The Best Edible Lubes for a Gourmet Oral Experience

What’s the best part of enjoying your favorite meal? Slathering it in extra delicious sauce.

Oral sex is an art form. However, despite being a beautiful, age-old tradition that has been practiced since the dawn of time (probably), I’m here to let you in on a little secret: It can get even better. If you’re thinking, “HOW?!” good for you [wink], but let’s think about your partner. It’s fair to say that all sex is better when your co-star is thoroughly enjoying themselves. When your partner(s) are super into you and passionately perform an act of love, it’s even more of a turn-on—and that’s where flavored lube comes into play. 

There are a few things to keep in mind when using any type of lube. First off, there are different kinds of lube that lend better to certain acts, toys, and situations. Rec Room sexual wellness expert Mary Frances “Francky” Knapp offers a perfect explainer on the four main lube categories: water-based, oil-based, silicone-based, and hybrid. “Water-based lubes are usually compatible with silicone, latex, and pretty much everything, but you always want to check the directions on your sex toys to make sure,” she writes. “Silicone lasts longer and feels best, IMO, but risks deteriorating your vibrators—as do oil-based lubes.” Another thing to keep in mind is using any products with ingredients you or your partner may have allergies to, or with added fragrances and dyes, which can be irritating for sensitive peeps. Sugars—and even things as seemingly harmless as petroleum jelly—can seriously mess with your body’s pH and cause bacteria to flourish, so it’s best to avoid any products containing these ingredients during vaginal or anal sex. 

No matter your level of enthusiasm for going south of the border, a little extra flavor (and wetness) is never a bad thing. Whether you're a pro at “feasting on pu**y like it’s a dang milkshake” or you’re trying to be more gung-ho about giving head, there’s no better place to start than with a lubricant that makes your mouth water and adds an exciting new element. These are all of the top-rated, best-tasting flavored lubes we recommend. 

Pure for Men

The lube that started it all, for me personally at least. I received this coconut-oil-based lubricant and was surprised to find how allured I was by its coconut-vanilla flavor. More out of curiosity than sexual necessity, I had to taste it, and it’s shockingly yummy. If you’re already a fan of using coconut oil in the kitchen, or as a moisturizer, you will love this. It also soaks into skin nicely, and doesn’t leave any icky residue. It uses stevia as a sweetener, so it’s OK to use internally, but we always recommend starting small with a patch test in a not-so-sensitive area. 

Pure for Men
Coconut-Based Lube

$11.99 at Pure for Men

Aloe Cadabra

This aloe-based gel comes in multiple flavors and is great for maintaining vaginal moisture as well as getting things slippery. With a 4.5-star average rating from over 27,000 reviews on Amazon, there are a lot of enthusiastic fans claiming their lives changed for the better once discovering the brand. One satisfied reviewer claims it’s, “the only lubricant that hasn't given me a yeast infection!!!!”, which is worth raving about, in my book. Others are blown away by the immaculate flavors. “[The piña colada] tastes so good,” another ecstatic reviewer writes. “I thought I was eating something [delicious] in the middle of sex.”

Aloe Cadabra
Personal Lubricant & Moisturizer

$11.29 at Amazon


This brand is another crowd-pleaser. Its Swirl line is an array of fruity flavors that are free from all common irritants and sugars, and are not too overpowering or artificial-tasting. One reviewer remarks that the tangerine-peach flavor “seriously tastes like peach candy…you won’t want to leave any of it on your honey,” while another five-star commenter writes that it’s a “great fruity sauce for enhancing the taste of hotdogs… absolutely delicious, and not sticky or tacky.” But how well does it perform? “My hubby was squealing in ecstasy while getting pegged,” they continue. Sliquid also offers a fun variety pack, so you can have a little tasting party. 

Tangerine Peach Flavored Lubricant

$16.99 at Lovehoney
Lip Lickers Flavored Lube Pack

$14 at Babeland

System Jo

If you're more of a chocolate cake, tiramisu, or crème brûlée lover, of course there’s a delectable option for you. Edible lube connoisseurs sing the praises of System Jo’s water-based lubes for being so dang scrumptious. A fan of the salted caramel flavor spoke to its versatility, writing, “I've used it for partner play… I've used it as an ice cream topping, and I've baked it into brownies. The taste of this is so good.” Sold. 

System JO
Gelato Salted Caramel Flavored Lubricant

$6.99 at Lovehoney
System JO
Tri-Me Triple Packs

$18.99 at Babeland

We hope you’re hungry. 

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