Daily Horoscope: June 11, 2022

The moon is in Scorpio today, and Venus meets Uranus.

Sweet Venus meets wildcard Uranus in Taurus at 6:58 PM, which may find us having unexpected cravings, feeling eager to experiment, and ready for change! We could find that our values and preferences are undergoing an evolution at this time. The moon in Scorpio opposes Uranus at 9:95 PM and Venus at 9:16 PM, perhaps bringing surprises or finding us feeling especially indulgent!

All times ET.

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Venus and Uranus meet in earth sign Taurus today, activating the financial sector of your chart. An unexpected gift may arrive, or you could be developing a new approach to managing your money.


It’s an exciting day as your ruling planet Venus meets with electric Uranus in Taurus! You may be surprising the people in your life with surprising news. You could feel eager to experiment with new fashion at this time.


Freedom and flexibility are significant themes at this time as Venus meets Uranus in Taurus. Your imagination is especially creative right now, so take a break from your everyday routine to make or enjoy art!


Excitement in your social life arrives as Venus meets Uranus in Taurus. You could be connecting with unexpected and inspiring people at this time! The moon in Scorpio also inspires romance and creativity.


Exciting shifts may be taking place in your career as Venus meets Uranus in Taurus! The moon is also in Scorpio, illuminating the home and family sector of your chart. Finding a happy work-life balance could be an important theme at this time.


You may be in the mood for a change in scenery as Venus meets Uranus in Taurus! You’re likely in the mood for adventure at this time, and unexpected opportunities could be coming your way. The moon in Scorpio encourages communication.


Your ruling planet Venus meets wildcard Uranus in Taurus, which may bring some unexpected gifts your way, but could also find you feeling sensitive about being in debt to others. Independence is a significant theme for you at this time.


Surprising connections can form today as Venus meets wildcard Uranus in Taurus. You could connect with someone unexpected or have a breakthrough in one of your relationships! The moon is in your sign, too, encouraging you to connect with your emotions.


You may be itching for a change in your daily routine as Venus meets Uranus in Taurus! This could be an exciting time to change up your look, but don’t hastily get rid of everything in your closet just yet; take some time to explore your new tastes and interests.


Unexpected thrills could come your way as Venus meets Uranus in fellow earth sign Taurus! A creative breakthrough can take place. You may be connecting with a crush or having an exciting time with an established partner.


Venus meets your ruling planet Uranus in Taurus today, which can find you changing things up at home! An exciting new cycle may be beginning, you might be feeling freed from the past in some significant way.


Venus meets Uranus in Taurus today, which may bring some surprising news. A communication breakthrough can take place! The moon in fellow water sign Scorpio inspires you to plan your next travel adventure.


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