14 Products from Black-Owned Brands That We (and Our Readers) Love

From dreamy scalp massagers to fair-trade bike baskets, here are some of our favorite picks from Black-owned brands to shop this month (and forever).

Feb 9 2022, 9:09pm

Based on the increasingly elaborate display of garden gnomes in our patio (ahem… fire escape), we’re still spending hella time at home, online, and away from the clutches of Omicron. We’re smashing that order button from the comfort of Duvet Mountain with a more discerning finger than ever, and we’re looking to find brands that [clears throat in FKA Twigs] really do it for us and for you. That means shopping sustainably and intentionally, like the good cozy-time gophers we are, because that punk-ass groundhog just predicted six more weeks of winter. (Watch your back, Punxsutawney Phil.)


February is Black History Month, and while it's certainly a time for putting Black-owned businesses front and center, it's not the only time of year that we should be thinking about which makers and brands deserve our dollars. One way to shop online with more intention is to continuously make it a priority to support Black-owned brands and stores for everything from beauty and wellness items to home goods, fashion, and more. It's been widely reported that Black businesses were hit hardest during the onset of COVID-19, and every bit of support you can show for Black entrepreneurs during Black History Month (and beyond) is awesome. Whether you’re on the hunt for a Valentine’s Day present that won’t get you dumped, or looking for some new cookware, coffee blends, or shaving kits, here are 12 products from Black-owned brands that we (and you, our readers) love. 

Golde's crazy-good matcha

Few rituals are as relaxing as making a great cup of matcha, and that’s coming from some people who really like rituals.  If you’re looking for a new way to get caffeinated that doesn’t get you all jittery, give your tongue a treat with matcha—it’s rich in chlorophyll, antioxidants, and amino acids, none of which you’ve been getting from your microwaved-burrito diet. Golde’s matcha is a five-star rated delight, and has over 200 reviews praising its texture and taste in everything from lattes to baked goods. “It whisks perfectly, gets nice and frothy, and is so vibrant!!” writes one fan. “I’ve used it for lattes and baking and it’s lovely both ways.”

Pure Matcha

$28 at Golde

Briogeo’s scalp massager

Have you ever tried a scalp massager? They’re unreal. Those gentle spikes feel like the talons of a kind, rare Muppet caressing your skull. They also make it easier for folks with a more limited range of motion to massage shampoo and conditioners into their hair in the shower. Briogeo makes one of our absolute faves, as well as a host of other incredible hair- and scalp-care products.

Scalp Revival Stimulating Therapy Massager

$18 at Nordstrom

Goodee’s perfect bike basket

If you've ever biked around a city, you know how quickly you can end up accumulating this-and-thats (bodega sandwiches, bottles of wine, a long-lost sweatshirt retrieved from your ex-roommate), and how helpful it can be to have a proper place to stash all that stuff on your ride home. Not only is Goodee World's Baba Tree Bicycle Basket the ideal size—with a capacity that can accommodate your farmer's market haul and a Pomeranian—it also comes in several different gorgeous weaves. Plus, the baskets are handcrafted in Ghana using fair-trade practices.

Baba Tree
Bicycle Basket (Medium)

$85 at Goodee

OUI the People’s shaving kits

OUI the People’s stylized shaving goods sell out so quickly that there’s an entire section of the site for showing you what is actually in stock at the cult beauty brand, whose matte black and rose gold safety razors put our crusty, drug-store blades to shame. But the real star of the show is the best-selling Sugarcoat shaving gel. “This product is not your typical shave gel that you’d buy at the grocery store,” writes one reviewer about its unique formula and texture. “It comes out of the pump as a thick, hair gel texture. Immediately after contact with wet skin, it transforms into a milky, runny substance you can coat your entire leg in. The coating is VERY thin, so it doesn’t clog up the razor, but provides enough slip that it’s not like trying to shave with just water.” Clogged pores and ingrown hairs, begone.  

