The Best Matching Sweatsuits to Up Your Lounging Game

Lounge like a sloth, feel like a boss. These tracksuits, sweatsuits, and matching loungewear staples are our favorite ways to kick back and vibe out.

Mar 3 2022, 7:00pm

Winter is nearly over, y'all, but it's still very much [bangs giant gong] COZY TIME! We're soaking up the last month or so of chilly weather by reveling near a crackling fireplace full of our ex's journals; sipping on hot chocolate, hot toddies, hot buttered rum, and all other manners of hot things; and bundling up in some fly patterned socks so thick you can barely get your shoes on. We're talking stacks of beanies on our heads, heated blankets cranking on our thighs, and if you're feeling ready to be a true boss, hitting the grocery store and pre-spring functions in a serious sweatsuit. But we're not just talking about any shoddy old mix-and-match free hoodies from the company picnic and stolen pajama bottoms from your sister's house! Nope, we're going for matching sweatsuits—and only the best matching sweatsuits. Perfect elasticated cuffs; fleece linings; bold dye jobs. These sweatsuits reign supreme, whether we're filling our lavender-scented closets with affordable cashmere sets for women, retro sporty Champion sets for men, and the vast ocean of sweats that work for any and all genders (which should be all sweatsuits, depending on what fit you're vibing). 


The best matching sweatsuits make you feel like you have a regular order at the local deli ("heyyy, good to see ya—the usual?"), have a trusty, scruffy, dog that follows you everywhere, and are ready to recline on a sheepskin rug in front of a toasty hearth. The thing about tracksuits is that they’re not just for New Jersey residents (although, shoutout to Jersey for bringing the flavor hard). They’re for athletic atheists, fine-tuned travelers, and marinara mammis all over the world; they’re for aspiring mobsters and rock lobsters; and most importantly of all, they’re for the people. Whether you’re looking for a classic pair of thick-knit sweatpants, a terry-cloth Juicy Couture throwback set, or a matching sweatsuit set that says “I’m not leaving the house this winter,” there’s perhaps no other visual shorthand for effortless cool than the best matching sweats.

Without further ado, we’ve put together this short list of some of our favorite tracksuits, sweatsuits, and two-piece loungewear staples for you to don during the last cold-weather month. Choose your fighter.

The one, the only, the iconic

Champion reigns supreme when it comes to sweats, and for good reason; the legacy brand's cozy cuts and thick, comfy fleece have become so essential, they're both ubiquitous and have crossed over into streetwear territory. Best of all, they're affordable and fit pretty much everybody; the Powerblend Retro Joggers are sized from XS to 4XL and have that perfect cuffing at the ankle. 

Men's Powerblend Sweats Retro Jogger Pants

$40.00$23.09 at Amazon
Men's Powerblend Fleece Crew Sweatshirt

$40.00$22.71 at Amazon
Women's Relaxed Fleece Sweatpants

$50 at Macy's

Still on top since the mid 00s

Los Angeles Apparel (formerly known as American Apparel, back in the era of peak LCD Soundsystem) is known for its sweats, which are super-warm and come in a wide rainbow of colors. Peep the stellar reviews and you'll know you need to look no further for a set that'll make you look like a celeb at the airport. 

We love the Flex Fleece set for a hot aerobics instructor energy: 

Los Angeles Apparel
Flex Fleece Half Zip Cropped Pullover

$64 at Los Angeles Apparel
Los Angeles Apparel
Flex Fleece High Waist Sweatpant

$64 at Los Angeles Apparel

Or the Pigment Dye Heavy Fleece line for more a Kanye West postmodern ascetic look:

Los Angeles Apparel
Pigment Dye Heavy Fleece Hooded Sweatshirt

$76 at Los Angeles Apparel
Los Angeles Apparel
Pigment Dye Heavy Fleece Sweatpant

$76 at Los Angeles Apparel

Dude, where’s my ski lift?

Tombolo makes resortwear that really speaks to us, from linguine-emblazoned cabana shirts to zip-up terry post-swim sets. With its bold colorblocking and sweet details, the Tombolo Après Ski collection sends us to Vail, c. 1979, in the best way possible. 

