What VICE Readers Bought This Month: Deodorant, Undies, and Ultra-Thin Condoms

August was all about comfort, with bestsellers that showed you want good posture, road trips, natural deo, and smart sexual accessorizing.

Sep 2 2021, 3:15pm

Ah, August has come to a close—which can only mean one thing: The sweet, cinnamony smell of fall is just around the corner. Summer's a wrap, and as we tie the bow on our old pal August, it's time to make a Hoobastank-"The Reason"-soundtracked montage looking back at all the stuff that VICE readers, like yourself, bought this past month from Rec Room's neverending plethora of recommendations. 


Over the past four weeks, we explored everything from the best coffee grinders and best men's deodorant to how to correct your posture to in-depth reviews of Theragun massagers, a "smart" vibrator that charts your orgasms, and those TikTok cowboy boot stripper heels. We explained Frasurbane, the Frasier-inspired home decor trend, and helped you figure out how to make your tiny apartment or dorm room a sexy adult abode without spending a zillion dollars. And if you've got a friend's birthday coming up, don't miss our rundown of the best gifts for Virgos.

Anyway, we'll stop tooting our own huge, powerful airhorn now. This is about you and what youuuuuuuuu liked. To name a few things: compression tops, cock rings, and aluminum-free deodorant that smells like Michelangelo’s statue of David's abs; kitschy motels, KN95 masks, and barely-there condoms that won't break.

Here are the bestsellers that VICE readers were most stoked on in August 2021. 

The super-thin condoms that make safe banging sexy again

Condoms: gotta use 'em (especially with new partners that you picked up in the Union Pool backyard during Hot Vaxxed Summer), but don't always love 'em. Okamoto's 004 condoms—featured in our list of the best condoms—are a cult fave with sensational reviews, with users saying, "​I’ve tried every type of 'thin' or 'ultra sensitive' American condom, and none have performed as well as these," and gushing (literally? sorry) that they "[feel] the closest to nothing at all"

Okamoto 004 condoms, 24 count

A stay at the wildest motel in upstate New York

When we counted down the most unique places you can stay upstate, we had to include The Roxbury, a super zany motel with themed rooms ranging from a spaceship to an archaeological dig to a… coconut cream pie? A bunch of you booked nights and weekends there, and those of us who aren't just a drive away are very jealous. Also, it's crazy-beautiful in that part of the state in the fall, so it's not too late to plan a trip now. 

The Roxbury Motel, starting at $140/night at TripAdvisor

The face masks that'll help us get through Delta

Pretty big bummer that Delta cases are so damn superspready, but they’re real, and they’re prevalent. Not a great situation. So we're keeping a supply of KN95 masks on hand for the times where we wanna be the most protected because we're the most surrounded by people—traveling, at the 311 concert, at the orgy; you know how it is. These ones are 1) black, so chic and 2) on sale. Grabbing a couple of boxes is a no-brainer. 

Black KN95 Respirator Face Mask 10-Pack

Just a really good natural deodorant

Bravo Sierra was named the best deodorant of 2020 by Esquire, and for good reason; it's aluminum-free, truly blocks stink, goes on clear, is gentle on skin, comes in a variety of appealing, non-powdery scents, like Citrus & Cedarwood and Sandalwood & Fig. Truly the best gateway deo for the natural-deo-curious—which is how it made it onto our list of the best deodorants for men.


Boxer briefs that are super-comfy and flatter your junk

We asked a bunch of dudes, online and IRL, what the best men's underwear is, and these boxer briefs came up again and again for their way-soft fabric, awesome fit on a variety of bods, and package-enhancing shape. 

Boxer Brief

A masturbator that warms things up

We all love a good sex toy that feels like getting head, and the Blowmotion Power Heat is unique in that it not only wraps your dick in a gentle vibrating silicone canal, but also warms up to about 107 degrees Fahrenheit—similar to the temperature of, uh, a mouth. Just add lube. 

Blowmotion Power Heat Warming Rechargeable Vibrating Male Masturbator

An adjustable cock ring with rabbit flair

What do we love? Clitoral stimulation! When do we want it? Now! This awesome adjustable cock ring is universally beloved because it's snug, but has stretch; is easy to customize for your girth, buddy; and features fluttering bunny ears to massage your partner's clit—or, wear it upside down to tease some testicles (yours or your lover's). It does it all. Five stars! 

Adjustable Silicone Penis Ring with Bunny Ears

Some swanky incense for setting the mood

Our staff writer Mary Frances Knapp loves Shoyeido's River Path incense and included it in her editor’s picks for July, which is, sure, not as cheap as the sticks of dubiously named stuff you can get at a head shop—but it’s well worth it. Each of the box’s 10 coils burn for about two and a half hours each, so you’re still getting plenty of time with this gorgeous, aromatic scent.

River Path Incense, Set of 10 Coils

The perfect workout or swim top for nonbinary peeps

"Compression" and "comfort" aren't always synonymous—but this active top proves that these qualities can coexist, and look hella good doing so. Writer Mel Compo created an awesome guide to shopping for swimsuits as a non-binary person, and this line got top marks. With its gender-neutral cut and strong seams, it doubles as the perfect top for exercising or hiking in warm fall weather. 

Active Top for Swim and Exercise Safe Compression

A posture corrector? Cool, guys.

OK, there's nothing dorky about gOoD pOsTuRe. But we're a little surprised that our guide to products that can help you achieve it was such a hit. Well, maybe it's not that surprising—quarantine had many of us slouching around on our decrepit IKEA sofas until we realized that we needed to self-intervene before our spines turned into question marks. This corrector is cheap, works great, and promises you can "SAY HELLO TO A PAIN-FREE LIFE."

Posture Corrector-Back Brace

See you in spooky season.


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