Monthly Horoscope: Aquarius, July 2022

Welcome to Cancer season, dear Aquarius!

The sun in Cancer encourages you to look at your daily routines and rituals: Is it time to reorganize your schedule? Is it time to rethink your wellness routine? Cancer season is a fantastic moment to focus on productivity and think about how you can better spend your time and energy. Cancer season also inspires you to connect with nature, connect with your intuition, and make time to meditate and enjoy connecting with your body. Your sign, Aquarius, is famous for being the genius of the zodiac, always looking for upgrades and progress, and during Cancer season, some exciting adjustments can be made!


A clash of egos may take place on July 1 as Mars in Aries squares off with Pluto in Capricorn. Arguments and harsh words could arise. Arguments might be blown out of proportion at this time. You might pull the plug on a project or conversation. Endings that take place at this time may have a heavy sense of finality! July 2 is also quite complicated: On one hand, Mercury in fellow air sign Gemini connects with your ruling planet Saturn, which is currently in your sign, and the mood is focused and responsible. On the other, Mercury also squares off with Neptune in Pisces on this day, which can inspire some laziness or bring miscommunications about money. Either way, a more grounded and relaxed (perhaps too lax!) approach to communication may arrive after Mars’s clash with Pluto. Stay grounded and clear on your boundaries, and take the high road.

Action planet Mars enters Taurus on July 5, activating the home and family sector of your chart. You may be addressing issues at home at this time, perhaps moving or doing renovations, or confronting a situation with a housemate. The energy is productive, especially as Mercury enters Cancer and aligns with Mars on this day, too. Mercury in Cancer bodes very well for getting organized at work and at home. You may begin a new gig at this time, or communication about a project could may kick up. As Mercury and Mars align, the projects you’re working on at home and at work can move along swiftly and efficiently! Exciting news may arrive on July 9 as Mercury squares off with Jupiter in Aries, but watch out for exaggerations and try not to over-extend yourself. Mars and Mercury’s helpful alignment can find you feeling like you have infinite time and energy, but there are still only 24 hours in day, and you should try to rest for about eight of them! Surprising solutions to tricky problems can be found as the sun connects with your other ruling planet, Uranus, currently in Taurus, on July 10.


The full moon in Capricorn takes place on July 13, encouraging you to slow down, rest, and escape from your everyday responsibilities. Take time off if you can, and sleep in. If you have over-extended yourself, you may be feeling the consequences. This is a powerful full moon for connecting with your spirituality and your inner voice, for meditation, journaling, or even exploring your psyche in therapy. Your dreams may be especially vivid at this time. Venus in Gemini mingles with Saturn during this full moon, inspiring a supportive atmosphere, especially in your love life or creative collaborations. Mercury connects with Uranus on this day, inspiring brilliant problem solving and possibly bringing surprising news. 

Venus squares off with Neptune on July 14, which may find people feeling particularly sensitive. Be gentle with yourself and others and be careful with your spending, too. If you’ve overestimated the worth of something, you may realize its true value at this time. If your expectations haven’t aligned with reality in your love life, you may be disappointed. An important realization regarding your daily habits, routine, work, or your wellness routine arrives on July 16 as the sun meets Mercury. Mercury and the sun mingle with Neptune on July 17, which can find you coming up with a creative way to boost your wealth or security! Artistic inspiration abounds! 

Venus also enters Cancer on July 17, which could inspire you to update your beauty routine or edit your closet. It’s a lovely time for a spa day! In your love life, Venus in Cancer may find you reflecting on the daily routine you share with your partner, and you’re especially appreciative of the ways you and your partners care for and support each other. If you’re single and looking for love, meeting someone who is nurturing and responsible may be something that’s on your mind.


Mercury opposes Pluto on July 18, perhaps bringing an intense conversation. Secrets may surface! Underlying issues become clearer. Mercury enters Leo on July 19, kicking up communication about money, especially themes like debts, taxes, or inheritances. Mercury in Leo can also find you and your partners having serious conversations about how you share money or split responsibilities. The sun opposes Pluto on July 19, which may bring a power struggle to a head. If you feel like someone is micromanaging you or being controlling about your time, you could be setting some important boundaries. Bringing in a third party to help mediate things can be helpful. You could also be kicking an old habit at this time: Change is hard, but incredible transformations can take place!

The sun enters Leo, illuminating the relationship sector of your chart on July 22! Leo season is an exciting time to network and connect with people, learn more about other people’s perspectives, and engage with your partners on a deep and meaningful level. Leo is a passionate, loyal, and creative fire sign, and you’re connecting with people who embody these qualities this season! Big ideas and exciting news may be shared as Mercury connects with Jupiter on July 23, and plenty of fun can be had as Venus squares off with Jupiter on July 25—just be careful not to over-indulge! Exciting invitations may come your way and the mood is especially flirtatious, but do watch out for bickering, short tempers, and impulsivity as Mercury squares off with Mars on July 26. 

A new cycle begins in your relationships on July 28 with the new moon in Leo. New moons symbolize new beginnings, and because this one activates the partnership sector of your chart, your may meet someone new (a love interest, a creative collaborator, or business partner), or you and a partner may start fresh. You could even offer an olive branch to someone you have had a falling out with. Leo rules the heart, and during this new moon, connecting with people with integrity and who you feel can be your true self with is important.

Surprising news may arise during this new moon as Mercury squares off with your ruling planet Uranus, and Jupiter begins its retrograde in Aries, activating the communication sector of your chart and bringing an especially philosophical conversation! Communication delays may take place on July 31 as Mercury opposes Saturn. Oppositions to Saturn can sometimes find people feeling grumpy, but the sun also mingles with jovial Jupiter on July 31, which can find people feeling uplifted and optimistic. While delays or obstacles may arise, new opportunities are also opening up! 

Good luck this month, Aquarius, and see you in August!


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