It's 4/20, So Support CBD Brands That Fight to End Cannabis Incarceration

From tinctures to gumdrops, these are the CBD brands giving their proceeds to groups fighting for social justice and equity in the cannabis industry.

A week of celebrating weed, ganja, jazz cabbage, cannabis, or whatever you wanna call it.

We’ve been fans of CBD for a few years now, indulging in everything from artisanal gummies to tinctures that taste like butter and help us unwind after work, ease our anxiety, and soothe our post-workout muscles. (Hell, there's even CBD-infused pajamas these days.) But with the industry continuing to grow and 4/20 approaching, it's important to remember that while we may now see CBD products for sale virtually everywhere, millions of people in the US—and disproportionately people of color—have served time for cannabis-related possession charges in the US. According to the ACLU, 8.2 million people arrests were made on cannabis charges between 2001 and 2010, and as of 2020, current estimates were that some 40,000 people remained incarcerated on cannabis-related offenses. The ACLU's analysis of available data also found that while white people and Black people use cannabis at similar rates, Black people are nearly four times more likely to be arrested for using or possessing cannabis. So as CBD brands continue to blossom under the larger umbrella of the cannabis industry, it’s important to support the ones that are Black-owned, as well as companies whose profits directly benefit organizations fighting for racial equity and against cannabis-related incarceration, which disproportionately affects people of color.


If you’re still foggy on the differences between the effects of hemp-derived CBD and cannabis-derived THC (the psychoactive compound in weed), hold my bong, and think of CBD as THC’s far mellower, distant cousin. Both are derived from the same plant, cannabis sativa, but hemp is derived from the male plants, which contain no THC, whereas "weed" is sourced from the flower of female plants. Unlike THC, CBD doesn’t get you truly "high" in the way that smoking or eating weed does—but, while you won’t feel like a headlight on a northbound train, many people find that at certain concentrations, the compound still helps them feel majorly chilled out. 

Across the board, from pre-rolled joints to lubes and beyond, the CBD industry is booming and bloomin’ so well that it’s projected to hit $23 billion in sales by 2025—yet only a marginal number of Black-owned CBD businesses and brands exist within the market. The good news is that not only are there amazing POC-owned brands to support, as well as CBD companies that aim to give back to those unfairly incarcerated or recently released for cannabis-related charges. So, whether you’re looking to dip your toes in CBD for the first time or you’re a seasoned CBD consumer hungry for some new CBD bon bons (same), consider smashing that order button and buying your CBD from the following brands that are directly supporting the fight for a more equitable industry.

Her Highness

“It's high time to address [the] racist mass incarceration that underpins our country and cannabis use,” explains the NYC-based CBD and THC brand Her Highness about its joint (badum-tss) initiative with the Last Prisoner Project, an organization made up of a team of cannabis industry leaders; criminal and social justice advocates; policy and education experts; and leaders in social justice and drug policy reform who focus on advocating for prisoner release, record clearing through clean slate initiatives, and reentry programs. Together with Her Highness, the Last Prisoner Project has released a single pre-rolled joint and lighter bundle that tells the stories of Evelyn, Stephanie, and Natalia—three women who have each been incarcerated for minor cannabis charges. With each purchase, 50% of the proceeds go to them and other women incarcerated for similar low-level cannabis offenses. 

Her Highness
Last Prisoner Project Single Pre-Roll + Lighter

$15 at Her Highness

House of Wise

House of Wise is a woman-owned, luxury CBD business focusing on “sleep, sex, stress, strength, and wealth” with products ranging from a CBD sleep tincture to organic CBD lubes and more. We dig the company for its wavy packaging and high-quality treats, but love it for its refreshing approach to profit redistribution. The latest Justice For All CBD Gummy Sampler Box gives 100% of its proceeds to the Last Prisoner Project Family Support Fund, and more specifically, to medical cannabis patients Sean and Eboni Worsley. In August 2016, the Black couple were traveling through Alabama on the way to visit family when they were arrested with medical cannabis and charged with a Class C felony—despite having a mere 10 grams on hand. It’s partially thanks to the Last Prisoner Project that they’re finally able to start receiving the mental health treatment that they—and their 15-year-old daughter, Yasmyn—deserve. Plus, not only do all of the proceeds from this gummy sampler box go to Worsleys, but the box’s graphics were also designed by multimedia artist and cannabis industry activist Emily Eizen.

House of Wise
Limited-Edition Justice For All Gummy Sampler Box

$75 at House of Wise


Over in the beauty and wellness aisle, Blunt skincare has been pampering our pores with CBD serums and oils for every budget, from the brand’s indulgent duo morning and night bundle to its free, trial-sized bottle of their hydrating face oil. Blunt also has a landing page that walks customers through the history and importance of understanding the inequities within the industry, and a portion of its profits are always equally donated to the ACLU and Bail Out programs.  

Hydrate +Balance CBD Set

$120.00$96 at Blunt
Isolate Pure CBD Balancing Face Oil

$70 at Blunt


Mello is a testament to its namesake, offering a sleek assortment of CBD sexual wellness suppositories, drink packets, tinctures, and more (please see: these sumptuous sea salted CBD caramels) to help folks feel more balanced and calm in their everyday lives. “CBD dominant products have an equally important place within the conversation about [utilizing] all the health benefits of the cannabis plant,” says the brand’s founder, Boronia Fallshaw, “And [are] an excellent supplement to relieve pain, reduce anxiety, lift mood and remedy insomnia.” They also give 5% of all sales to the Last Prisoner Project.  

Sea Salted CBD Caramels

$50 at Mello
Mello Bottoms CBD Suppositories

$60 at Mello


OFFFIELD is the first company of its kind to focus on making a CBD beverage—and now, gummies—that can be enjoyed before your workouts, so that you can feel loose as a goose and ready to climb every mountain, or whatever your physical activity of choice may be. Just mix the brand’s little powdered packets, which include a blend of ingredients such as vitamin B12, magnesium, zinc, and potassium, better known collectively as "electrolytes"; 20 milligrams of CBD; and 400 milligrams of cannabigerol, or CBG, and L-theanine, which is “an amino acid best known as the stuff in tea that gives you that cozy and chill feeling when you're halfway through a cuppa,” as Hilary Pollack explains in her VICE review of the beverage. OFFIELD has been vocal about its support legislation to decriminalize cannabis, and dedicates a portion of its revenue to organizations such as The Last Prisoner Project. 

Enhanced Hydration CBD/CBG Beverage, 12 servings

$39.99 at OFFFIELD
Athletic Elderberry Gummies


Roll on, bud—and happy Weed Week

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