road trip bundle

Photo: Dame

You’ll get “Pom,” one of their best ergonomic and erogenous vibrators for both targeted and all-over pleasure, and their finger vibrator, “Fin” (love rubbin’ that one by the clit/anus/nips/wherever).Together, they should star in a buddy movie about gently tenderizing thine nethers. Of course it comes with The Bag, silly.

The Road Trip, $210 $165 at Dame

Whelp. Have a horny Mother’s Day! 

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