Dyson Is Celebrating 'Murica With Epic Dust-Sucking Deals

America may have achieved its independence 246 years ago this week, but there’s something else worth celebrating: Dyson Week.

Stupid-hot deals on all of our favorite stuff.

This weekend, it will have been nearly two and a half centuries to the day since America achieved its independence (and began it’s long tradition of having very groovy sales to honor our love of bargains), but there’s another holiday to which we’ll be saluting: Dyson Week. The air wizards responsible for giving the population a luscious blowout via the viral Airwrap hair dryer is in the midst of a week-long sale, where you, yes you, can save up to $120 on select Dyson technology, no promo code required. The sale runs through July 4, and we’re celebrating by loading up on fans and vacuums, setting off fireworks of dubious legality, and ingesting multiple paper plates of overcooked barbecue

Dyson makes cutting-edge technology when it comes to home appliances, specifically its smart vacuums and air purifiers, so we’re buckling up for deals, deals, deals, and eyeing the elitist of dust-suckers. Sometimes, cleaning our apartments makes us want to take a tequila shot straight from the bottle, but what really takes the edge off of chores is having a good-quality vacuum on hand to do the work for you. 

The best Dyson vacuums on sale right now

When it comes to combating dust bunnies in the nooks and crannies of our shoebox pad, our prime smart vacuum choices on sale RN are the V8 Absolute and Cyclone V10 Absolute, both for $100 off. The V8 Absolute deep cleans carpets and lifts tough dirt on hardwood floors with its interchangeable soft-roller cleaner head and motorized cleaner head. The Cyclone V10 Absolute features a dirt brush and a special attachment for cleaning mattresses, which is great for unsolicited, uh, stains.

V8 Absolute Vacuum

$499.99$399.99 at Dyson
Cyclone V10 Absolute Vacuum

$599.99$499.99 at Dyson

Smart vacuums are not for everyone, though, we get it. A nostalgic, upright model is also admirable. The Dyson Ball Multi-floor is $50 off and “captures more microscopic dust than any other cyclone,” per its product description. Sounds hella riveting, TBH. Let’s not forget to mention its self-adjusting cleaning head and high-reach wand to get all the spots you won’t dare touch with a bare hand, lest it be full of spiders. There’s also the Ball Animal 2 for $100 off—roar (sorry). This one’s ideal if you have pets at home, with its tangle-free, counter-rotating brush to effortlessly suck up pet hair.   

Ball Multi-Floor Origin Vacuum

$299.99$249.99 at Dyson
Ball Animal 2 Pet Vacuum

$499.99$399.99 at Dyson

And, with that, we’re lighting a sparkler and gonna get cleanin’. 

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