Busted! Justin Trudeau Caught Using a Fake Apple MacBook

A Liberal Party spokesperson confirmed to VICE World News the Canadian prime minister was using a fake Mac.

May 18 2021, 6:46pm

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau stands accused of yet another dastardly cover-up—this time, for using a proletariat PC laptop disguised as a bougie MacBook. 

Right now on the Liberal Party website for “Team Trudeau Training,” a hub that teaches supporters how to organize in their riding, there’s a photo of Trudeau sitting cheerfully in front of what appears to be a MacBook while in a video conference. Upon closer inspection, though, it’s clear the Apple logo is just a sticker, covering up a decidedly less cool Hewlett-Packard logo. The charging cable, also visible, is black, not white, and shaped differently than the standard square Apple charger.

The HP logo is conveniently but not perfectly covered by an Apple logo sticker. Photo via Team Trudeau Training Hub

Conservative pundits, journalists, and civilians were quick to call out the masquerade: “Why is Canada’s Prime Minister pretending his boring old HP laptop is a trendy MacBook?” tweeted Bryan Passifiume, a journalist for the right-wing media outlet the Toronto Sun

Several of Trudeau’s loyal haters also chimed in on Twitter, calling him “fake,” “embarrassing,” and a “con artist.”


“This should be no surprise that the Liberal team would stoop to such things to dupe Canadians,” one person said.

But seriously, why is Trudeau using a disguised laptop?

In an email to VICE World News, Liberal Party spokesperson Braeden Caley said the phoney MacBook does not, in fact, belong to Trudeau. “It’s a volunteer laptop that Justin Trudeau borrowed for a moment in the volunteer hub...when he dropped by to thank volunteers virtually,” Caley said on Tuesday.

VICE World News followed up and asked what type of computer Trudeau typically uses, but Caley did not respond by the time of publication. 

An in-depth investigation performed by VICE World News in the last five minutes shows Trudeau does have a relationship with Apple products. 

A photo on his official Facebook page shows Trudeau interacting with a desktop Mac in his office. 

Exhibit A: Justin Trudeau using a Mac desktop at work. Photo via Justin Trudeau/Facebook

Further evidence suggests Trudeau may even have trouble working with non-Apple products as a Canadian Press image from 2017 shows him clearly flummoxed by a non-Tim Cook approved product. 

Exhibit B: Justin Trudeau looks over a non-Apple laptop aboard HMCS Ottawa as he meets with members of the Canadian Forces in Esquimalt, B.C., in March 2017. Photo by The Canadian Press/Chad Hipolito

VICE World News rests its case. 

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