On the Front Lines With Protesters in Colombia

VICE News correspondent David Noriega explores how history has brought Colombia to this moment.

Jul 1 2021, 8:00am

For the last two months, Colombia has been swept up by nationwide protests. Clashes between police and demonstrators have led to countless injuries, and hundreds of people have gone missing. Protesters are trying to draw attention to a range of issues, from police violence to tax reform. “If we don’t do it now, with the eyes of the world on us, it will never happen,” one protester said. VICE News correspondent David Noriega explores how history has brought Colombia to this moment, and what it might tell us about the future of politics in the country.


Watch VICE News speak to protesters on the ground in Cali, Colombia.  


Protesters in Colombia chased down and lynched an off-duty police investigator who fired on them. 

A group of civilians opened fire on Indigenous protesters in Colombia. 

Hundreds of missing Colombian protesters are believed to be in ‘clandestine’ detention centers. 

During mass protests, Colombia’s president asked citizens to report “urban terrorists.” 


This episode was reported by David Noriega. It was produced by Sayre Quevedo.

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