The Best Gifts for Men, According to the Real Guys Who Received Them

The dudes have spoken, and declared couples’ kayaks, Le Creuset cookware, and unbreakable flasks as the best presents for men.

Nov 10 2021, 9:46pm

Every year, we wonder what to give the menfolk in our life for the holidays. A jar of dirt? An axe? Deodorant? What are the best gifts for guys, anyway? All of these offerings are presents we would happily receive ourselves, but what about The Dudes? We decided to just ask men what gift ideas of times past have really stuck with them, and discovered that the men in our lives enjoy self-care rituals (a little more than they might even know), iconic cookware pieces, and flasks that will survive a nuclear fallout. We learned that when it comes to the best gifts these men say they’ve ever received, the spectrum stretches from the kitchen to the garden, from traveling gear to couples’ outdoor gear presents that help them bust TF out in nature. 

We talked to dudes of all ages and walks of life to bring you this hot info, from boomer dads and creditless fuckbois (gift them a bed-frame!); to really good cooks, craftsmen, and discerning techies who only want a watch if it can also do math. Whether you’re looking to spend $15 or throw down big coinage for baby boy, we’ve got you covered. Here are some of the best gifts for men that real, live lads say they’ve ever received...


“An aluminum suitcase,” says Lukas, “I travel so much, and it keeps my equipment safe.”

All Aluminum Carry On Luggage with TSA Locks


“[I] got a spa day at Wi Spa in LA,” Kevin says, “Didn’t even know what it was, nor that I needed that LMAO.” If you’re in Los Angeles, learn more about Wi Spa on TripAdvisor, or consider getting your boo an at-home spa experience with a veritable shiatsu neck massager. This one is Amazon’s best-seller with over 30,000 reviews and a 4.5 star rating: 

Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager with Soothing Heat


“I would say a Le Creuset [oven] is one of the best gifts I’ve gotten recently,” David says, “[ideal] for the chef in your life.” 

Signature Enameled Cast Iron Essential Oven


Scott says one of the best gifts he’s ever received was a classic Casio calculator watch, as it never goes out of style. 

Men's Vintage CA53W-1 Calculator Watch


“More gardening materials. Seeds, pots, whatever—[a gardening gift] always shows that someone is paying attention to what I’m tending to at home.” Now that we’re entering winter months and it’s time to bring those plants indoors, the green-thumbed laddie in your life might enjoy some aesthetic grow lights [rips bong]. 

Glow and Grow Herb Kit
Uplift Planter & Grow Light


“The best gift I've ever been gifted was a sturdy-ass Stanley flask—the wide mouth makes it easy to pour liquor into it without soaking your hand and spilling a bunch, and it's also nice enough that I'm not going to lose it like I have the last 15 or so flasks that I've owned.”

Classic Flask 8oz with Never-Lose Cap


Andrew lives in upstate New York, and says that his girlfriend got them “couples’ kayaks” that he loves for exploring their Walt Whitman-y surroundings.  

Expedition 10 Deluxe Kayak with Paddle


“I get a new sweater every year from my mom,” Jake explains, stressing that it’s the material that really ~does it~ for him. “It’s usually wool or cashmere, and I would never like, actually spend that much on myself but [the warm fabric] makes a difference.” 

Bean's Classic Ragg Wool Sweater

Navy Eponyme Intarsia Logo Sweater


Paul is super into cycling, especially in the bumpy California foothills and mountains, so he says fresh bike shirts are one of his favorite gifts. 

Offroad XT Cycling Jersey

Men's Thermal Cycling Jersey


“Dude, remember when you sent me Tech Decks? That was sick.” 

Sk8shop Bonus Pack


One of the best gifts Ernie says he’s ever gotten was a 1960s Gibson SG from his parents, purchased on Wilshire Boulevard when he was just a teen. There are loads of refurbished models floating around sites such as eBay, and some of the newer models even go for under $1,000. 

2001 Gibson SG Guitar with Case

Have fun shopping for your sweet bambinos. 

The Rec Room staff independently selected all of the stuff featured in this story.


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