Woman Wanted For Murder Returns to Canada After Three Months Hiding in Europe

Hungarian police released photos of Yun (Lucy) Lu Li and Oliver Karafa being arrested in June after more than three months on the run.

Jul 13 2021, 9:05pm

A Canadian influencer returned to Canada Monday after being arrested last month in Hungary in connection to the murder of a man and the attempted murder of his fiancée, who lost her baby in the shooting. 

Yun (Lucy) Lu Li, 25, was due in a Hamilton court Tuesday, while Oliver Karafa, 28, is still in Hungary fighting extradition to Canada. The pair, accused of murder and attempted murder after a February shooting, “fled to Eastern Europe within 24 hours of the incident,” according to Hamilton police.


Tyler Pratt was shot and killed in Hamilton on the evening of February 28 and a 26-year-old woman—reportedly his fiancée—was seriously injured at the scene and later released from hospital. Pratt’s mother previously told the Daily Beast his fiancée lost her pregnancy due to her injuries. 

Det. -Sgt. Jim Callender previously told reporters police are “very comfortable with the motivation [of Karafa and Li], but won't be discussing that, as that would be evidence before the courts

According to CBC News, Callender previously said the duo went to Slovakia, the Czech Republic, and other countries before ending up in Budapest. 

After working with the Hungarian Fugitive Active Search Team for the last three months, Hamilton police flew to Budapest and returned with Li on Monday, a police news release said, noting “Karafa continues to fight the extradition process.” 

In June, Hungarian authorities released images of Li and Karafa being arrested on the street. CTV News said the arrest took place in Budapest’s “party district.” 

Oliver Karafa was arrested in Budapest in June. He is fighting against extradition. Photo via Hungarian National Police

Police previously told the National Post that the suspects and the victims were “associates.” 

The National Post also reported that Li, a triplet, is the daughter of a prominent Toronto businesswoman. One of Li’s sisters was a Miss World Canada finalist in 2020. The sisters also reportedly modelled together. 

In 2014, Karafa was sentenced to five years in jail for impaired driving after he crashed his Land Rover and killed his friend, a passenger. 

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