The Coolest New Drops This Week, From Juicy Couture to Cold Picnic Rugs

This week, we’ve got coffee gifts for proud New Yorkers, streetwear slides made out of algae, Taos-inspired sunscreen, and more.

Apr 1 2022, 8:59pm

Hidey-ho, fellow hermits. It’s time to emerge from our WFH holes, beckoned by the promises of two-for-one spicy margs, sneaky links, and post-brunch flea market strolls where you’ll pick up an object, carry it around for 20 minutes, then put it back once the Sunday Scaries hit—but don’t worry—we’re here to steer you in the right direction, towards the sparkling array of the latest drops and launches that come to you (not the other way around! Pfffft!) in all of their trendy, artisinal glory. 


Last week’s drops gave us acid-green cookware from Our Place, shibori tie-dye denim, and astrology-themed shaving kits. This week’s drops came prepared to sweep you off your little lemon pepper steppers, courtesy of some gorgeous indoor and outdoor rugs by Cold Picnic and Society6. We’re also heating-up sexy waffle makers, wearing Hunter shoes made out of algae, and getting juiced on a collaboration between The New Yorker and La Colombe coffee. So, why not slip into something more comfortable, and get ready to start your weekend with the best drops of the week, because you deserve a little treat.   

Diptyque’s spring home decor

Le sigh. Leave it to the expert Parisian candlemakers at Diptyque to give us not only iconic aromas (please see: John Mayer’s video homage to the Feu de Bois candle), but some sexy spring decor. We’ll have to start hustling harder on Pantydeal this month to take home one of the 20—yes, there are only 20—Ancient Greece-inspired vases from their collaboration with the über-cool Atelier Polyhedre in Nantes, France, and this antique marble perfume diffuser, which is made out of one of the most coveted, gorgeous marbles in the world from France’s Pyrénnées mountains. 

Antique Marble Perfume Diffuser

$380 at Diptyque
Y Vase

$970 at Diptyque

Cold Picnic's new collection of dessert-inspired rugs

You just know someone is going to smell like fancy hand soap and have a great Uber rating if they own a Cold Picnic rug. The latest collection from the cult-fave brand is inspired by dessert (same) and includes abstract rugs that pay homage to matcha, mochi, chocolate, vanilla, taro milk tea, and more with its minimalist rugs. And don’t worry, these puppies are built to last—one of our editors repeatedly drops hers off at the laundromat for cleaning with the rest of her skunky clothes, and it’s never come out worse for wear. 

Cold Picnic
Taro Round Rug

$610 at Cold Picnic
Cold Picnic
Mochi Rug

$240 at Cold Picnic

Hunter’s shoes are made of algae

What comes after the cultural mushroom craze? The seaweed renaissance—the Algae Époque! Not only are kelp pickles captivating TikTok (one video alone received 7.1 million views), but now fashion brands such as Hunter have released sustainable footwear collections that are actually made out of material harvested from algae. “[The] Algae BLOOM collection [combines] the brand’s eco-conscious goals with an active, fashionable style fit for adventures ahead,” Hunter told VICE. “By using algae as opposed to other materials, the process saves water and reduces CO2 emissions. The result is a flexible, waterproof lower impact material which is lightweight and durable.” Plus, they’ll let you breathe underwater. (One day.) 

Bloom Marble Sandal

$70 at Hunter

La Colombe x The New Yorker's tasty coffee collab

La Colombe coffee company and The New Yorker have been crushing on each other for a minute now, because this will be their third, much-anticipated collaboration with the iconic magazine on a limited-edition blend. The box features an illustration by Vincent Mahé, and the beans hit the perfect medium-roast note of cocoa, candied walnuts, and nougat—perfect for the coffee-obsessed person in your life who uses words like “heretofore.” 

La Colombe x The New Yorker
Medium Roast

$16 at La Colombe

GANNI x Juicy Couture goes full Y2K

Hold onto your strawberry vapes, babes. Juicy Couture, the forever-king of Y2K fashion and genius behind Paris Hilton’s favorite tracksuit, has teamed up with the cool kids at GANNI, one of Euphoria’s go-to brands, on a capsule collection that’s perfect for our budding spring persona. Now we just need the perfect, crusty little dog.  

Juicy Couture x GANNI
Logo Cap

$135 at Ganni

Juicy Couture x GANNI
Straight-Leg Drawstring Sweatpants

$195 at Ganni
Juicy Couture x GANNI
Zip Hoodie

$225 at Ganni

Society6’s first outdoor rugs

Spring has sprung, which means it’s time to start finding deals on outdoor furniture and decor that will razzle dazzle your buds. Society6 is one of our favorite places to buy cool, expensive-looking wall art for cheap from hundreds of diverse, independent artists, and now it’s launched its very first collection of vibey outdoor rugs that are quick-drying, non-slip, and available in thousands of different designs. We’re especially into this green simoni rug right now because it screams, “I’m sexy, but I’m a little spooky, too.” 

Ojala Ojala
Simoni Outdoor Rug

$54.99 at Society6

A sunscreen that rivals Aesop formulas

Is it just us, or has every hot person and their pet bearded dragon experienced some kind of spiritual bender in Taos? Anyways. This skincare and wellness brand looked to the iconic desert town for both its namesake and aesthetic, and has blessed us with an SPF 30 sunscreen for summer, whose herbaceous formula rivals that of our favorite Aesop products. “AER” sunscreen is lightly scented with a blend of sage, cedarwood, bergamot, and vetiver essential oils that won’t clog your skin, but will have you smelling like someone’s favorite crush. Sometimes we forget we’re adults, and that it’s time to stop settling for the Banana Boat aromas of your childhood. 

AER SPF 30 Sunscreen

$38 at Taos

ON’s latest maximalist running shoes

Are your kneecaps made of glass and peanut brittle? Well, that’s the case for Rec Room editor Ian Burke, who swears by the latest running shoes from the Swiss running brand On in our March 2022 editor’s picks article. “A self-described ‘maximalist shoe,’” he says, “it has a massive sole with a bouncy, proprietary Speedboard that springs you into your next stride when you’re running.” 

On Running

$169.99 at On Running

Crux x Ghetto Gastro drops at Williams Sonoma

Williams Sonoma is hosting a collaboration between Crux and Ghetto Gastro that includes some truly beautiful, seasoned, blue-steel cookware; a double rotation waffle maker; powerful air fryer; and much, much more. The line was designed in partnership with the Bronx-based culinary collective, Ghetto Gastro, which has been serving as an inspiring culinary and social justice platform for a decade.  

TRNR Double Rotation Waffle Maker

$99.95 at Williams Sonoma
CRBON Carbon Steel Fry Pan

$69.95 at Williams Sonoma

TGIF! Save a spot for us at Chili’s later? 

The Rec Room staff independently selected all of the stuff featured in this story.

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