Après Ski Cabana Jacket

$136 at Tombolo
Après Ski Cabana Pant

$108 at Tombolo
Après Ski Scarf

$75 at Tombolo

The modern minimalist

Tie-dye is the new black (duh), and while Richer Poorer's recycled fleece sweats come in plenty of colors for every type of cozy freakazoid, the "storm washes" are for sure our faves. Added bonuses: pockets, of course, and the fact that each set of sweatpants saves a whopping 40 plastic bottles from ending up in a landfill.

Richer Poorer
Women's Recycled Fleece Sweatshirt

$76 at Richer Poorer
Richer Poorer
Women's Recycled Fleece Classic Sweatpant

$76 at Richer Poorer

If it's good enough for Kim…

Hate on the Kardashian/Jenner tribe all ya want, but be aware that SKIMS—Kim's brand of loungewear and undies—really does rock. We don't make the rules; we just enjoy the cozy knits, which include this ultra-soft, super highly rated pullover/jogger set.

Cozy Knit Pullover

$72 at Skims
Cozy Knit Jogger

$157 at Skims

You still have your Razr

Wanna throw it back to the days of Von Dutch hats and T-Mobile Sidekicks? OK, so not everything from the early aughts has aged well—but, perhaps surprisingly, Juicy Couture sweatsuits have. They're as ultra-comfy and weirdly kinda sexy as ever, which is why they're once again a coveted commodity.

Juicy Couture
Embellished Velour Zip-Up Hoodie Track Jacket

$119 at Neiman Marcus
Juicy Couture
Embellished Velour Track Pant

$99 at Neiman Marcus

The best affordable cashmere sweats

Mmm. You gotta give it to goats, because cashmere is just *chef’s kiss* when it’s wrapped around your noodle body in the form of a tracksuit. This matching sweatsuit set is the best way to ensure that you stay toasty for the rest of our cold-weather hermitage. You, in this, sitting on the couch, glass of wine in hand, The Great British Bake Off on the television… What else do you need?

The Coziest Cashmere Blend Hoodie

$125 at Summersalt
The Coziest Cashmere Blend Jogger

$85 at Summersalt

Jester off-the-clock

The New Balance x Staud collaboration never loses steam, and tends to sell out quickly—but just in time for spring, this perfect colorblocked set is back in stock, and those sweatpants are one of our editor faves.

New Balance x Staud
New Balance x STAUD Colorblock Sweatshirt

$120 at Nordstrom
New Balance x Staud
New Balance x Staud Colorblock Sweatpants

$110 at Saks Fifth Avenue

This slightly baggy boi

Now this, we love. The extra room on this ASOS oversized half-zip tracksuit is the perfect ‘fit for melting into the couch or strolling into the bodega this winter. With an elasticated drawstring waist and ribbed trim, this tracksuit is comfy, sleek, and great for post-holiday feast vegetating.

Tracksuit Oversized Half Zip Track Top and Tapered Sweatpants

$65.00$39 at ASOS

The timeless classic

Is there any company more closely associated with The Tracksuit Life than Adidas? The brand with the three stripes has been slinging suits since you were a mere troubling thought in your parents’ minds. This tracksuit combo is perfect for lounging around the house, warming up before the annual charity triathlon, or popping by your local deli for some light extortion conversation.

Men's Essentials Warm-Up 3-Stripes Track Top

$30.68 at Amazon
Men's Essentials Warm-Up Slim Tapered 3-Stripes Tracksuit Bottoms

$24.98 at Amazon

You should have been an old-timey mobster

Or perhaps a reverse-Yankee? At any rate, the only thing cooler than a regular tracksuit is a pinstripe tracksuit. And, as always, ASOS delivers. These sweats feature side pockets, a back pocket, and a standard cut around the thigh with a narrow shape through the leg for a tapered look. 

Two-Piece Smart Tapered Sweatpants in Stripe

$36.00$27 at ASOS

Keep it cozy, Velveeta sweeties. 

The Rec Room staff independently selected all of the stuff featured in this story.



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