How QAnon Fuelled the Invasion of Capitol Hill

On this week’s CYBER we talk QAnon and its connection to an American coup.

Jan 8 2021, 1:15pm

As President Trump exits office in a hail of baseless allegations about a fraudulent election, the time has come for CYBER to discuss one of the most influential political movements of the last decade. In fact, it might even be the reason a mixed mob of thousands (including neo-Nazis) invaded Capitol Hill and took over Congress. 


The sinister and infamous QAnon conspiracy, led by the shadowy ‘Q’ figure who is (for the record) a completely fake “government” employee whistleblowing for President Trump against the “Deep State” is of late, an unstoppable cultural force.

The verifiably absurd online conspiracy theory has ruined lives and families, seduced millions, and even helped propel newly minted members of Congress into positions of power in Washington D.C. Ultimately, the movement is a destructive force born out of the political moment and a social climate of mistrust with public institutions and cannot be ignored. 

Marc-André Argentino, a PhD candidate at Concordia University who studies QAnon and someone who has become a leading voice on the extremist political movement providing much needed insights into a frightening world of internet forums and YouTube videos, is on the show to talk Q.


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