OUI the People
Sugarcoat Moisturizing Shave Gel-to-Milk

$64 at OUI the People
OUI the People
Bare With Me Set: Rose Gold Razor + Shave Gel-to-Milk + Cheat Sheet

$177.00$150 at OUI the People

This travel-sized Satisfyer sex toy from Overkink

Jaycee Chester founded Overkink to normalize sex positivity within the Black community, and the site's curated selection of sexual wellness goods includes erotica, sex toys, NSFW board games and so much more. The eclectic selection makes it a one-stop shop for all things horny and innovative, such as this travel-sized version of what is arguably the internet’s favorite clitoral sex toy, the Satisfyer Pro 2. Slightly smaller and easily collapsible/concealable, this clitoral vibe from the beloved brand is 100% waterproof, rechargeable, and ready for all your upcoming romps away from home. 

Pro Traveler Clitoral Vibrator

$54.69 at Overkink

Zou Xou’s check slides

We love our Adidas slides, but this checkered pair by Zou Xou is a stellar addition to our lineup of normcore socks and sandals for spring. All Zou Xou shoes are ethically made, explains the brand, and “handcrafted by Argentinian shoemakers, produced in small quantities, [and] made to last.”

Zou Xou
Quinta Slide

$185 at Gamentory

Be Rooted's giant, glittery pens

You have but one life, and every inch of it deserves to be outlined by this sparkly gold pen by Be Rooted, a Black-owned stationery store whose jumbo pens make us feel like we have the Midas touch without even trying. ​​

Be Rooted
Glitter + Glitz Jumbo Floaty Pen (2 Pack)

$20 at Be Rooted

Peak and Valley Balance My Stress blend

For those in search of ways to enrich their coffee, milk, or tea with more nutrients and immune system boosters, Peak and Valley is heaven. The plant-based wellness company was founded by Black neuroscientist Nadine Joseph in 2015 with the goal of ​​giving you “natural remedies at the intersection of science and traditional medicine.” This chocolatey, calming herbal blend is designed to be mixed into your favorite beverage, and is filled with eleuthero root, reishi mushrooms, and ashwagandha to “support a sense of calm and wellbeing.”

Peak and Valley
Balance My Stress Blend

$38 at Peak and Valley

Linoto Linen sheet sets

We asked a bedding expert if linen sheets are really as amazing as everyone says, and the answer was a resounding absolutely. Luckily, thanks to the linen lords at Linoto, you don’t have to Rumpelstiltskin anyone to get your hands on a set of sheets that you’ll love for many decades (yes, decades) to come. This best-selling linen sheet set is naturally cooling, lowkey-chic, and wicks away moisture far better than cotton. 

100% Linen Sheet Sets

$299 at Linoto

AVEC botanical mixers

Avec” means “with” in French [cue hair flip], and these botanical mixtures by the eponymous brand are definitely designed to be mixed avec some of your favorite cocktails as a fun alternative to seltzer, ginger beer, and sugar. “We believe your drink should be both delicious and better for you,” says Avec’s team. “Think Vodka AVEC Ginger, Tequila AVEC Grapefruit & Pomelo.” There are a variety of flavors, such as jalapeño blood orange and yuzu lime, so why not spoil your favorite beverage/fancy water nerd (we exist) with a sample pack of your choosing? 

Mixed Sampler (15-pack 8 oz. cans)

$45 at Avec

On the Go Jo’s coffee

In 2022, we’re looking for beans with a higher purpose than caffeination. “This blend combines the work of two incredible female-led companies,” explains On the Go Jo about its ethically sourced coffee. The Black History Month blend is a mix of velvety, medium-roast beans from Angele Ciza (the only woman entrepreneur in Burundi to control all production, processing, and exporting of coffee) and beans from a female-owned Rwandan coffee company, and the result is a syrupy, full-bodied roast. Pair it with the brand’s cinnamon and brown sugar simple syrup for a cozy morning cup of [rings gong] joe. 

On the Go Jo
Rise Up: Rwanda/Burundi Blend

$21 at On the Go Jo
On the Go Jo
Cinnamon Brown Sugar Syrup

$20 at On the Go Jo

Undefined Beauty’s night serum

“My mission is to ‘undefine’ and democratize beauty,” says the founder of Undefined Beauty, whose nightime serum includes rosehip oil, one of our favorites for calming and not clogging pores; bakuchiol, which is a plant-based alternative to retinol for smoothing skin; and borage, which not a portmanteau of “bear porridge,” but actually a very The Land Before Time-type flower.  

Undefined Beauty
R&R Night Serum

$28 at Verishop

See you in the spring.

The Rec Room staff independently selected all of the stuff featured in this story.


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