How to Get a Fake College Letter or Degree Off the Internet

If you’re looking for something nice to hang on the wall of your totally legit “accounting” office, here’s how it’s done.

May 20 2021, 11:00am

“What am I supposed to do, tell my dad I didn’t apply to law school?” 

We’ve all had that roommate, right? The one who spends an entire Saturday looking for buyable law school rejection letters to get their parents off their back? No? Just me? Huh. 

Now, I’m aware that going to such lengths to trick your folks into thinking you didn’t get into law school in order to prevent them from finding out you didn’t apply to any law schools in the first place is kind of a niche problem. But my roommate’s ridiculous quest got me thinking: Are fake online degrees a thing? What if instead of trying to prove that you didn’t get into college, you took the more logical—albeit a touch, shall we say, scammy—route, and wanted to imply that you did go to a college or university of some sort. Well, as it almost always does, the internet came through. 

Of course, the topic of whether getting a college diploma is “worth it” has been hotly contested for a while now, (after all, John McClane didn’t go to college), but what you don’t—and won’t—hear the #MainstreamMedia cover is the much more hard-hitting topic of whether fake college diplomas are worth it. That’s the kind of gritty, gumshoe, boots-on-the-ground-journo-ing we’re interested in at Rec Room. 

You can also (probably) use a fake diploma for a lot of real-world applications. Not that we’re suggesting that you do, of course. Though, I don’t know a ton of people who’ve been asked to bring their physical diploma to a job interview—I mean, I certainly wasn’t. [HR has entered the chat.] Transcripts, on the other hand, are something I’ve heard being asked to send to employers during the application process. (Don’t worry—you can fake those, too.) But what we’re focused on here are diplomas and other certificates that are labeled “for entertainment purposes only” in the same way those fake IDs you got in college were. (Uhh, what else would we use them for?) Legally speaking, these are pretty much A-OK to own, so long as they’re just used for novelty purposes, and not to misrepresent yourself in any real-world setting. 


So whether you’re trying to bluff your way through a job interview (don’t, but if you do, let us know how it goes), or you’re just looking for a nice accent piece to hang on the wall of your totally legit “accounting” office, here’s how it’s done. 

Buy one from 1895

… And just hope nobody looks too closely. Who doesn’t want a diploma from one of the earliest colleges established in the former Northwest Territory?

Vintage 1895 Granville Academy - Denison University Diploma, $25 at eBay

Our hats are off to you

Where is it posted that you can’t take a cap-and-gown picture in front of the school fountain just because of a 52-credit technicality? We don’t see any signs. Add a little faux legitimacy to that Insta post by holding this fake degree next to your Minion-themed graduation cap.

Customizable High School Novelty Diploma, $19.99 at Amazon

Trusted since 2001

Look, when you’re in the market for a phony diploma, you don’t buy generic. You go straight to the source, brother. I’m talking, literally, And listen to their tagline! “Trusted since 2001.” By whom? We don’t know! Just look at these sweet, sweet phony ‘plomas and imagine how good they’d look hanging next to your fake mortician’s certificate. Plus, the lovely—and tasteful—people at Phony Diploma are running a 15-percent-off sale when you use the code CORONA15. Room = read. 

USA College And University Diploma General Stock Designs, $125 at PhonyDiploma

The handwritten approach

For that more personal touch, why not write yourself a beautiful, handwritten letter straight from the desk of your favorite school’s head of admissions? (Might wanna misspell their last name to avoid any… trouble.) Perhaps you’d like it to read as though James Patterson wrote it? No problem

Mont Marte Calligraphy Set, 32 Piece, $24.95 at Amazon

Hang it on the wall

… And point to it often. You earned it! Kind of. At any rate, make sure you change the name in the customizable field—people might suspect something is a touch fishy if dual diplomas are from “The University of Lorem Ipsum” and “Lorem Ipsum University.” 

Certificate of Completion Template, $1.10 at Zazzle

I was framed, your honor

We’re pro-push pins, but we think using them to hang a fake law degree is a bit… tacky. Instead, frame your double degrees and get ready to represent yourself in court. 

Clarissa Ornate Gold/Black Design Double Diploma Picture Frame, $35.99 $18.99 at Wayfair

Bringing your fake PhD on a first date is a good move, we swear

“You got your PhD in romance?” is a question you’ll be nodding “yes” to once you pull the trigger on one of these bad boys. (“It’s Doctor Goodinbed, actually.”) You can also finally put some academic authority into your “just dump them!” suggestions when your BFF tells you they’re getting back with their awful, awful significant other for the third time this month. 

FAKE PhD $190 at DiplomaMakers

Have this casually hanging on your door

Ugh, sooo embarrassing. Can’t believe I didn’t return my robes yet, just look at me! But don’t look too close. This gown was bestowed by Chancellor Bezos, and comes in various collegiate colors.

OSBO GradSeason Matte Graduation Gown Cap Tassel Set 2021, $22.59 at Amazon

Don’t tell ‘em we sent ya!

The Rec Room staff independently selected all of the stuff featured in this story. VICE may receive a small commission if you buy through the links on our site.


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