Man Busted for Playing 'Apex Legends' on Airport Screen

A rouge fan hooked up a PlayStation 4 to an airport monitor to squeeze in a round of ‘Apex Legends’ before a flight.

Airports are nightmares. No one wants to be in one and the best thing to do when traveling is to just try to distract yourself from the whole ordeal. Video games are great for this. One of my favorite features on the Nintendo Switch is its ability to make time pass while I’m waiting to board a plane. One video game fan in Portland got in a little trouble yesterday because he wanted to game to pass the time. His crime? Plugging a PlayStation 4 into an airport monitor to play Apex Legends.


Kama Simmonds, a Public Affairs worker for the Portland Airport, called into local radio station KXL to explain the situation. “Very early this morning our landside operations supervisors encountered a traveler who had plugged in their PlayStation 4 device into an airport owned monitor,” Simmonds said.

According to Simmonds, the man was playing his PlayStation 4 on one of the monitors that displays maps of the airport and flight information. The monitor was part of a bank of screens and the player had plugged into one at the bottom.

Simmonds said that airport staff approached the player, “and very kindly asked this person to unplug and cease using the monitors at the airport,” she said. “Apparently the traveler, very politely, asked ‘May I please just finish my game?’ The answer was no.”

His Apex Legends game interrupted, the player picked up his PlayStation 4 and moved on.

“Apparently it was a very polite and cordial interaction. He unplugged. No criminal activity. Just a good reminder of what not to do at the airport,” Simmonds said. “It’s a little bit of a sad testament to the addictive nature of screens these days.”

Authorities should have let the guy finish his Apex Legends match. Anything that makes traveling a little easier should get a pass.

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