Dad Grass Has Dropped a George Harrison Collection and Lord, It's Sweet

All Things Must Grass is the new collab between our fave smokable CBD brand and the late (and best) Beatle's estate.

Apr 12 2022, 9:31pm

Who's your favorite Beatle? Right answers only, meaning it's gotta be George Harrison, duh. In addition to being way cooler than Paul, less problematic than John, and… well… it's actually pretty cool that Ringo narrated Thomas the Tank Engine in the 80s… it’s still gotta be George. I mean, have you ever heard a little tune called “Here Comes the Sun” or “Something”??? And that's not even to get into his incredible solo material; “My Sweet Lord” slaaaaps to this day. 


So we're tickled this fine Tuesday to feast our eyes and lungs on a new collaboration between the legend's legacy and Dad Grass, the vibey CBD brand we love to love, from its mellow CBD joints to its full-spectrum tinctures. Available today, the collection is called All Things Must Grass in honor of Harrison's iconic 1970 album All Things Must Pass, and includes all of the federally legal pre-rolled CBD + CBG joints, paraphernalia, and merch we've come to love from the brand. 

All of the artwork and packaging for the collection is inspired by the album art, and designed and formulated to be the "sort of light-hearted and laid-back cannabis products we think he would have enjoyed back in the day," the Dad Grass team says. The special blend joint five-pack is a thoughtful mix of organic CBD and CBG hemp flower specially created for a "peaceful balance of the two most enlightening cannabinoids, CBD for physical harmony and CBG for mental clarity, serves as an ode to George’s mystic blend of cultures, styles and times."

Dad Grass
Special Blend George Harrison Dad Grass Five Pack

$40 at Dad Grass

Co-founders Ben Starmer and Joshua Katz told VICE, “We designed the Special Blend 5-Pack packs as a tribute to George and the diverse elements of his life’s journey. The black Pantone you see throughout the collection is drawn straight from the All Things Must Pass cover. A replica of his signature is in silver foil on the front (Dream! Come! True!). And throughout the rest of the packaging, we included other subtle nods like song lyrics and titles, imagery of Friar Park and the gnomes from the album cover."

Our top picks from the collection? Well, in addition to the joint pack (since we cannot get enough of the mellow, mood-lifting effects of Dad Grass's CBD joints), we love the "Grashtray" (which already sold out, but will hopefully restock soon), the "Dad Stash" that conceals your smokable herb as a double cassette, and, of course, we're suckers for a good bumper sticker.

Dad Grass
Dad Grass x George Harrison Signature All Things Must Grashtray

$15 at Dad Grass
Dad Grass
Dad Grass x George Harrison All Things Must Grass Dad Stash

$42 at Dad Grass
Dad Grass
Dad Grass x George Harrison All Things Must Grass Bumper Sticker

$5 at Dad Grass

If you're a weed lightweight who has never smoked high-CBD hemp before, the best part of all is that you have nothing to fear when it comes to paranoia or existential crises. “We tend to shy away from the high test blow-your-mind weed that kids are into today,” Starmer said. “For this project, we set out to create a mellower kind of joint, something that blended together the type of high quality, low potency, and all-natural flower that was around when George was ‘having a laugh’ back in the early 70s. Just a classic smoke for a classic bloke." 

Because it's super low-THC (less than 0.3%), these joints ship legally all throughout the US via USPS. There's a time and a place to have your mind blown by nuclear ganja, but these days, we're more feeling a curtains-fluttering-in-the-breeze high with Abbey Road on the turntable—think "chilled out," "euphoric," and "pleasant-but-manageable." Consider us dads. Time to toke up and finally binge that doc.

Check out the full All Things Must Grass collaboration between Dad Grass and George Harrison on Dad Grass' site.  

The Rec Room staff independently selected all of the stuff featured in this story.


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