The Best Wand Vibrators for Massaging Your Neck, Your Back, and... That Too

From the OG Magic Wand to best-sellers on Amazon and Lovehoney, these are the wand vibrators blasting our [redacted] into space.

If there were any justice in this world, page 69 of Webster’s Dictionary would have a sprawling, detailed cutaway illustration of a 12-inch wand vibrator under the word “horny.” That’s how foundational the genre of vibrator has been to the world of sex toys, which, these days, encompasses everything from couples' vibrators to Shrek-themed butt plugs and more. 

But the wand vibe is an icon. Even among the swishest of futuristic sex toys, it towers above the rest (seriously, though, they lean on the larger side) as one of the best high-powered sex toys for people who want targeted, direct clitoral stimulation that does not quit. Ever since it debuted in 1968, the Magic Wand vibrator—the OG wand vibe—has been a veritable Bat-Signal for horny peeps looking to blast their orgasms off into space with its 6,000 RPM speeds. (And you know what? It is also a killer back massager.) In the 54 years since its release, the variety of vibrating wands has blossomed to include everything from cordless wands to waterproof wands, along with wands that welcome G-spot attachments, rabbit-ear heads, and whisper-quiet motors.


Whether you’re new to sex toys or looking for a helping hand that packs real horsepower, vibrating wands are one of the best massagers—erotic and otherwise—to have in your arsenal. We’ve broken down our absolute favorites below, from the best-selling wand vibrator on Amazon (no small feat) to mini wand vibrators and more.  

The OG of wand vibrators

Often imitated, never duplicated—how could you, when it comes to the OG Magic Wand vibrator? There are so many new wands on the market these days, but the Magic Wand was one of the first heavy-duty vibes and one of the most pleasure-savvy. It launched in the 1960s as a general body massager (but was stealthily moonlighting as a clitoral sex toy), and the world’s orgasms have never been the same since. Today’s Magic Wand has been engineered to be even more powerful, cordless, fully rechargeable, and—as of last week—even available in its very first travel-sized version, the Magic Wand Mini, so you can take your trusty clitoral companion on the go with even more discretion. 

Rechargeable Magic Wand
$129.95 at Amazon

$139.95 at Babeland

Magic Wand Mini Vibrator
$75.95 at Babeland

$75.95 at Good Vibrations

Dame’s super quiet wand vibrator

The sex toys at Dame are some of the coolest out there, no question about it. Not only is it a women-founded and -owned company, but Dame’s team is constantly fighting to destigmatize sexual wellness and to increase quality standards for sex toy engineering (one of its founders is, in fact, an engineer), which is why we were so curious to see the brand’s take on a classic wand when it debuted a few months ago. Up until now, Dame’s fame has come from clitoral suction toys such as Aer, and palm vibes such as Pom—but getting into wands is a different ball game. “[We wanted] to create a new kind of wand,” the brand’s team told us in our review of the vibrator, “[one with] Dame’s most powerful motor to date, and whisper-quiet vibrations.” After giving it a go ourselves, we can confirm it’s extremely quiet for a wand vibrator, and has a very ergonomic handle that can work out all the kinks in your neck, your back, your crack, and your [redacted].

Com Wand Vibrator

$125 at Dame

The most popular wand on Amazon

Did you know they sell sex toys on Amazon? Granted, some may be more legit than others. (Do buy the cult-fave Satisfyer Pro 2 suction vibrator; maybe don’t buy this one-star rated squirrel suction toy… although, now we’re curious.) Out of all the wand vibrators awaiting you on the mega-retailer, only the Shibari Mini Halo Plus has over 14,000 reviews and a 4.5-star rating for being really, really powerful. “Let me start off by saying WOW!” writes one stoked reviewer. “Though small in nature it packs the strength of a power drill [...] I almost sanded off my June bug. Let’s just say this isn’t your grandma’ vibrator!” Another simply said, “Need to knock one out but only have 30 seconds? You’ve found the right tool.”  

Mini Halo Plus Wand Vibrator

$27.95$19.95 at Amazon

Unbound Babes’ epic wand and lube bundle

Another über-hip sexual wellness brand, Unbound Babes, makes vibe-heavy toys that deserve a prominent place in your bedroom, from stylish over-the-door handcuffs to the brand’s squiggly, sparkling glass dildo from another planet. The company’s 4.7-star-rated Ollie wand has over 1,000 reviews, with many users who struggle to reach orgasm saying it has massively helped them on their climactic journey. “I have the HARDEST time climaxing due to my antidepressants,” writes one customer. “Ollie changed that for me. It’s fun to use solo or with a partner.” Plus, this baby is waterproof—and “being able to fully submerge this in the bathtub,” writes another customer, “is some next level shit.” And, because Unbound Babes is anticipating our every need, the brand bundled Ollie together with its best-selling Jolt lube, which used organic extracts to add even more tingly, slip-‘n’-slide sensations to your spank sesh. “[It’s] powerful but not overwhelming,” explains Unbound Babes. “Strong but not sting-y. [And] it's water-based, so it's safe to use with toys or lube.”

Unbound Babes
Power Hungry Gift Set

$100.00$80 at Unbound Babes

This luxury wand vibrator from Sweden

No one is asking, but we would die on the cross for LELO—that’s how dreamy and next-level all of the sex toys are from the luxury Swedish wellness company. Just take a look at the Gonzo-nosed clitoral and G-spot vibrator known simply as the “Enigma” (oOoOohh) or its elegant, gilded rabbit vibrator, the Soraya Wave. You already know LELO’s wand vibrator is going to be just as luxurious with 10 vibrational settings, and an arched, sturdy handle for more ergonomic and controlled use. The site is holding its big spring sale right now, so smash that order button while it’s $40 off.  

Smart Wand 2
$192.58 at Amazon

$199.00$159.20 at LELO

This wand works with a G-spot attachment

Here’s proof that a wand vibrator can be a foundational toy for your sexual pyramid, because you can add various attachments to vibes such as this metallic, Lovehoney Delux Mini wand. Not only does it have a 4.7-star rating and over 700 reviews on the site praising its compact, powerful design and groovy chrome finish, but it’s compatible with attachments such as the Queen G-spot. “We've had our rechargeable mini wand for a couple of years,” writes one reviewer, “[and] it's become our old faithful. [This] simple attachment however makes it feel like an entirely new toy, it's small and compact so makes for a perfect travel companion for the mini wand.”

Deluxe Rechargeable Mini Metallic Massage Wand Vibrator

$49.99 at Lovehoney
Queen G G-Spot Mini Wand Attachment

$19.99 at Lovehoney

A wand and rabbit vibrator hybrid

There are so many sex toys out there that we’ve written a legit sex toy cheat sheet to understanding the differences between them all. And just when we thought we’d seen everything, a cool hybrid toy such as this Happy Rabbit pops up to entice us yet again. “[It] can be perfectly pin-pointed to the ideal spot,” writes one reviewer of the 4.7-star rated toy, “so that all the power gets to where [my wife] wants.” Basically, it’s the lovechild of a wand vibrator and rabbit vibrator—the latter named for its bunny-eared clitoral attachment—and takes the best from both sex toy worlds. Clever girl, as they say in Jurassic Park.    

Happy Rabbit
Rechargeable Wand Vibrator

$99.99 at Lovehoney

Now go work your magic with those wands.  

The Rec Room staff independently selected all of the stuff featured in this story.


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