The Best Mini-Fridges to Make Your Room Feel Like a Five-Star Hotel

We will be requiring a skincare mini-fridge for our face masks, and another—that doubles as an amp!—for our string cheese and brewskis.

Aug 19 2021, 6:16pm

As with vanity skylights and smartphone PopSockets, you probably won’t die if you don’t own a bedroom mini-fridge… but will you really be living? 

Maybe you want the power of cracking open a frosty brewski from a hybrid fridge and Marshall amp, or to coddle your ‘spensi retinol products and sheet masks in Matterhorn temps that will make your pores dance a jig before they shrink. Or maybe you just want to break the fourth wall of those hyper-satisfying, ASMR-inducing restock videos that you find on TikTok at 3 AM:

The spectrum of mini-fridges on the market has broadened in recent years, from the dorm- and garage-sized mini-fridge—for your personal stash of Babybel cheese, White Claw, and Red Bull—to the bite-sized beauty fridges that have popped up on social media in shades of millennial pink. The general consensus on the latter? If you own a lot of skincare products that include retinol, vitamin C, and benzoyl peroxide formulas, their shelf-life could potentially be extended in le frigo. Ultimately, getting a mini-fridge is the skincare equivalent of getting a spoiler for your Camaro, and only then will you know the level of Guy Fieri sheet-mask enlightenment you need in the goal of transforming your home into a veritable Flavortown

Mini-fridges are just damn delightful, and the following models make us feel like eccentric MTV Cribs (THE DREAM) celebs.  Let’s indulge our luxuriating Taurus instincts—after all, ever since we were teens, the dream has been to lock eyes with our snacks and face creams from our bed. Now that we’ve got that big adult daddy money [licks Chuck E Cheese tokens] we’re making it happen, baby. 

No frills, just chills

You read the classics. You’re a straight shooter seeking a bb fridge that can hold up to eight cans of herbal spritzer, or else a smorgasbord of face creams and small butter sculptures that can be chilled down to about 35.6°F, or warmed up to approximately 140°F. Peep the handles on these frigos, too. 

8 Can Skincare Mini Fridge
Infinity Countertop Mini Fridge

Cosplaying as a 1950s homeowner…

… Because I will never be able to afford a Home Alone-level cul-de-sac house, nor a Full Adult Person-sized frigidaire. Which is cool. But sometimes, I wonder what it would’ve been like, and these retro-bent mini-fridges indulge that daydream with vintage-inspired hardware and a general “Shucks, Charlie” energy. The ADT model comes in our favorite shade of mid-century, mossy green, the (aptly named) Nostalgia fridge has its own Googie peek-a-boo window, and the Frigidaire has a bottle opener on the side so pops can crack a frosty while Fantasy Island plays. 

Retro Countertop Mini Fridge
Retro Bar Fridge with Side Bottle Opener
Retro Freestanding Mini Fridge with Freezer

“Hey, MTV! Welcome to my crib.”

This is where it’s at for me, personally. If I am mini-fridging, I am bringing you the full Calvin Harris discotheque with blue light features, a novelty can-within-a-can situation to get hyphy meta, and semi-transparent door fridge that David Blaine definitely owns. 

Mini Fridge Cooler
Corona 8-Can Mini Fridge
Portable Beauty Fridge and Warmer for Skincare

You’re an anthropomorphic fairy tale teapot

So, Smoko is also the maker of this Anglerfish book light, baby dumpling air purifier, and some disgustingly cute mini-fridges like the (soon to land) potato mini fridge. There aren’t as many novelty mini-fridges out there as you’d expect, which is disappointing. Thank heifer Cooluli pulls its personality weight in cow print.    

Pearl boba tea mini-fridge
Mini Fridge 6 Liter AC/DC Portable Beauty Fridge

It’s a mini-fridge and an amp

Our white whale fridge, for sure. This is not just a fridge, but a functioning Marshall amplifier. Link in bio for the Kickstarter to get it in our jam-band basement. 

Marshall Amp Freestanding Mini Fridge

HAGS, and stay cold out there

The Rec Room staff independently selected all of the stuff featured in this story. 


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