A Neo-Nazi Politician Just Lost His Immunity and Faces 13 Years in Jail

Members of the European Parliament voted 658-24 to strip former Golden Dawn politician Ioannis Lagos of his immunity, paving the way for him to be extradited to Greece.

A neo-Nazi member of the European Parliament, who was sentenced to 13 years in prison in Greece for leading a criminal organisation, has been stripped of his immunity.

Ioannis Lagos has lived freely in Brussels, picking up his €9,000 (about £7,750) monthly salary, since a court in Greece sentenced him and other members of Golden Dawn last October.

On Tuesday, MEPs voted 658-24, with ten abstentions, to remove his parliamentary protection. The next stage is for Belgium to extradite Lagos to Greece to begin his jail sentence.

In a watershed moment for Greek politics, last October leading members of Golden Dawn were jailed for a range of crimes including running a criminal organisation and the murder of a leftist rapper.

However, two of those sentenced have so far evaded justice: Lagos and Golden Dawn’s second-in-command, Christos Pappas.

Pappas’ whereabouts are not officially known, but a VICE World News investigation concluded that, in all likelihood, he is sheltering in a Serbian-held area of Kosovo or the Bosnian Republika Srpska.


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