Grab the Viral Always Pan and More on Sale at Our Place's Spring Event

Impress all your frenemies by upstaging them with 20% off the Always Pan and other rainbow-hued cookware from Our Place.

Stupid-hot deals on all of our favorite stuff.

If you’ve been searching for a new hobby, a way to make friends jealous, or an excuse to post on Instagram, then the timing of Our Place’s Annual Spring Super Sale is beshert (that’s Yiddish for “meant to be”). Not only will your Emily Mariko-style salmon look sick AF in an acid-green frying pan, but you’ll also be able to throw out every gross, mismatched piece of cookware you’ve had since living in a dorm (ew). Everything on the site is 20% off, including the viral Always Pan, which RARELY goes on sale, so you’ll need to act fast. 


As a selfish person, I’m constantly thinking of myself first, but then a moment passes, my giant head deflates, and I consider the fact that both Mother’s and Father’s Days are fast approaching. If you're already stocked up on sauté pans, perhaps the brand's colorful knives or popular Perfect Pot are more your speed. What do all dads, including Mark Zuckerberg, love? Slow-cooked meats. And, how do you make juicy, tender, fall-off-the-bone deliciousness? In a stunning, powder-coated Dutch oven, of course—preferably one that's less than half the price of a comparable Le Creuset model. This is also Our Place’s biggest sale of the season, folks, which means it’s the perfect opportunity for a total kitchen makeover before summer hits and you’re dazzling hordes of people with crispy fried chicken and veg that’s roasted to perfection. Here are our top picks from the sale, including, of course, the Always Pan.

The big daddy

It can sear, it can steam, it can file your taxes (probably). The 5.5-quart Perfect Pot, which is currently $40 off, transitions smoothly from any cooking surface (even induction!) into the oven, so you can cook basically anything with it. (Read our full review of the Perfect Pot here, and prepare to be hungry for crispy salmon skin and chicken lettuce wraps.) There’s also an easy pour spout that lines up perfectly with the built-in strainer, which means no more boiling water burns all over your forearms. Yay! (Also, we love it in the brand’s new Acid Green colorway…)

Our Place
Perfect Pot

$165.00$125 at Our Place

The crowd pleaser

You know it, you love it, you’ve probably agonized over which color to pick, and you’ve had it withering away in your shopping cart for weeks. Well, the time to finally pull the trigger is now. The mega-viral Always Pan took the internet by storm when it was first released and sold out almost immediately (and many times since, in its variety of chic colors)—and for good reason. The nontoxic, nonstick ceramic coating is so slippery you practically don’t even need oil to cook. Plus, the lid is specially designed to lock in steam when you need it, and let it out when you don’t. No wonder it's got so many diehard fans—and you can save $30 on it during this sale. 

Our Place
The Always Pan

$145 at Our Place

Slice and dice

Ask ANY chef and they’ll say that one of the most important things you need to be successful in the kitchen is a high-quality chef’s knife. Sure it’s fun to have a paring knife, a mandolin, a stainless steel peeler, and every other gadget imaginable, but if you’re on a budget and want to look like a pro, the Everyday Chef’s Knife is absolutely the move. With a premium steel blade, a tk, and a choice of six colors to match your cookware, you’ll be slicing and dicing your way to dozens of compliments and even more “mmmmms.”

Our Place
Everyday Chef’s Knife

$70.00$56 at Our Place
Our Place
Precise Paring Knife

$40.00$32 at Our Place

Fly that flag, baby!

OK, first of all, cute! These gorgeous hand-painted mugs designed by queer Japanese-Mexican ceramic artist, Viviana Matsuda, will brighten any breakfast table. They come in a set of two, which makes them a perfect gift for you and a friend/SO, and 20% of proceeds from your purchase will go towards the Los Angeles LGBT Center’s Pride Pantry. Grab 'em—or a set of the brand’s gorgeously retro drinking glasses—for 20% off.

Our Place
Full of Pride Mugs

$50.00$40 at Our Place
Our Place
Drinking Glasses (Set of 4)

$50.00$40 at Our Place

So hot in hurrr

Picture this, a packed stroll through Chinatown: piles of long beans line the streets, steam erupts from manholes, and new smells enter your nostrils as doors open and close. Now open your eyes—you’re in the kitchen, in front of a gorgeous spruce steamer that nestles perfectly into your new Lavender Always pan. You open the lid and see perfectly crisp-tender veggies, *cough cough* well, more likely frozen dumplings that are now piping hot and juicy. Life is good. 

Our Place
Spruce Steamer

$30.00$24 at Our Place

Ready, set, fire and add to cart ASAP! 

The Rec Room staff independently selected all of the stuff featured in this story.


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