Repair Man at Center of Hunter Biden Laptop Scandal Posts 'The Truth' in Weird YouTube Video

The man who helped bring Hunter’s laptop to the world talks about his grandfather and definitively states he’s neither Russian, nor a hacker.

Dec 10 2020, 6:07pm

John Paul Mac Isaac, the man at the center of the Hunter Biden laptop scandal, has posted a video on YouTube labeled “The Truth.” In the strange three-minute video, Isaac explains a little family history before stating, for the record, that he isn’t a Russian puppet or a hacker.

Mac Isaac was at the center of a New York Post story in October that purported to show President-elect Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, in a negative light. Hunter allegedly abandoned a MacBook Pro at Mac Isaac’s repair store in Delaware in 2019. The person who dropped it off never came to claim it and never paid for the repairs Mac Isaac said he made. When Mac Isaac realized who the laptop belonged to and that it potentially contained damaging information about the Bidens, he contacted the authorities and Rudy Giuliani.

The video begins with a title card reading “The Truth” while calm piano music plays. Mac Isaac, wearing a Scottish tam on his head, sits in a red Victorian-era loveseat. 


“Where to begin,” he says after taking a deep breath. The video cuts to a photograph of men and boys wearing kilts. An arrow appears and points to a blonde boy with glasses. “This is me when I was little, and this is my father,” Mac Isaac says as another arrow appears and points to a man on the far end of the line. “Wait. Let me go back farther.

Then things get weird.

Over pictures of his father and grandfather, Mac Isaac explains that he’s the latest in a long line of men who fought against the Soviet Union and helped win the Cold War. As he finishes this part of the story, another title card appears. “I am not a Russian,” it says.

“For two generations, the Mac Isaacs have fought during the entirety of the Cold War against communism and the Soviets,” Mac Isaac says. “That’s why it’s completely absurd that anyone would consider me to be a Russian agent or influenced by Russia.”

Another title card proclaims “I am not a hacker.” Mac Isaacs stares at the camera. “For the record, I am not nor have I ever been a hacker. Those guys make so much more money than I do,” he says. “To imply that I’m a hacker...has had an irreversible impact on my business and my character.”

The video fades out and another title card comes up. “Thank you and God Bless America,” it says.

The New York Post attempted to keep Mac Isaac anonymous, but reports quickly figured out which Delaware repair store the laptop had come from and who owned it. Reporters descended on the store and The Daily Beast recorded a bizarre and confusing interview with Mac Isaac in the store.

Mac Isaac’s whereabouts are unknown. He closed down his repair store at the end of November, and a message on the phone number attached to the business said it will be closed for the foreseeable future.


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