Isabelle From ‘Animal Crossing’ and ‘Doom’ Guy Can Finally Become BFFs in Smash

Sora from Kingdom Hearts may be the final fighter, but you can still be 'Doom' Guy, kinda.

Oct 5 2021, 3:22pm

Doom guy may not be the final fighter, Doom fans can still rip and tear in Smash.

Leading up to today's announcement of the final fighter in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, fans were campaigning to have the eponymous Doom guy added to the game. It makes sense: he's an iconic video game character, he definitely fights, and the internet has decided that he’s best friends with another Nintendo character that’s already in Smash Bros., Isabelle from Animal Crossing

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Unfortunately for fans, Doom guy is not the final fighter to be added to Smash. Sora from Kingdom Hearts is, in a move that satisfied the only fanbase thirstier than Doom fans. Still, Nintendo threw the Doom guy hopeful a bone. Although he's not a proper fighter, Doom guy is one of the final Mii costumes for the game, allowing you to at least dress up like him as you play.

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Unlike full fighters like Sora, Mii costumes don't come with move sets or a custom stage. They are simply a costume you can put on a Mii, a custom character that you can create to use in the game. It's not quite what fans hoped for, but it's still recognition of their passion. Besides, now Doom guy and Isabelle from Animal Crossing can finally meet.


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