A Pilot Wrote the Word ‘Relax’ at Ukraine’s Border

A novel form of diplomacy.

An Airbus belonging to the national airline of Ukraine’s southern neighbour Moldova is spelling out the word “Relax” in the skies, amid fresh warnings of a potential Russian invasion.

At one point up to 60,000 people were tracking the Air Moldova flight, which also has the callsign RELAX, on the website flightradar24.com.

An error occurred while retrieving the Tweet. It might have been deleted.

A spokesperson for the flight-tracking website told VICE World News the data was genuine. “The aircraft is indeed flying this pattern above Moldova,” the representative said over email.

We will update you if this attempt at skywriting diplomacy succeeds and any potential invasion is scrapped, or whether this was just a publicity stunt unconnected to the Ukraine-Russia crisis.


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