The Coolest New Drops This Week, From Crystal Aprons to Surrealist Slides

Tis' the season for Jil Sander x Uniqlo puffers, shichimi togarashi spice blends, and 70s style après ski loungewear.

Nov 19 2021, 8:32pm

Alright, people, turn off that Grateful Dead show you’ve been watching on YouTube while you should be working—we all know you’ve just been skipping to 11:54 anyway—because it’s time to turn on, tune in, and DROP out. It’s Friday, which means it’s time for our usual wrangling of the best new drops and launches from our favorite brands. 

Last week, we sifted through the sandworm-filled virtual desert and brought you a Tommy x Timberland collaboroni, a Stüssy x Doc Martens team-up, a desperately needed sprucing for your spice drawer, and more launches that made you sit up straight, poke yourself in the eye, and eat an entire lemon like a snake eats an egg, all in the name of mental toughness. For that, we salute you.

This week, we’re trussing, roasting, basting, and reverse-searing some delicious drop tenderloins for you deserving degenerates. We’re talking juicy, perfectly medium-rare collabs from German designers and Japanese basics slingers, sweet après-ski loungewear, and many more mouthwatering droplets to fill your goblets. 

Keep reading to see our favorite new drops and launches this week, from bedazzled aprons and custom gift boxes by Carla Lalli Music to new Dr. Martens and Birkenstocks, and more. 

Opening Ceremony x Birkenstock Surrealist slides

Want to one-up all the critics at Art Basel this year? Wear nothing but these René Magritte-inspired clogs by Opening Ceremony x Birkenstock, which feature the Surrealist artist’s works L’Empire des Lumières and Le Faux Miroir. Or just wear them to the bar with some chunky wool socks, you sweet little pomme frite.   

L'Empire des Lumières Clogs
Le Faux Miroir Clogs

Morimoto x The Spice House

Japanese master chef Masaharu Morimoto is known for his savvy blend of Western and Japanese ingredients in his recipes, and now the Iron Chef favorite has collaborated with The Spice House on a selection of blended spices that include black garlic ramen pepper, shichimi togarashi (a spicy and nutty condiment that’s great on n00ds), and the épice powder Morimoto swears by for his signature lobster.  

Morimoto Gift Box
Epice Powder

Tombolo's Après Ski collection

Pretty sure this is what Roger Moore would’ve worn to Vail in 1981 before making whoopie on a shag rug with a gal named Candy. Tombolo Company are the masters of bringing playful, bold graphic designs into their button-downs (please see: the spaghetti alle vongole top), and now they’ve given our winter loungewear the Midas touch with these matching terry-cloth sets. Buy one for every member of the cult family.    

Après Ski Cabana Jacket
Après Ski Cabana Pant
Après Ski Scarf

Jil Sander x Uniqlo

The genius of Jil Sander is in the German designer’s mastery of minimalism and proportion; few creatives could take on something as potentially form-swallowing as the puffer, and make it as chic as Jil. The latest installment from her collaboration with Uniqlo gives us volume, warmth, and silhouettes worthy of Arrakis. 

Down Short Oversized Coat

Down Long Coat

Venus Williams Activewear King Richard

Finally, we can look like a human Starburst while kicking ass on the tennis court courtesy of Venus Williams and King Richard’s new collaboration. The activewear drop is a welcome pop of color this winter with red hot hues, striped skirts, and a polo dress we can’t wait to take to our imaginary rich aunt’s house in the Hamptons. 

Winner Skirt in White

Red Hot Midi Tank In Candy Red

KARA x Angela Dimayuga

Jesus, please take the wheel. We are spinning-out with joy from this collaboration by KARA and Angela Dimayuga, one of our favorite innovators of Filipino cuisine; our eyes are blinded by the disco light of the crystal mesh apron and rhinestone-laden lunch bag we never knew we needed, and cannot live without. “For me,” Dimayuga told KARA, “a lunch bag is so related to my upbringing as a Filipino American and my parents wanting me to feel American. They would give me a brown bag lunch every day—filling it with American snacks like Capri Sun, Doritos, sometimes a sandwich, because that's what the other Americans were having and that was them exploring luxury. And of course, at certain times I would have rice and spam in my lunch bag too, but I know that they found a particular joy in giving me a brown bag lunch.” 

Crystal Mesh Lunch Bag

Crystal Mesh Apron

Carla Lalli Music x Foxtrot

New York Times best-selling author/general culinary whipper snapper Carla Lalli Music has partnered with Foxtrot on custom gift boxes that celebrate the launch of her new cookbook, That Sounds So Good. In other words, our holiday shopping for that one friend whose whole kitchen is filled with aesthetic cookware. 

Carla's Sunday Ragu Starter Kit

Carla's Soup Starter Gift Box

Carla's Caddy Staples Gift Box

Lazy Oaf x Doc Martens

Last night, we dreamt that we danced until sunrise at a wavy, techno groovival party in Seattle circa 1997 in these Lazy Oaf x Doc Martens kicks, and we still haven’t woken up. The happy and sad faces slapped on this take us back to a simpler time, while expressing so much of how we feel in these sTranGe anD uNceRtain tImeS.    

Leather Oxfords

Leather Platform Boots

We wish we were a headlight on a northbound train too, dude. Anyway, see you next week

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Opening Ceremony, Dr. Martens, The Coolest New Drops and Collabs This Week

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