Photos of the Best Fits at Charli XCX’s London Show

The pop star played a sold-out show at Alexandra Palace on Thursday. Here’s what everyone was wearing in the queue.

20 May 2022, 11:27am

If Charli XCX is known for one thing – aside from providing the soundtrack to messy parties everywhere from 2012 to this summer – it’s her fashion sense. Whether she’s wearing knee-high velour fuschia boots like someone who just won a RuPaul’s Drag Race challenge, black lingerie draped in netting like a Jackie Collins character post-seduction, an exact replica of Paris Hilton’s sparkly 21st birthday party outfit, or, simply, cotton pants and a vest, the girl knows how to turn a look. 


Presumably her fans know how to turn a look, too – otherwise they wouldn’t be very good Charli XCX fans, would they. You can basically tell if someone’s a Charli fan by how much they look as if they fell inside Depop and emerged in some combo of 90s soft grunge meets Y2K socialite meets subtle kink undertones. Crucially, the Charli fan knows how to stay up until 4AM and still look dewy faced the next morning – presumably because they are 21 years old.

Which is why we sent VICE photographer Aiyush Pachnanda down to Alexandra Palace on Thursday the 19th of May, where streams of people were queuing for hours ahead of her sold-out London performance on the Crash tour. Among the screams of excitement and discarded pink gin and tonic cans, there were fishnets, there were corsets, there were pleather harnesses and there were aquamarine nipple tassels. 

Here are some of the best fits of the night (of which there were plenty):

From left to right: AJ, 20 and Tatiana Limbu, 20.

From left to right: Amy Bjorck, 24 and Jasmine Oloya, 24.

From left to right: Anya Naumovic, 22, David Herriotts, 25 and Soren Spenie, 23.

From left to right: Adele Smith, 22, Dylan Smith, 18, Lucia Courtney, 22 and Carina Cheug, 23.

From left to right: Chris Wheeler, 21 and Bradley Conway, 21.

From left to right: Erin Elliott, 19 and Eliijah Smith-Ayton, 19.

From left to right: Gabbi Warne, 22, Diogo Apresentacao, 22, Rowen Webb, 22 and Brandon Wilson, 22.

From left to right: Jacob Cladwell, 22 and Evie Moore, 22.

From left to right: Jakub Prochaazka, 25 and Anna Repova, 25.

James Moxom, 24.

Jason Andres, 24.

From left to right: Kathryn Button, 22, Charlie Button, 22 and Fiona Milnea 22.

From left to right: Keaton Dekker, 20 and Yasmine Ali, 23.

From left to right: Rahul Caines, 23 and Tommy Rydon, 21.

From left to right: Susannah Clayden, 20, Alex Malec, 20 and Harvey Tibbenham, 20.

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